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  • Nina M.
    Arctic Circle Power Battles, Political science

    Big thanks to the writer for writing the dissertation so quickly. I know it was a tough topic, and I had a lot of very specific demands, but they did amazing nonetheless. I'd love to work with them on my next assignments.

    Verified Aug 27, 2021
  • May G.
    The Role of Apoptosis in Cancer Development, Biology

    Thank you so much. The dissertation turned out perfect. I actually didn’t know you worked with STEM subjects as well. Either way, my writer included a lot of contemporary research and high-quality sources. Overall, they did an amazing job.

    Verified Aug 26, 2021
  • Kareem R.
    How the Internet is Shaping Buying Habits, Communications

    My writer and I had a wonderful collaboration on this dissertation. We kept in touch throughout the entire writing process, and he really paid attention to my directions. Also, customer support helped me split the paper into parts, which turned out much more convenient than ordering the whole thing.

    Verified Aug 26, 2021

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Custom dissertation help from RapidEssay

RapidEssay only provides top-notch services to its customers in the United States and other countries. You may be sure that when you buy dissertation paper from us, it will be of the highest quality. Our success can be traced back to our staff of experts, who have provided academic support for thousands of college students over the years. RapidEssay works with students from around the globe who may have trouble meeting deadlines or don’t have the expertise to handle challenging assignments. Learners may have too much homework, and our dissertation writing service is ready to aid anybody who needs assistance with their dissertation. Ask for our services if you wish to handle your assignments easily and without worry. We’ll help you get more done in less time without giving up control of the writing process. Further, you’ll get the best outcomes from writers with the necessary academic qualifications and subject-matter specialists. The inquiry, “Who can do my dissertation for me?” is often asked by college students. We are happy to inform you that you’ve located the appropriate website to assist you in resolving your academic problems. You may trust our dissertation writing service to assist you in your academic endeavors.

Pros & cons of RapidEssay


  • The website’s services are available around-the-clock.
  • The company offers a customer-focused interactive platform. Customers may easily access the company’s open communication channels for aid with their dissertations.
  • RapidEssay offers flexible pricing that makes the services affordable for students.
  • The company employs very talented professionals to help you with your task.


  • The lack of variety in services makes the website lag behind other sites.
  • While the service meets its deadlines, some professionals may occasionally delay their submission, forcing the client to wait until the very last minute for their papers. Accordingly, customers who buy dissertations in a rush may be inconvenienced in such a scenario.

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Buy a dissertation written by top writers at RapidEssay

Most students seeking dissertation writing services wonder about the experiences they’ll get from the companies. For instance, you may be concerned about the following:

  • Will you adhere to my dissertation instructions?

    Yes, without a doubt. You get a customized order form when you initially sign up, where you may specify the instructions for your paper. You can even list certain sources if your professor asks you to use them. Our specialists are always eager to hear from you through one-on-one chat since they work very hard to ensure they can fulfill your requests. During this conversation, ask your experts questions regarding the writing process, ask for drafts or progress updates, and get responses.

  • What assurances are given to customers who use your dissertation service?

    We work hard to ensure that you’re as happy as possible with our solutions, but like with any company that provides individualized services, minor misunderstandings might happen. If you’re not content with the paper that has been delivered, get in touch with your expert, and they’ll edit as much as you want. How we handle these situations demonstrates our profound devotion to clients who buy dissertations online. Moreover, if you want a different professional to revise your dissertation, you may contact our customer service immediately. Alternatively, we can refund you if you remain unsatisfied with the quality of your homework.

Why buy a dissertation from us?

Many college learners who have never used our service worry about their safety. Accordingly, let’s examine the safety benefits we may provide students:

  • Confidentiality

    It is crucial to understand that any personal information you submit as you buy dissertation online will be kept private and never exposed to other parties. Only the website’s management can access your name, phone number, and email. Even the experts who are writing your homework won’t know.

  • A refund guarantee

    Ordering from RapidEssay offers excellent value. We strive to uphold our commitment to providing high-quality services. Nonetheless, you may ask for a refund if there are discrepancies between the promised and actual material. Our quality control department will look into the issue and, depending on your scenario, either provide a full or partial refund.

  • Assurance of authenticity

    You should choose RapidEssay if you need a specialized task. We provide customized assignments in line with customer requirements. We employ plagiarism software to scan every order our writers complete to assess its authenticity. Consequently, you can always count on obtaining original material when you ask for assignment help.

You only have to use our service once to fully appreciate the platform’s advantages. You can observe everything we’ve mentioned and evaluate these aspects independently.

