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  • Mark G.

    Blended Learning Approach and Student Performance, Education

    My writer did an excellent job with my research paper and managed to include over 10 sources by reputable educators, even though the deadline was just 8 hours. Overall, I`m pretty happy with the result.

    Verified Aug 17, 2021
  • Shelly T.

    Household Air Pollution, Health care

    This assignment involved a lot of preparation and reading healthcare-related literature, so at first, I was worried the writer would struggle with it. But they totally proved me wrong and wrote a perfect research paper backed by real data.

    Verified Aug 17, 2021
  • Margaret B.

    The Impact of Management on Organizational Efficiency, Leadership studies

    I`m genuinely surprised by how you managed to write such a great research paper in just 24 hours. My writer clearly described different theories and how they explain the effects of management on a company.

    Verified Aug 18, 2021

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Is it possible to have someone write my research paper?

You bet! And anyway, why not?

"Every time professors assign essays, I wish someone could write my research paper for me. That wide range of tasks on boring topics drives me nuts as I don`t have time and skills to do research that would deserve an A. But I must say I want to get A or at least B+ for my essay. Who doesn`t?" ~ Jason, 21, Oklahoma

You are not alone, Jason. We get dozens of messages from your peers craving for professionally written essays and ready to order the paper online.

And you know what?

Whatever the reason for students to ask for help with academic assignments, Rapid Essay is ready to assist them.

Is there an online service I could use to write my research paper?

"I looked for someone who could help me write my term paper on political science because, after spending a few days on research, this topic still remained Greek to me. I tried to find a research paper writing service to assist me here, but there were tons of them on Google. How the heck can I choose one and be sure they are professional enough and safe?" ~ Lilith, 19, Texas

We feel your pain, guys.

When you occasionally send such queries to search engines, it`s easy to get bogged down in results and sink into depression. Custom writing services are many, but far from all are worth your time and money. Some write in poor English, others are scammers, and still, others ask big bucks for their help but don`t give any guarantees...

To stand out of this crowd and provide students with professional writing help in academia, Rapid Essay was born.

  • We write essays for smart students.
  • We love research, so we`ve invited experienced academic authors to assist you and grow your writing skills.
  • We know that seconds count for you, so we save the trouble and time expense of your college life.
  • We understand that online security is key for you, so we use safe payment systems and are friends with GDPR rules.
  • We don`t tell anyone that you fill in order details on this website. Even your mom.

What are the benefits of your service?

What do you get when ordering papers for sale from Rapid Essay?

  • High Quality
    The writer with academic degrees in your ordered topic will be working on your paper. No plagiarism. No poor English. No vague or outdated information.
  • Style
    The writer crafts every research paper from scratch, based on your instructions. No one-size-fits-it-all essays. No database with pre-written works.
  • Time
    The writer follows deadlines and makes all necessary revisions for you to submit a paper in due time. No stress. No procrastination or putting it on the back burner.
  • Support
    The writer is available via live chat for you to control the order processing. The support time is here 24/7 to help with any technical issues, either. Welcome aboard!

What guarantees does your writing company provide?

"How do I know you write my research paper exactly as I want? What if I don't like it or my teacher says I copied it from the net?" ~ Marek, 20, Alabama

Keep your head, friends! Here on Rapid Essay, we strive for the best service and privacy policy for customer satisfaction. Your security, academic writing skills, and high grades are our reason to live and work hard.

First, all research papers we send you are plagiarism-free and written by professional writers to eliminate duplications, poor grammar and style, and irrelevant information from your essay.

Second, we guarantee money back if something went wrong, you didn't get the order on time, or your writer didn't follow your instructions.

And third, our customer support won't let anything go wrong anyway. With years of job experience in this niche, every member of the team knows how to solve any problem related to custom writing. Positive feedback from students who work with our writers and customer support agents says it all.

Further still, Rapid Essay cares for your privacy and online security.

  • We don't save your private information or pass it to third parties.
  • We don't ask for your real name, phone number, and home address.
  • We don't reveal any details of your order.
  • We don't tell your parents or school that you buy research papers online.
  • We don't spend time looking for you online and asking to join our Facebook or Instagram. But if you want, you are more than welcome to do that ;)

"But what if I don`t have much money for you to write my research paper for me?" ~ Melissa, 23, New Jersey

What Rapid Essay gives is academic writing of high quality and speed for a reasonable price. It depends on your paper type, length, academic level, and urgency; but it remains the lowest on the market because we know: an average student, you can't pay a fortune for homework.

