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  • Mark G.
    Blended Learning Approach and Student Performance, Education

    My writer did an excellent job with my research paper and managed to include over 10 sources by reputable educators, even though the deadline was just 8 hours. Overall, I`m pretty happy with the result.

    Verified Aug 17, 2021
  • Shelly T.
    Household Air Pollution, Health care

    This assignment involved a lot of preparation and reading healthcare-related literature, so at first, I was worried the writer would struggle with it. But they totally proved me wrong and wrote a perfect research paper backed by real data.

    Verified Aug 17, 2021
  • Margaret B.
    The Impact of Management on Organizational Efficiency, Leadership studies

    I`m genuinely surprised by how you managed to write such a great research paper in just 24 hours. My writer clearly described different theories and how they explain the effects of management on a company.

    Verified Aug 18, 2021

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How our “write my research paper” service works

Once you pay for your paper, our team starts the order fulfillment process immediately. Take a quick look at what happens behind the scenes once you ask us for help writing a research paper:

  1. We review your order instructions — The process starts by checking the instructions you have submitted to confirm that everything is clear. If any part of the instructions is unclear or there are missing details, we will contact you to ask for clarification or more information. This way, your writer will deliver a high-quality paper that matches your specifications. Feel free to contact our customer service managers if you have difficolties when ordering on our website.
  2. We assign your paper to the most qualified writer in the discipline — We have a large team of 400+ writers in 80+ disciplines, so it’s easy to get a qualified expert day or night to help with writing your dissertation. Our specialists are highly experienced and can handle the most complex research topics and meet the shortest deadlines.
  3. Your helper completes your paper according to your requirements — We strive to satisfy every customer that entrusts us with their assignment by delivering excellent writing services. That’s why we continuously mentor, train, and monitor our writers to ensure that they maintain high-performance standards. All our papers are written from scratch by real human writers.
  4. We double-check the completed paper for plagiarism before sending it to you — We always provide our customers with unique papers that meet all their requirements. In addition, we check each paper to confirm that there’s no accidental plagiarism in it.

How to place an order: A step-by-step guide

If you’re pressed for time or struggling to compose a quality research paper, coming to us for research paper writing help is the best decision you can make. It doesn’t matter how complex your research topic is or how urgent the deadline is; just send us a message with the words, “write my research paper for me”, and we’ll do our best to deliver a top-notch custom paper on time.

Here’s a simple guide you can follow to get expert assistance with your research paper:

  1. Share your instructions on the website. Start by filling out the specific details of the paper on our online order form. The required details include:
    • Type of service
    • Discipline
    • Academic level
    • Specific assignment instructions
    • Deadline
    • Number of pages
    • Number of sources
    • Additional services (if any)
  2. Pay for your paper. Use your preferred payment system to submit payment. Once payment is complete, your order is automatically registered in our system for processing.
  3. Track progress. You can ask your expert for updates directly through the messaging option on your personal account.
  4. Receive the completed research paper. When your paper is ready, we’ll send it to your account right away. Review it carefully to confirm that everything is in order and approve it.

Why choose our “write my research paper” service

Very few online services come with a guarantee of the final deliverable, but we do! When you ask for the help of our online research paper writer, we go the extra mile to protect your interests. Check out the guarantees you can expect when you order a research paper from us:

  • Money-back. Do you doubt that we’ll get a qualified expert for your task? Are you worried that we won’t deliver your paper on time? It’s our responsibility to deliver what we promise. You can claim a refund if we fail to deliver a completed research paper as per the agreed terms.
  • Free-revisions. If you review the delivered sample and find that your helper has missed something, you can ask us to edit your paper for free. You’re free to ask for multiple edits any time before approval but only within 7 days after approval. That way, you’ll be satisfied with the final paper.
  • Zero plagiarism. We have a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism, so we guarantee that every research paper you get from us is prepared by our writers from scratch. We also double-check every paper for originality using plagiarism–detection software before delivering it to you.
  • Confidentiality. If you’re wondering, “Will my teacher know that I paid someone to do my research paper?”, there’s no chance whatsoever! We value your privacy and do our best to secure our communications. We never share your personal information publicly.

Pros & cons of our research paper maker

Pros Cons
Saves time in the research and writing process. Large projects will take more time to complete.
Offers a wide range of templates on your request and custom-written content. Urgent assignments cost more than the ones with long deadlines.
User-friendly interface is easy to use.
24/7 customer support
Direct communication with writers

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Benefits of our “write my research paper for me” service

We do more than just writing an original research paper for you. When you order our research paper writing services, we give you the following benefits along with your customer order:

  • Access to advanced writers. We hire top talents who understand the ins and outs of research paper writing. Most of them have completed 100+ research papers in their discipline. They can provide professional guidance and support at any stage of your research process to ensure that you submit assignments of the highest quality.
  • 24/7 customer support. Our customer service agents are reachable day and night via phone, live chat, or email. They will gladly answer all your questions.
  • Swift delivery. Are you running out of time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our team understands the importance of deadlines and works efficiently to provide timely research writing services, no matter how urgent the deadline is.
  • Affordable and flexible prices. Most students can afford to enlist our writing services thanks to our cheap and flexible pricing system. We also allow you to save by ordering in advance.
  • Freebies. Our write my research paper services come with free features such as an abstract, table of contents, title page, bibliography, and plagiarism check.

Write a research paper perfectly with our experts

We don’t hire random freelancers! Every member of our writing team has verified academic qualifications in their discipline of proficiency and must pass a series of tough entry tests. Their competency and skill in research writing are proven by the numerous positive reviews about their talent on our website and on independent review platforms, such as Reddit.