Steps of buying your dissertation online from RapidEssay

We’ve shortened our ordering procedure to make it easier and more convenient for you to buy a PhD dissertation. Below are the steps needed to place an order online:

  • Provide your instructions

    Describe your dissertation fully, including the assignment’s length, subject, topic, and due date. Provide details about your request, including the service, the recommended writer’s experience level, the number of sources to be referenced, and the citation style. Utilize our form to share instructions for your work, or upload your grading rubric instead. The price of your order will be based on the specifications you provide, and this will also reveal which specialists would work best for you.

  • Include your contact information

    Please include your phone number and email address (the former is optional) so we may send your dissertation to you once your assigned specialist finishes it.

  • Make your payment

    The system automatically generates the pricing after completing the order form. You can make your payment in a few simple clicks.

  • Monitor the writing process

    Our support team will assign your work to the best helper available. The professional may have queries or issues you’ll have to answer while they’re working on your assignment. Direct communication with your specialist will allow you to provide more information about your order. Add as many attachments as you need, including notes, drafts, and references. You may review the writer’s drafts to evaluate their progress and provide suggestions for improving the paper.

  • Delivery of the final draft

    You will receive a link to see and download your dissertation through email when we finish writing it and analyzing it for plagiarism. We advise you to thoroughly examine your homework after downloading it. You have the option to request revisions if they are required. Enjoy the outcomes when you’ve finalized your order and given your writer feedback.

Why you should prefer buying a dissertation from us

Contrary to common perception, using websites for assignment assistance is not cheating. It’s also legal for learners to buy cheap dissertation online. If you think, “I want to hire somebody to do my homework,” keep in mind that you are only asking for assistance, just as you would from your friends or lecturers. The benefits of using an online writing service like ours for dissertations are:

  • You’ll obtain individualized help

    The homework aid you get from us is tailored to your needs and varies for each task. The work is finished in accordance with your instructions.

  • We make it convenient

    Getting online homework assistance from us is convenient since you may do it from home. You are not required to meet us physically to complete your tasks.

  • You may take advantage of excellent quality

    Our experts conduct thorough research and evaluation to compose dissertations, resulting in high-quality content. This approach increases your chances of academic success.

  • Students receive step-by-step guidance

    The step-by-step explanations the specialists provide you for your homework problems make it easier for you to comprehend the ideas. You may improve your comprehension of the topic and increase your probability of better academic performance by using the step-by-step answers.

Buy cheap dissertation online from RapidEssay

The best part about us is that our services are quite affordable! Learners are often ecstatic to discover our inexpensive services, at least when they observe a rate of $10 per page and contrast it to the prices offered by the majority of websites online. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that nothing positive ever comes of companies whose services are too cheap. Websites that charge so little can’t afford to employ the top specialists as they promise, which leads to clients getting subpar papers. The quality of dissertations is a burning issue since many low-cost organizations employ plagiarized work, reword papers existing in their database, or use weak citations. The outcome of an unreliable website is an assignment that is hardly usable.

Accordingly, while you buy a dissertation online, you may review RapidEssay’s complete price list and find its prices outstanding. The $10 pricing only applies to papers of the high school level with a 14-day deadline. The longest deadline is one month for third- or fourth-year undergraduate learners, graduate students, and doctoral candidates. A monthly deadline costs anything from $17 to $26 per page. These costs apply regardless of the type of paper you require. Hence, you may get a dissertation for $17 to $26 per page. Nevertheless, this pricing has a minimum page requirement of over 30. These limitations don’t apply to the remaining deadline alternatives.

Buy dissertation abstract online that’s of high quality

If you’re beginning your academic life with no degree previously, you ought to be familiar with the concept of a dissertation abstract. Any dissertation for sale should include two aspects:

  • Problems that the paper addresses
  • The actual research

People utilize the first portion of the dissertation abstract to describe a dissertation’s primary themes. The thesis statement must be properly described and evaluated in that section, or else the reader will struggle to comprehend the overall concept of the dissertation. Although using these suggestions would undoubtedly increase your chances of writing a strong dissertation abstract, it would be easier to get one from RapidEssay. Why should you seek our help?

  • We have extensive experience producing dissertations. Further, we’ll give you pointers on improving it if you decide to do this difficult task alone.
  • Your assigned professional will create a strong thesis for your dissertation abstract. The thesis will summarize the dissertation’s main points. Failure to do so might confuse readers following your work’s lack of supporting arguments.
  • We’ll summarize the findings of your study. Your assigned specialist will include a description of the research method and the main theme. They’ll also explain the findings from the study and include them in the abstract.

