Sample Paper: “Interpretive History of the Pacific Northwest”

1. Salmon

Salmon were part of the export products that were processed in the region. This was through salting and preservation in barrels for export. It therefore earned them foreign income.
2. Russia
Russia was an important trade point for the fur produced in Pacific region. Accordingly, they offered favorable terms of trade in the commercial transactions they undertook.
3. James Cook
From journeys made by Cook and Vancouver, the entire coastal line to the north of Columbian River the trade route was marked. These were routes abandoned by British traders. Some of the prots include the Boston port and the Massachusetts port.
4. George Vancouver
He is closely associated with the establishment of the trade routes. These were used to link the region with the trade partners including Britain and Russia.
5. Lewis and Clark Expedition
Their exploratory tours were used to identify potential markets and destinations for the fur trade in the region.
6. North West Company
This included the favorites of the traders because they not only accounted for most of the Company’s fur intake but also hunted and also protected the voyagers.
7. Hudson Bay Company
It is notable for the sale of the monopoly of Ligeex in 1866. This gave rise to the later mention of the HBC records also captured in the Duncan’s writings in the1860s.
8. Mountain Men
They played a major role in seeking and supplying fur that was traded in the region.
9. Missionaries
They facilitated cross-cultural social transfers and exchanges especially in the British Columbia.
10. Oregon Trail
It accounts for the Oregon Treaty, that was also characterized by the gold rush in the region. It also played a part in the Civil War, and the accompanying race relations.

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