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Who will write my research paper?

"How do I know it's a pro who'll write my research paper?" ~Henry, 22, Oregon

Rapid Essay is proud of our writers. They've been chosen to join the team for academic background and stellar writing skills. Only those who've successfully passed five writing tests – research, grammar, citation styles, academic writing skills, and editing – are hired to write for you.

But even if you decide to write a paper all alone, our professionals can help you with a thesis statement, outlining, proper formatting, or editing your work. It doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Just drop us a line, and let's see what we can do to save your grade!

Can I pay someone to write my research paper and explain it to me?

This is possible with RapidEssay, as we have some special options to improve your understanding of the topic and discipline. Smart paper, for example, is our way to provide online tutoring. It adds 20% to the price of your order, but it also provides you with all the details and answers you might need to become more aware of what is written in your paper.

“What if I want to pay someone to write my research paper in order to dive deeper into the topic myself?” you may ask. In this case, a copy of sources is another option you can order along with your request to transform your custom assignment into a personalized manual. It will add $14.95 to your price as well as links and pdf files of all books and articles used for your paper.

Can I choose someone to write my research paper?

Along with the “best available” category of writers who are specialists in your discipline qualified to complete various types of assignments in different formatting styles, RapidEssay offers you two more categories.

Send your request “write my research paper” to an advanced writer and you will receive an assignment completed by a specialist with vast experience and great feedback from previous customers. Writers become advanced when we promote them from the basic category as the results of their diligent work and ability to never let their clients down. The assistance of advanced writers will cost you an additional fee equal to 25% of the initial price of your order.

Ask for an ENL writer to be assigned a writer who is a native speaker of the English language. These are professional writers who will provide you with flawless papers in excellent English. Their help will add 30% to the initial price of your order.

What do your clients say about your service?

The feedback from all those who send us “write my research paper” requests is crucial for us. Customers’ comments are the only tool that a company can use to improve its service. Here are some reviews we like the most as they describe both our strong points and issues on which we can improve.

Feedback on nursing assignment: Critical analysis of a quantitative research study

I was sick for a couple of weeks, and that’s why I had to ask RapidEssay to write my research paper. I have never used writing services before so I had a lot of insecurities concerning the reliability and confidentiality of the service, and I was afraid that the company would send me some silly nonsense that had nothing to do with proper academic research. Unfortunately, there was no other chance for me to turn in my paper on time except by asking for help. Another problem was a time crunch in which I found myself because of the sickness.

So, I asked the guys to write my research paper online in less than 3 days. To my astonishment, I received a proper research paper and got an A from my teacher. This day became a turning point in my good performance at college.

Feedback on political science research paper: Federalism and religious freedom

I never searched for a service that would write research papers for money so when the need came, I was frustrated by the number of companies that were ready to complete this kind of assignment. This is when RapidEssay’s customer support became so helpful. I asked them all my questions concerning who would work on my assignment, whether I could choose the writer, what would happen if an expert assigned to me did a bad job, etc.

What I liked most during my conversation with the support team is that they had clear answers to all my questions, and when it came to the money-back guarantee, they had a coherent explanation on how it works, under what circumstances I would get a refund, and what percentage of the reimbursement I would receive in each particular case. As a law student, I like when all the terms and conditions are written down on paper so that my rights are safeguarded.

Fortunately, no situation arose where I needed a refund, as all the papers I have ordered from RapidEssay have been of high quality and were delivered on time.

Concerning the on-time delivery feature, there was a case once when I thought I would experience disappointment with a writing service, but RapidEssay did everything to keep me safe and secure.

I had a short deadline for a big assignment. The first version of my paper had many flaws, and I was afraid that if I asked for a free revision in addition to the initial request to write my research paper, I would receive my order several days later, when I would no longer need it. Somehow, the company managed to make a thorough revision and eliminate all the mistakes and flaws in my paper, and it did so before the deadline! It took the company only a couple of hours! When I asked my writer how he managed to do this so quickly, he said he asked for some help from his pals as he understood how much I needed my paper to be turned in on time. This is when I fell in love with RapidEssay. After two years of cooperation, we are still together.

Feedback on criminal justice: Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement

RapidEssay is not the only writing service from which I’ve ordered my papers; however, they are the only ones who have never let me down. When I compare RapidEssay to other companies, I understand what makes it so different: It always fulfills its promises.

