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We are Limassol - incorporated academic assistance company .

How Long are We on the Market?

  We have been working with students from the United States, UK, and Canada since 2008, and employ highly qualified writers who complete academic assignments according to the educational system language requirements and any additional specifications of each customer. We currently employ 500+ professional writers, with a significant emphasis on the US, UK and Canada university graduates.

Where is the Support Team Located?

All our support facilities are located in Ukraine. We employ a sufficient number of well-trained and friendly support officers to handle all your calls and urgent inquiries without raising the prices to the level of purely EU-based academic assistance services (about twice as high).

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#18928925: I did not communicate with the support team, but this person who did my paper is an amazing writer. Also they had a tight deadline and they did amazing and finished hours before they had to. Thank you so much I hope this message gets to you!
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