“Taxation Law Case Study” – Our Sample Paper

The PSI rules apply to Robert for a number of reasons. According to the Australian taxation laws, the derivation of personal service income is from the contracts completion of the individual. Each contract involves an apportionment of a certain percentage of the money available. The manner of determining this percentage of income is not from the salary and wages of a regular job but a personal input. This applies to all types of sole businesses with regard to the manner of obtaining the income. Continue reading

Sample Paper “Art”


Part one

The first part entails harvesting sound from various sources such as school, work, home and the streets. The sound harvesting technique is a mechanism of analyzing and understanding various sound variations. It should be noted that the sound recording mechanism requires patience in terms of recording sounds. For example, the first sound recording came from the school environment. In this case, the sound variation was composed of noisy tones which signified the school environment. The second environment was the home environment in which the tones were cooler in comparison to the school environment. Having recorded the sounds on tape, an index was created to arrange the sound variations. Having collected the sounds, an index was created which was a manifestation of varying sound variations. The sound index was a reflection of various sounds collected from the above named environments. The sound index was instrumental in terms of understanding sound variations and their outlook depending on the environment. Continue reading

“Leading and Managing Technology Resources in Educational Settings” – An Example Paper

CIMT Department Diversity Statement:

The faculty and staff of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Media
Technology believe in the value of recognizing the contributions of individual and group
differences in areas such as ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, and
personal experience. In doing so, we recognize and affirm that promoting human
diversity in teaching, learning, and daily life enhances the effectiveness of our work and
that of our students. Continue reading

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