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  • Nina M.
    Arctic Circle Power Battles, Political science

    Big thanks to the writer for writing the dissertation so quickly. I know it was a tough topic, and I had a lot of very specific demands, but they did amazing nonetheless. I'd love to work with them on my next assignments.

    Verified Aug 27, 2021
  • May G.
    The Role of Apoptosis in Cancer Development, Biology

    Thank you so much. The dissertation turned out perfect. I actually didn’t know you worked with STEM subjects as well. Either way, my writer included a lot of contemporary research and high-quality sources. Overall, they did an amazing job.

    Verified Aug 26, 2021
  • Kareem R.
    How the Internet is Shaping Buying Habits, Communications

    My writer and I had a wonderful collaboration on this dissertation. We kept in touch throughout the entire writing process, and he really paid attention to my directions. Also, customer support helped me split the paper into parts, which turned out much more convenient than ordering the whole thing.

    Verified Aug 26, 2021

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Implementing your own development of a dissertation is a very labor-intensive activity. It requires a lot of time (several years on average). More often than not, graduate students do not have this time, since they are hampered by ordinary activities and everyday worries.

Our writers help those who buy dissertations on our site get high-quality papers according to customers’ requirements in strict compliance with academic standards. Our service only employs experienced, highly qualified writers from different parts of the world. They are well acquainted with the specifics of writing a dissertation. The material of the paper is presented consistently and logically. You can also order one chapter (section) of your dissertation from us, and our writer will do all the work for you.

In addition to the dissertation itself, we can also prepare for you:

  • An abstract outlining the main results of the research
  • The required number of scientific articles on your topic
  • A presentation and report for public defense of your scientific work
  • An annotated bibliography.

RapidEssay guarantees you high-quality support during the execution of your application. After writing your paper, you will be well-prepared for your defense and will be free to navigate the research and its results.

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Our specialists will prepare for you the actual text of the dissertation project, write the necessary scientific articles, and prepare abstracts for presentations at conferences and defenses. They can also write a review of the dissertation in a short time. Separately, you can order a presentation for your dissertation from us, which our writer will prepare after finishing the paper itself.

During the execution of the order, our specialist will answer all your questions and take all your wishes into account. If necessary, the writer will be able to make adjustments to the paper. If you buy a dissertation on our site, you will be able to discuss all the nuances of writing the work as well as express your wishes and recommendations, and we will bring all your ideas to life. To do this, you just need to leave your application on RapidEssay.

As a result of cooperation, our customers receive high-quality and logically executed dissertation projects within the agreed time frame. The papers written by our writers meet all the requirements of academic standards. In the process of implementing the research, we only use real and relevant sources of information and our own developments.

Buy dissertation online of any type

In order to answer the question of how to write a dissertation, you must initially decide what kind of dissertation you need to handle – a master's or doctoral dissertation. These types differ significantly in their level of complexity.

Writing a master's thesis does not require special skills in conducting scientific research, but you should prove the scientific novelty of the topic. When writing a candidate's or doctoral dissertation, serious scientific research must be done. It should be properly formatted, and based on the results, a number of scientific articles must be published.

In connection with the above, we state the fact that the methodology for writing a dissertation depends, first of all, on the level of its complexity. At our service, you can buy a dissertation of any type. We will help you with a paper on any topic, prepare a plan, write a paper, and proofread or edit it. We provide a full range of services related to writing dissertations.

Comprehensive help with dissertations

When writing a dissertation, the writer will follow a certain procedure:

Writing a justification plan (prospectus plan)

According to the current requirements, after you choose the topic of your dissertation research, you need to write a work plan (content), where you indicate the names of the chapters and paragraphs of the upcoming scientific research. If you don’t know how to do it right, get our help.

The writer will outline the main points regarding the relevance of the chosen topic of scientific research, determine the degree of its scientific development, outline the goals and objectives of the research, and determine the object and subject of the study, as well as the research methods and the methodological basis. These materials must be agreed upon with you before the writer can begin writing your work.

Writing the dissertation itself (by chapters or paragraphs)

We always advise those people who turn to us for help with writing a dissertation to be in interaction with their supervisor. Over many years of cooperation, we have become convinced that scientific supervisors and scientific consultants actively welcome it when their students constantly contact them with various questions about writing a paper.

Each written paragraph of the dissertation should be submitted to the supervisor for approval. If you want to please your instructor and show them a quality dissertation, turn to us for help. Also, you should not submit dissertation chapters that you get from us in the form you receive them. A supervisor can ask you a couple of questions about the work, but you may not know all the answers. That’s why you should read all sections carefully and edit them. We only deliver samples of dissertations.

It is best to work with a supervisor “hand in hand,” which will allow you to avoid global adjustments to your work. We advise all people who buy dissertations from us to consult with their supervisor throughout the whole process. You should show each completed part to them before you proceed to another.

