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Being one of the largest papers requested by any educational institution, a dissertation is a type of paper you have to turn in in order to apply for an academic degree. Since it often requires enormous temporal resources to complete, it’s natural that so many undergraduate college students send their “write my dissertation” requests to academic assistance companies. However, the next questions that arise after a person receives thousands of Google results in response to his or her inquiry are “Who can do my dissertation at a high level, and according to my instructions?,” “How can I be sure I’ll get what I expect when I pay someone to write my dissertation?,” and “What guarantees should I look for to choose the most reliable assistance website?”

At RapidEssay, we understand your doubts and insecurities and will try to convince you that with us, you’ll always be protected from online hazards, delays in delivery, and writing of poor quality. Getting help from expert writers can dramatically decrease the time you need to get your diploma. Let us show you how.

What guarantees do I receive when I ask you to write my dissertation?

It may have taken you a while to come to the conclusion that you need professional help with your large graduation paper, but know that on the web, you're far from alone in sending your "write my dissertation" request. Many students get writing assistance with at least some aspects of their dissertation: in their research, thesis writing, bibliography composition, or even with several chapters of their actual paper. Before sending your money to your writing company website of choice, we recommend you have a look at the guarantees they provide. RapidEssay offers four guarantees to every client:

Authenticity guarantee

When you send a “do my dissertation” request to our writers, you can rest assured that your assignment will be finished according to your instructions and will be completely absent of plagiarism. We double-check all the papers that we deliver with our in-house plagiarism-detection software to guarantee you 100% original writing.

Money-back guarantee

“I want to pay someone to write my dissertation at a high level, and if they can’t, I want my money back!” We believe that this is a legitimate demand, and should anything go wrong with your assignment: if you decide to cancel your order, we fail to find you a proper writer, or your paper turns up with multiple mistakes or is delivered after the deadline, you can apply for full or partial reimbursement. Our refund policy is 100% transparent. You can find out more about its terms and conditions with our discussions resolution managers.

Free revisions

Though we ask you to list all your instructions in the order form, misunderstandings are still possible. To eliminate any discrepancies between your requirements and the final draft of your dissertation, we ask that you verify whether or not you like everything about the piece of writing we deliver to you. If you notice any mistakes or flaws, apply for a revision. Your writer will edit your paper according to your comments, free of charge.


No one should know that you’ve posted a “do my dissertation for me” request on the web. We make sure that our cooperation stays confidential by storing your personal information according to the international data protection regulations and by applying our own privacy policy. We also protect you from online threats by using cybersecurity software. Your bank details are protected thanks to the reliable payment systems we use.

Along with these guarantees, every client gets access to our amazing support team. They are available 24/7, ready to answer all your questions, and help you with placing your orders.

What additional options will improve my dissertation?

The main additional option that can come in handy when you ask us “write my dissertation” is Progressive delivery. It was developed specifically for large assignments of more than 30 pages. With this add-on, you can receive your paper chapter by chapter and pay for it in installments. This means that you can go through each completed section before your helper starts working on the next one, which gives you more control over the writing process.

Another option that will improve your experience with RapidEssay is a Smart paper. Check this add-on on the order form when you fill in your “write my dissertation” request and receive an enhanced version of your writing task with detailed explanations of its most complex parts. You can ask your expert any questions on the topic, structure, ideas, and even the formatting and vocabulary of your dissertation. The Smart paper will help you to raise your custom dissertation to the next level.

If you want to better understand your topic, think about a Copy of sources. This option will give you access to the PDF files and links to the materials used by your expert. Analyze the manuals, manuscripts, lectures, journal articles, and other sources from your bibliography to learn some new information about the subject of your dissertation.

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Who will help me with my graduation paper?

We evaluate our writers twice a year so that we can offer you several up-to-date categories of experts who will perfectly suit your requirements. The “Best available” is our default category of writers. By sending one of them your “write my dissertation” request, you receive an expert in your field who can start working on your project right away. Although specialists from this category work without charging any additional fees, you can rest assured that you will be assigned a highly professional writer with some experience in academic assistance.

When it comes to complex assignments, like a dissertation, some of our clients make doubly sure of their orders’ quality by choosing the “Advanced” category of writers. In this case, our managers find them a specialist with vast experience in writing papers on a particular discipline. Another way to stay on the safe side is by choosing one of the “Top 10” category writers. They are our experts with the highest ratings among their previous customers.

You can also combine the “Best available” or “Advanced” categories with a Native speakers’ proficiency level. Send your “write my dissertation” message with this option added to your card and receive a perfectly-written paper with no grammatical or spelling errors.

Before you hire a writer for your large project, we recommend you check out your helper’s skills and style. You can do so by ordering Writer samples. You will receive three pages randomly picked from papers previously composed by your expert. If you believe that the person we’ve assigned you won’t compose your paper at the highest level, apply for another writer and our managers will find a more appropriate match.

What does RapidEssay do to help me with my assignment?

When you receive a custom paper as an answer to your “write my dissertation for me” request, you can take advantage of it in multiple ways. We recommend that you use it for research purposes only. Read it through to find new ideas to inspire you, use it as a personalized template for your own writing, and take note of its structure.

To compose top-quality dissertations, our writers conduct in-depth research on your topic, create an outline, and cover your topic meticulously, chapter by chapter. We believe that by analyzing custom papers, students can become more familiar with the nuances of brilliant academic writing and become better at composing their own essays, research papers, and dissertations. As always, you can learn from the best to become better at anything you do.

What is the process of getting my dissertation from RapidEssay?

As a rule, we would say that to get your paper, you have to submit your order, pay for it, and that’s all. However, when it comes to large, complex, and expensive assignments like a dissertation, we suggest you take one extra step to make 100% sure that you will be content with the results of our assistance.

Before you fill in the order form with a “write my dissertation” request and pay for your large assignment, try ordering a thesis or even an introductory chapter of your dissertation. This kind of writing is much shorter and will cost you less, but by ordering it, you will receive the priceless confidence that you’re on the right website and working with the best academic assistant available online. Make sure that you like the writer that was assigned to work on your short essay and indicate his or her personal number for your future orders.

When you receive your dissertation (or one of its chapters if you took our advice and ordered the Progressive delivery), look it through and ask for amendments if they are necessary. Approve the final version of our custom writing and wait for the next chapters to come. Once you’ve received and approved your assignment in full, don’t forget to leave your feedback. We take your comments seriously because we have two goals: to help as many students as possible in their studies and to become better in our business, day after day.

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