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The problem: my story about hurting my leg as we played soccer.

When in school, I liked soccer and always enjoyed playing it. I practiced every day and the coach has been always very supportive in my quest to further my passion. Something unfortunate happened one day as we tackled the then champions in our city. During the match, I hurt my leg and was not in a position to play till the school nurse allowed me. All I could do was sit and watch the rest of the team members playing. It made me feel so bad because I could no longer do what I loved most.

I was no longer able to run because my leg would not have granted me. I was in pain since one of the bones was broken and I could not run. I was rushed out of the field to get first aid from our nurse. After the first aid I was taken to hospital for further examination where an X ray was carried out to determine the extent of injury that my leg had suffered. When the X ray results were out, the doctor said that my leg was broken and I needed plaster. I was taken to the plaster room and my leg was nursed well and we were allowed to proceed. I hated the fact that I could not play with an injured leg. Being one of the best strikers in our squad, the coach and all the other players were saddened by the misfortune and all of them wished me a speedy recovery. This would not however shatter my dream and zeal of becoming the best player and being awarded the medal for best player in our county, I took it positively.

Theorizing the problem
Many institutions and countries have launched gender equality and programs of study. Most of their activities tend to defend the rights of women and the girl child. In my school, soccer has been launched for the ladies as a way to further interests of the female gender. Games were deemed to be a proper way of addressing gender biases which are deeply embedded in the existing cultural mores. The main theme of the soccer match was to advance gender equality, as soccer is widely viewed as a masculine sport. By taking part in the match, I knew I was advancing this noble course not until I ran into a problem. Apparently, this problem appeared to be part of a systematic set of problems. First and foremost I could not play in such a state. Again, the coach had to look for a replacement until my leg had improved and the nurse allows me back to the field. Many issues arose from my state despite the fact that there was little I could do to help the situation. Playing soccer needs a lot of energy and muscle workout. The fact that my muscles had as well been affected made it harder for me because it led to more pain apart from the pain I felt from the fractured bone. According to science and biology, a number of muscles and bones need to be used while playing soccer. For this reason, and partly because of my gender, I could not engage in any game until my leg was completely healed. I recall an incident where the nurse took a few annotations and explanations helping me understand why I was not allowed to strain the leg. Straining it would imply that the healing process would be delayed. Because of this, I was forced to spend most hours relaxing in bed and trying to listen to the advice given to me by the nurse. I also prayed hard so as to gain patience and reduce the temptation of going to the field before my leg was fully healed. I always wished my team members well as they went to defend their title as well as try to upgrade to be the best in the county. I was glad to see the psyche that they had and this gave me more courage and hope that my dream would soon be a reality.

For the first few days I was in severe pain. I took painkillers as prescribed by the doctor and the school nurse. In one of the booklets that the nurse had given me, I read that the leg has muscles, bones, tissues and blood vessels that needed to be taken care of in an event of an injury. I followed through some of the steps that I would follow to help my leg heal with ease. Before I would start on any of the exercises outlined in the booklet, I consulted the doctor. This would show a great deal of help because it was to act as a guideline on selecting the best possible exercise depending on how hard the doctor perceived the injury to be. One of the exercises would involve circulation and small movements and exercises. I also planned on how to increase movement by bending the knee as long as I felt no pain as explained by Kestens (2013), Bitterlin Johnson, Price and Ramirez (2006) and Jefferson (2013). With time I plan to increase the range of motion of the injured leg. I will move the ankle towards and away from my body as to as to flex the muscles as well as improve blood flow. I also read in the book that the tissues need to be exercised so that they do not get too stiff. If they get stiff, they will most likely hurt and affect blood flow with time. I will do all that it takes to have the leg healed so that I get back to the field and watch my dream mature into a reality.

Having a broken limb is a painful and inconveniencing experience that a human being can ever experience. Being so much into soccer and sports, I would do anything it takes to see myself back to the field. The results, especially of the exercise and the positive attitude, that I had helped me a lot. The doctor was very impressed by the short period of time that it took for my leg to heal. When I was practicing the exercises, there was some annoyance that made it quite difficult to stretch the muscles and leg any further. By this I mean, in trying to exercise the broken leg, it got to appoint where I felt too much pain to continue with the exercise, forcing me to stop the practice. There are times when some of the team members would come to my room and help me exercise the leg by taking some steps with me. This helped a great deal in strengthening the muscles, flexing the tissues and ensuring that the leg healed much faster.



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