Authenticity — You have it! No piece of text was ever added to any of my papers without an indication of sources. I checked my papers with plagiarism-detection software so I can say it for sure.

Free revisions — always, whenever you need it. You can ask your writer or someone else to improve your paper. You can also ask for a free revision within seven days after you’ve approved your order. I used this function once: It is very convenient if your teacher has some comments on your paper and you need to change something in it.

Timely delivery — this is a must! There was never a case of lateness during my cooperation with RapidEssays.

All in all, I’m happy I found this service a year ago, and I always recommend it to my mates who wonder how I manage to combine my studies with a part-time job.

Feedback on management paper: Strategic management analysis

Last winter I desperately needed someone to write my research paper for me as there was no way I could do it myself with all the responsibilities as a mom of a 2-year old boy and the daughter of a 76-year old woman. Sometimes, everything that can go wrong does, leaving no time to write papers. My academic life was saved by expert writers from RapidEssay, and I’m still grateful that they helped me during a difficult situation. I still order from RapidEssay from time to time when I feel that the stress and pressure from my work, my family, and my college are about to kill me.

What other kinds of assignments do you complete?

Being experts in academic writing, we know the difference between its various types. Check out papers that are most frequently composed by our writers.

  • Admission essay is a piece of text you should compose to explain why you are the best fit for the university you want to get into. Some colleges, along with writing a CommonApp essay, ask their applicants to answer questions in writing. Topics can vary from “Write a letter to your future roommate” to “How I spent my last summer.” These essays are considered an essential part of the application process, and they put a lot of pressure on students.
  • An analysis is an assignment where you have to divide a complex topic, subject, or issue into smaller components to be examined more easily. You can receive this assignment on literature, history, physics, IT, or any other discipline imaginable.
  • An argumentative essay is a type of essay where you have to give arguments and counterarguments on both sides of an issue. As a rule, topics for this kind of assignment are quite controversial, and as we avoid writing on some of them, we recommend that you read our social responsibility notice and ask for a free quote before you submit the order.
  • Article/ book/ film review is a type of homework assignment usually ordered by busy students who don’t want to spend their time on pieces of art or literature in which they are not interested. Our writers will watch that film, read that book, and visit that art exhibition instead of you to compose a proper review according to all requirements of academic writing.
  • A business plan is an assignment that is usually given in economics, marketing, and business studies classes. Here our writers will provide argumentation on the strong and weak points of a business idea and how it should be improved to make it profitable.
  • A capstone project is a complex research assignment that is usually done as the final paper after some class or course. We recommend you to opt for a progressive delivery when you order papers this large.
  • A case study is also a type of research, though, it is usually assigned in life sciences classes. It is an in-depth analysis of some social issues.
  • Coursework or a term paper is any kind of assignment that should be done to examine the student’s understanding of a subject. Coursework, as well as a term paper, can have the form of a research paper, case study, lab report, project, or presentation.
  • Creative writing is an assignment usually given to students in humanities and English 101. Along with good grammar, one should show a vast vocabulary, style and writing skills to get a good grade. To see what excellent creative writing should look like, we suggest that you choose the ENL category of writer.
  • Critical thinking is an essay in which a student should analyze an idea to develop and express a point of view on a topic. It requires an understanding of logic laws and common cognitive biases.
  • Discussion essay has much in common with an argumentative essay as it also requires the student to consider several points of view on one problem.
  • Dissertation or thesis is the culmination of a student’s academic life. As a rule, this is a requirement for earning a degree, such as a master’s or PhD. These papers are usually composed with some help from professors and other scholars. To get more from professional academic writing, we recommend that you choose both a smart paper option and progressive delivery when it comes to the dissertation.
  • An essay is the most basic kind of writing. These are a student’s thoughts on any topic in any discipline. Modern educational establishments ask students to write too much of them, and this is the reason why academic writing services always have clients.
  • Homework is anything you should do on your own. If you don’t know how to start and what to do, call us immediately. Some math calculations? Biology assignments? Questions you have to answer? Choose “homework” in the “type-of-paper” field if you have trouble indicating what exactly your teacher wants you to do.
  • Lab reports are usually written for natural and medical science courses. However, as we don’t complete papers on overly applied topics, we recommend that you get a free quote before you submit an order. This will allow us to make sure that we can accept your order and complete the assignment.
  • An outline is an assignment that usually precedes a large paper like a thesis or research study. This is the starting point for any dissertation or other final paper.
  • A poem is our specialty. From RapidEssay you can order text composed in verse if you need it for your class and have no idea of how poets fashion words in a set format as a form of art and expression. To receive a good poem, it is better to ask for assistance from a native speaker.
  • Presentation is a paper that should be composed in an attractive graphical form. Another difficulty with presentations is that they should simultaneously be interesting to the audience and be original. This is a delicate balance that only experienced scholars can achieve.
  • A research paper is a combination of in-depth analysis of a topic and the masterful use of academic sources. Submit a “write my research paper” request to receive a top-notch paper that will correspond to all the academic requirements of your college concerning your research.
  • Speech is a piece of text that usually accompanies presentations and other kinds of displays. Many of those who feel awkward in front of the public ask us to complete at least the writing part of this difficult task so that they can spend more time rehearsing their speech.

