Sample Paper “Art”


Part one

The first part entails harvesting sound from various sources such as school, work, home and the streets. The sound harvesting technique is a mechanism of analyzing and understanding various sound variations. It should be noted that the sound recording mechanism requires patience in terms of recording sounds. For example, the first sound recording came from the school environment. In this case, the sound variation was composed of noisy tones which signified the school environment. The second environment was the home environment in which the tones were cooler in comparison to the school environment. Having recorded the sounds on tape, an index was created to arrange the sound variations. Having collected the sounds, an index was created which was a manifestation of varying sound variations. The sound index was a reflection of various sounds collected from the above named environments. The sound index was instrumental in terms of understanding sound variations and their outlook depending on the environment.

Part two
The sounds that I noted in particular were the school and home sounds. For example, the home sound had a better quality in comparison to the school sound. The home sound was manifested by a low and cool tone which was responsible for the sound quality. In addition, the home sound had a touch of resonance and coolness which was manifested by the manner in which the sound was created. It should be noted that the home sound was articulated in such a way that a person could understand the sound easily. On the other hand, the school environment sound came out as a noisy tone in which various sounds were heard.
This section also involved the mechanism of sound transcription in which tones heard from the above named environments were represented in form of drawings. The mechanism of transcription was instrumental in terms of relaying sound tones to the audience. Through transcription, the music structure was well outlined fostering a great deal of understanding. From an expertise point of view, sound transcription is a good mechanism of highlighting the essence of music. This essence is brought on board by the manner in which individual music tones and their formation is brought on board.

Part three
The connection between music tones is an important aspect, given the manner in which their relation is brought out. It is important to note that music tones were compared on various dimensions. The comparison was vital in terms of understanding environmental impact on music tones. The comparison was undertaken on the basis of tone variation and the manner in which tones adopted new dimensions. The question of sound structure is another important aspect that was analyzed. The sound structure analysis provided a glimpse of what music tones were. This was vital in terms of informing listeners on the sound structure variations undertaken by music tones. It is important to note that not all information could have been reflected on the transcription mentioned in the previous section.
As seen from this discussion, it is evident that the sound harvest technique is a good mechanism of understanding tones and their variation mechanisms. The sounds chosen played a great role in terms of reflecting the notions of the tone, pulse and timbre. This reflection was realistic, thanks to the above mentioned components.

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