The secret to our success in research paper writing lies in our use of reliable sources of information. We incorporate scholarly discipline-related data, conduct deep task analysis, and adhere to academic rules. Our experts handle research papers for college and university students studying MBA, law, psychology, nursing, marketing, statistics, and literature, among other disciplines.

Choosing us as your preferred online research paper writing service can get you counted among the best students in class. The fact that an expert in your field will write your research paper according to your instructions means that you’ll get a professional paper on time. The depth of the research and precise structure of the paper will likely impress your teacher. Working with a professional will also give you a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Try us out and see for yourself!

What we do as a “write my research paper” service

As a “write my research paper” service, we provide students with an ethical way to get academic assistance with assignments. We only produce model research papers that give students a deeper understanding of the topic and aid them in completing their assignments faster and correctly. You can also use our papers as a source of ideas and arguments or cite them directly in your research paper.

Moreover, we help you maintain a healthy school-world-life balance. Most college and university students have to juggle multiple responsibilities, leaving limited time to complete assignments. We help you offload your academic workload by helping you to write all kinds of assignments, all under one roof. In addition to research paper writing, we can also help with essays, dissertations, term papers, book/movie reviews, lab reports, annotated bibliographies, STEM assignments, and many more.

Our services are available online 24/7 to ensure that you get the help you need whenever you need it, so when you lack the motivation to write your research paper or your teacher is being strict about details, just write us a message saying, “write research paper for me”, and you’ll get immediate assistance.

How to know that RapidEssay is a website that write research papers for you

Need more reasons to seek research paper writing help from us? There are many indications that RapidEssay is a reliable research paper writing service. Here are some of the core ones:

  • A good online reputation. We have been in the academic writing market for over a decade. We have built a loyal customer base and a successful referral program. We receive tons of positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers on multiple online platforms.
  • The writing range. Dependable writing services offer a wide scope of services, so rely on customer feedback to identify the right services. As a professional essay writing service, we handle all kinds of assignments in simple and complex disciplines.
  • Reliable customer support. All trustworthy writing websites always respond to queries and provide up-to-date information. We have a dedicated customer support team that is reachable 24/7.
  • Strict quality control. We have a quality control team that reviews every research paper example done by our writers for compliance and plagiarism before they are delivered to you. Thus, you’ll get a paper that meets your expectations and enables you to compose the best research paper.
  • Guarantees. We offer policy guarantees that protect your interests as a customer. That way, you can feel safe every time you trust us to do your paper.

How do I know I need help with my research paper?

Here are some pointers that you need professional help with your research paper:

  • You don’t have a research topic yet — If you can’t choose a relevant and manageable research topic, it's a sign that you need help from an expert. Our subject-matter specialists will give you topic suggestions, narrow down your options, and select a topic that allows you to craft a top-notch research paper.
  • You struggle with the research process — If you’ve yet to master the research writing process, consider seeking research papers help from our knowledgeable experts. They’ll stay on track by composing a well-structured, evidence-based paper on your topic.
  • You want to sharpen your writing skills — Sometimes, you’re not sure about writing abilities or constantly find yourself making costly grammatical errors. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your paper. The example paper you’ll get from a professional writer will help you sharpen your writing style and editing skills.
  • You’re pressed for time — Most students who come to us state a lack of time as their reason for seeking writing help. Our experts are highly qualified and work hard to complete long research papers in the shortest time possible.
  • You’re stressed and anxious about your homework — Writing a research paper can be a stressful endeavor. You’ll be much calmer and more confident in a positive outcome when you enlist the help of a research expert.

Will you write my research paper for me cheap?

Affordability is one of the key factors you look for when seeking research writing assistance. Thankfully, we have set our prices to suit a typical student budget.

On our website, a quote for a college research paper with a two-week deadline can be as low as $15 per page. The price varies depending on the academic level, number of pages, deadline, and complexity.

In addition to setting cheap prices, we allow students to save money using the two methods below:

  • Discounts. Now and then, we offer discounts to customers. Look out for crazy deals on our website or from email notifications. Also, when you ask someone on our website to "write a research paper for me” for the first time, you get a discount on the first order. Don’t miss out!
  • Ordering in advance. The deadline has a significant effect on the final price of your order. The longer the deadline, the cheaper your paper will be. To get the best deal, order your research assignment in advance and select the maximum number of days.


What is the best website to write my research paper?

If I need a research paper written for me, the best would be subjective. Several websites, including RapidEssay, offer recommended ways to write high-quality papers. However, choosing the service based on the assignment needs is essential to ensure the experts can advise accordingly.

Can I pay someone to write my research paper?

Yes. However, it is important to note that submitting papers written by other people is unethical and a violation of academic policies. In this regard, you must refrain from hiring someone to write your assignment as it will taint your academic reputation and likely lead to the revocation of accreditations. Despite all these, you are free to use our materials as a guide to ensure your work is of the best quality.

Can you write a 10-page research paper in 2 days?

Writing a 10-page paper in 2 days is a tight deadline and may not allow for thorough research and writing. However, it's possible if you have a professional writer with sufficient experience to guide you through the process. Ensure to make the right plans so you can cover the necessary points. You can provide the expert with all the assignment requirements so they can personalize the materials.

Who can write my research paper?

As a student, you are responsible for your writing. The exercise will enable you to gain experience regarding various matters in your major. There are times when your project might need to be simplified. In such an instance, you can consult professionals in the respective discipline to guide you on the right course to follow. The approach will ensure you write your research paper in the best quality.

Can I talk with writers while they write research papers for me?

Yes. When you have a complex research paper, you might be forced to hire a professional writer to guide you through the writing process. In this situation, you can speak directly to the writer to ensure your instructions are followed. As a result, you will get a material that meets the assessment guidelines.

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