How do I order my research paper?

Doing so is as simple as this:

  1. Type "write my research paper" in Google.
  2. Choose “Rapid Essay term paper writing service” from the list.
  3. Fill in your order details. (This takes one minute, we promise!)
  4. Choose a writer or let us choose him or her for you.
  5. Get your paper done on time.

Any questions left? The support team is there for you, or you can take a look at some questions our clients ask.

Should I fill in each field in the order form if I want you to write my research paper?

To receive a custom paper, we highly recommend that you fill in your order form completely. To get a personalized assignment that will correspond to all your needs, we suggest you pay attention to the “paper instructions” field. Here, you can indicate specific sources that should be used in your assignment, your preferences on the writing style, vocabulary to be used, etc. Also upload documents that might be useful to your writer in the “additional materials” section. The more information you provide, the better your paper will be.

What is a complex assignment?

We may charge an additional 20% for your order when you submit a “write my research paper” request on: certain business and administrative disciplines, like accounting and finance; natural sciences, such as chemistry and physics; formal sciences, like mathematics, statistics, and computer science; and applied sciences, like engineering, IT, and the web. This is because these disciplines require specific knowledge from writers and not all our experts can compose assignments on them. These narrow specialists understand how rare their skills are and demand a larger fee for their work.

Can I ask you to write my research paper in parts?

Yes. To offer you a better service when it comes to large assignments with a deadline of 5+ days and with a value of $200+, we’ve developed progressive delivery. This option will add 10% to the price of your paper and multiple benefits to your experience.

Choose this feature if you want to have better control over the writing process and be able to review your paper part by part. This will allow you to give your feedback on the assignment before your writer starts working on the next part. By doing so, you will avoid the possibility of mistakes and the necessity to revise your paper when it is fully completed. Another benefit of a progressive delivery option is the possibility to pay for our assistance in installments, separately for each part of your assignment.

I asked you to do my research paper, but my order was rejected. Why?

There are some types of academic assignments we don’t do. For example, we won’t complete your tests for you. The first reason is that it violates academic integrity principles, as exams and tests are assignments that should be done by the students themselves with no help. On the other hand, it is difficult to evaluate the amount of work performed by our specialist when it comes to multiple-choice tests.

Another reason why your order can be rejected is if you ask us to “write my research paper” on a highly controversial topic.

It also may be that at the moment we don’t have a specialist who can complete your paper. To avoid this situation, you can apply for a free inquiry before you submit an order.

What is a free inquiry?

This is how you can ask us to “write a research paper for me” without paying in advance. When you ask for a free inquiry, we calculate the price of your paper by evaluating its complexity and making sure we have an expert able to complete your assignment. When you get a free quote, we send you a payment link only when we are 100% sure that the specialist we assign to you will complete your paper the best way.

What if my professor leaves comments on my paper? Will you help me then?

Yes. You can apply for a free revision within a week after your order was approved. Indicate what comments your teacher has concerning your paper, and your writer will make necessary amendments to your assignment. You can also ask for another expert to make a revision of your paper.

How does your money-back guarantee work?

When you ask us to “write my research paper cheap” and we fail to complete your request, you can receive a refund. With our money-back guarantee, we safeguard the quality and timely delivery of your paper. To receive it, however, you should prove that the assignment you downloaded doesn’t correspond to your initial requirements, that there are pieces of text in it that coincide with the open Internet sources, or that the quality of our writing is poor. Our dispute resolution managers analyze every reimbursement inquiry and if the case of failure is proven, they offer the client a refund from 10% to 100% of the paper’s price.

What can I do if my order is late?

Late delivery is unacceptable to us, and we do everything possible to satisfy your “write my research paper” requests on time. Delays happen rarely, but you still should know what to do in this case.