Preparing the finalization of the work

When the writer finishes writing a dissertation, they will combine all the chapters and paragraphs into a single work, formatted as “contents,” “introduction,” “conclusion,” “bibliography,” “reference database,” “appendices,” etc. In general, the writer will format the work in accordance with the current requirements of the formatting style that you set.

Writing an abstract

In our opinion, the abstract is the “face” of the work. This is based on the fact that the abstract is what many members of the certification commission or academic council will use to draw a conclusion about the consistency or failure of the scientific research you’ve conducted. If you purchase dissertation abstract at our service, it will be concise, succinct, and scientific. It will briefly and reasonably present all the elements of scientific novelty that were obtained during the process of writing the dissertation. The abstract will be prepared in accordance with academic standards.

Writing scientific articles

Writing scientific articles is necessary so that you can inform the general scientific community about the achievements that you’ve personally obtained while writing your dissertation. As a rule, when writing a candidate or doctoral dissertation, it is customary to publish a certain number of scientific articles based on the results of each chapter. This should be taken care of in advance, since writing an article and publishing it is a rather complex, labor-intensive, and time-consuming process. However, with our help, it will become much easier for you.

Why you should get our dissertation instead of using ChatGPT

In the world of neural networks and artificial intelligence, ChatGPT has its rightful place, but when it comes to writing a dissertation, it is important to consider some of the limitations of this tool. Let’s find out why it is better to buy dissertation online than to use a ChatGPT:

  1. Outdated knowledge bases. ChatGPT was trained on a huge database collected up to September 2021 and does not automatically update its knowledge. This means that it may not have access to the latest research and data that may be critical to your dissertation. If you buy a dissertation online on our site, the writer will only use up-to-date data.
  2. Inaccurate and incorrect answers. Because ChatGPT is algorithm-based, it may provide inaccurate or even incorrect responses. There is no guarantee that the information received from ChatGPT will be 100% accurate or current.
  3. Papers often contain elements of “machine” text. Neural networks such as ChatGPT learn from the data they receive and can produce text that sounds "machine-like" or contains syntax errors.
  4. Lack of critical thinking. Perhaps one of the most significant limitations of using ChatGPT for dissertation writing is its inability to apply critical thinking. It can analyze and process information but cannot evaluate it critically and make the judgments that are often required when writing a paper. That’s why it is better to buy dissertations online than to use AI.

Thus, despite the advantages of neural networks, it is important to be aware of their limitations, especially when it comes to such an important task as writing a dissertation. Instead of relying solely on neural networks, it is recommended to use them as an additional tool to speed up the research and ideation process. Buying a dissertation at our service is preferable if talking about professionally writing a paper.

There are different possibilities and limitations of using neural networks, especially ChatGPT, in an educational context. Neural networks can be a powerful tool for speeding up the research process; they are capable of processing large amounts of information and generating related text based on this information.

However, despite these advantages, using ChatGPT as the main tool for writing your dissertation may cause a number of problems. This is due to its outdated knowledge base, the possibility of inaccuracies in the information provided, and a lack of critical thinking. Please remember that while ChatGPT can be a useful tool, it is not a substitute for the careful research and analysis that is required when writing a dissertation. This is a tool that can complement and enhance your work, but not replace it.

Overall, it is important to remember that neural networks and artificial intelligence, although they have significant potential, cannot yet fully replace human intelligence and professionalism when performing complex academic tasks, such as writing a dissertation.

If you do not have the opportunity to write a paper yourself, you can always turn to professionals. Our company has assembled a team of experienced specialists who can help you write your custom dissertation, using an individual approach and taking all your needs into account. Buy a dissertation paper at RapidEssay, and you won’t regret it!


How can I buy a dissertation?

You need to submit an application online. In the order form, indicate all your wishes, and we will definitely take them into account, since our writers strive to satisfy customers’ needs and only deliver papers of good quality.

How much does a dissertation cost?

The price of scientific work depends on the duration, length, and complexity of the topic. The prices for a dissertation start at $20 per page. You can find out the exact price by filling out an order form. We write dissertations relatively inexpensively compared to the average price on the market, since we have our own staff of qualified writers and don't work with intermediaries.

What is the deadline for writing a dissertation?

The execution time depends on the complexity of the work, and of course you set the deadline yourself. However, you should understand that it is a serious project and it usually takes from 1–2 months. It is also possible to complete urgent work if you need help with a separate chapter.

Can I control the fulfillment of my order?

Yes, all customers who buy dissertations on our site can control the fulfillment of their orders. You can find out how the dissertation is being written at any time, make your adjustments and wishes, and familiarize yourself with the materials used.

Does the service guarantee the uniqueness of the text?

Each dissertation written by our writers is unique. The expert will write it specifically for you according to your requirements and check for uniqueness and plagiarism. You can also check the originality yourself in your account. This option is free for our clients.

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