The convenience you’ll enjoy when you order dissertations online

Our professionals will assist you in articulating why your dissertation merits a doctoral degree. How will the writer help with your Ph.D. dissertation?

  • Formatting

    Correct formatting is vital for high-quality writing. The prerequisites for getting your dissertation approved include citing sources and formatting your work appropriately. To get aid with this, get in touch with our dissertation experts.

  • Review

    Getting a professional opinion on a dissertation you’ve already completed is usually preferable. We can help you with structure and fact-checking to ensure your writing is of the highest caliber. At any point throughout the writing process, you may always ask us for help.

What makes getting assistance from our quick essay writers worth it?

  • Compliance with standard structure. The professionals who work for us rigorously adhere to your dissertation’s standard specifications and structure.
  • Detail-orientation. Your dissertation will present ideas that are logical and supported by evidence. Every professional pays close attention to even the smallest aspects.
  • You can keep track of the project. When you hire RapidEssay to write your dissertation, you receive an account that allows you to monitor every stage of the writing procedure. Every step is guaranteed to be transparent. Dissertation writing assistance of the highest quality is only a click away, so you can put your worries to rest.

Get a dissertation online from a trustworthy and reliable service

Using a reputable writing service like RapidEssay is crucial in avoiding getting caught when purchasing papers online. You can rely on us to consistently provide high-quality work, fulfill your deadlines, and maintain confidentiality throughout the process. Besides, reputation is one approach to determining the truth and reliability of writing services. You may learn more about RapidEssay by joining student-only WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, Reddit, and other legit review sites.

Furthermore, having your task completed in parts is a more reliable approach. For instance, if you need a 160-page dissertation completed, start by ordering for pre-writing or a project proposal. Analyze the quality of the task completed and the professionalism with which it was handled. You may use this to determine if you want to maintain your cooperation with your assigned expert and our company. You may discover a lot about our specialists just by looking at their English level. Remember that cheap usually ends up becoming quite costly. We use professionals with vast experience, adhere to stringent quality control guidelines, and prioritize total client satisfaction. You may rely on us to assist you how you want to. Feel free to seek our services now, and we’ll certainly meet your expectations.


Can you buy a dissertation online?

Yes, you can buy a dissertation online. Many college students find it difficult to complete their dissertations independently, so they turn to online services for help. Using our assistance, students can purchase a dissertation from an expert writer. This can be a great resource for students who are short on time or need help with research or writing. Buying a dissertation from us can be a great way for students to get the help they need to finish their college degree, especially when juggling work, family, and other responsibilities simultaneously.

Is it safe to buy a dissertation online?

Yes, it is safe to buy a dissertation online. Many college students seek help when they cannot develop a good dissertation on their own. Buying a dissertation online has become a popular option for these students, as it is convenient and provides quality work. At RapidEssay, we provide you with dissertations written by experienced professionals who are familiar with the subject in question. The papers are also checked for plagiarism, typos, and mistakes. Additionally, your identity will remain protected, shielding you from any breach of privacy. So, students can rest assured that the dissertation they buy from us is safe and of the highest quality.

How much does it cost to buy a dissertation?

For students looking to buy a dissertation, the cost will vary depending on the length, complexity, urgency, and research that goes into it. Generally, a dissertation will cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. At RapidEssay, you’ll be charged $20 per page, meaning your project (or separate chapters) could cost anything between $500-2500. Remember, other factors besides the number of pages may come into play as well. If you contact us for help with your dissertation, we will create a schedule and let you pay in parts, separately for each chapter. In the end, the cost of a dissertation will be well worth it for students looking to further their educational progress.

What is the best place to buy a dissertation?

There are several places to turn to for students looking to buy a dissertation. The best place is likely to be a reputable academic writing service like RapidEssay. Our company has experienced writers who can craft a dissertation for you that meets the highest quality standards. We offer a range of guarantees such as on-time delivery, originality, and revisions until you are completely satisfied. Furthermore, we can provide helpful advice and support throughout the process. Ultimately, this is the best option for students looking to purchase a dissertation.

How much time is needed to write my dissertation?

Writing a dissertation can be a lengthy and challenging process for many students. The time needed to write a dissertation depends on various factors such as the topic, the length of the document, and the student's research and writing abilities. Generally, it can take anywhere from several months to a year or more to finish a dissertation. It is important for students to plan, research, and write their dissertations in a systematic and organized way to ensure they can complete them in a timely manner. Students can finish their dissertations successfully and within the desired timeline with adequate planning and dedication.

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