Contact our support team immediately, and we will find out together what might have happened. Maybe, the notification that your paper is ready for download was identified as spam. Maybe, our managers double-checked your paper with our in-house plagiarism-detection software and you will receive access to your assignment within a minute. First of all, don’t worry and do check your personal account page.

Is it ethical to ask you to write my research paper?

Read the academic integrity principles that your educational establishment uses to make sure that you stay true to your institute’s rules. We state that you can use our help in a fair and beneficial way.

For example, you can use a paper composed for you by our experts as an example for your writing. Check out the original ideas, the structure, the formatting style, and the sources quoted by our specialist and use them as an inspiration for your own masterpiece. Some students submit “help me write my research paper” requests to get an understanding of how their assignment should be completed. We are experts in academic writing, and we know the difference between various types of assignments: their structure, goals, and methods. We recommend that you refrain from submitting the paper you receive from us as your own, but no one will blame you in using it as just another source for your writing.

Can you write my research paper cheap?

Our prices start at $10 per page, which is an average fee on the academic writing market. There are lower prices, but we recommend that you refrain from using extremely cheap services as they might provide you with assignments of poor quality. Remember that when you buy cheap, you buy twice, so don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

How do I conduct proper research on my own?

To answer this popular question, we asked one of our advanced writers to share his expertise with you.

1. Choose a topic

If the topic is not assigned to you as a requirement, think of the subject you are willing to explore. There are several criteria that indicate a nice topic. Will your research be of use for the public or for science? Will you provide some new information to academic knowledge? Could the results of your research be used in the future? What are your expectations for the research? Are you going to prove your initial point or there is a possibility that your understanding of an issue will change during the research?

2. Check out some Examples

It is easy to find writing examples by googling “write my research paper.” Don’t try to find a paper with the same topic as yours as this will only confuse you. Better take a look at some credible websites with examples of papers with various formatting styles and structures.

3. Search for sources

Evaluate their quality and don’t forget to cite them. If you happened to find some good ideas in any of your sources, make a note! There is nothing more frustrating than to be accused of plagiarism because you forgot where the idea you decided to use came from. Always avoid questionable sources with no credibility to them.

4. Make up your mind on the main definitions

Describe the main concepts of your paper, indicating scholars who have provided them, and choose which ones fit your research paper the best.

5. Create an outline

As this is done at the beginning of the writing process, an outline is one of the hardest parts to complete for any research assignment. Write down headers for all parts of your paper and think of the main ideas you are going to cover in them. Later on, you will use these groups of sentences as a skeleton, adding more body to your paper as you progress.

6. Start your research

Speed-reading skills might be of high demand for this step. Add interesting ideas you have found under the corresponding headers. Refrain from the research method usually used by scholars who try to manipulate data: if you have found some information that contradicts the idea you are trying to prove, don’t ignore it. Instead, include it into your paper. Try to figure out why the controversy occurred and include that in your paper, as well.

7. Make connections and conclusions

Analyze the information you received during the previous step. Compose a research paper. Decide whether the result of your writing corresponds with your initial goals and tasks to be completed.

8. Double-check your paper

Use plagiarism-detection software to make sure you haven’t missed any sources and that you have cited all of them. Pay attention to your bibliography and the title page to ensure that they have been written according to the proper formatting style. If you have someone to read your paper for you, ask him or her to edit and proofread your writing. It’s a pity when great research gets B+ instead of an A just because of some grammatical or formatting issues.

Can you give me any tips on how to write my research paper?

  • If you don’t know where to start—start from the Wikipedia list of references. Visit the encyclopedia’s pages on the same topic, but in other languages you know, to get inspired, to gain a general overview of the topic, and to gather all the sources you might find useful.
  • Don’t get into minute details. You have a number of pages to write and a specific topic to cover. If you want to dive deeper into your subject, you can do it some other day. Remember that perfectionism is also a type of procrastination, so you should avoid it if you want to turn in your paper in a timely manner.
  • Always take into consideration your audience. Who will read your paper, high-school teacher or a university professor? Are you going to discuss your research with your classmates or publish it in a national journal? Also think about your intended audience when you decide to decrease your price by ordering a paper with an academic level that is lower than the one you are on.
  • Keep your information up to date. Modern technologies allow you to contact the main researchers in your field and ask them all the questions you want, including those concerning recent studies and new books by the author. This proactive approach will also show the teacher how interested you are in his or her discipline, helping your to achieve a higher grade.

Improve your research paper with our help