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  • Selena K.
    The Lyrics Of “The Doors” As A Source Of Neologisms, Literature

    Thanks to my writer for the same (or even bigger) excitement about my topic. We managed to make a great essay, both well-versed and formatted. The text was ready on time, and I could download it right on the go.

    Verified Jun 21, 2020
  • Lionel M.
    The Future Of Electrical Vehicles Only Is Possible, Economics

    I got a lot of useful ideas on how to present my thoughts in written words! My essay became one of the best on the course thanks to your assistance. I’ll use some of your writing tricks for my future papers.

    Verified May 21, 2021
  • Jake S.
    The Strangest Rules Of Hospitality From Over The World, Tourism

    Thanks to the additional research, conducted by your writer, I wrote an even more interesting essay than I’ve expected. And additional thanks for formatting, as those details you pointed me out I would never mention myself. I’ll surely ask for more help for my future topics.

    Verified Mar 13, 2021

Ask for help with your essays to improve your writing skills

RapidEsay will write your essay for money if you just ask

Do you need professional essay help? Look no further; Rapidessay.com can assist you with any academic task. As an online essay service, we strive to build a good reputation by ensuring students get the necessary assistance whenever they ask. Tell us, “Write my essay,” and we won’t disappoint you. We understand that customers can trust us with their assignments if we handle their information with high confidentiality and prove that we are a trustworthy company. That is why we have invested in a secure data encryption system to ensure maximum safety for your data.

At Rapidessay.com, our primary goal is to deliver top-notch materials in various disciplines. We are confident that if we provide quality assignments, our customers will come back for more assistance. As a result, we train our writers to produce the best they can. When students tell us to write their essays for money, we customize projects according to their needs.

We have been in the academic writing industry for 15+ years, assuring you that we can handle the most challenging assignments. So, be it a college essay, research, term paper, custom dissertation, case study, book review, or thesis, there is always an expert to assist you.

What are the benefits of writing essays for money?

People who write essays for money enjoy numerous benefits. Besides deriving the pleasure of helping students understand their respective courses and subjects, they have an excellent opportunity to improve their careers and personal life.

Let’s see some of the benefits.

  • Improves your knowledge

    Writing essays improves your knowledge and comprehension of different subjects. As a result, you gradually gain more expertise that can help you understand multiple strategies to handle various assignments.

  • Writing essays can be a stable source of income

    Writing essays can help you generate enough money. Most writers use this opportunity to complement their employment income. However, you can make it a full-time job and work on several projects simultaneously to make more money.

  • Improves writing and research skills

    Writing essay for money allows you to handle different assignments and enhance your writing skills, enabling you to become an expert.

  • Sharpens time management skills

    Punctuality is an essential aspect of essay writing. Becoming a writer means you have to be a good time manager to ensure customers get their assignments within the stipulated deadline. Therefore, as an essay writer, you will gradually learn to plan for every task and avoid procrastination.

Can I write essays for money?

There are numerous reasons why individuals want to write essays for money. It is one of the well-paying no degree jobs for people proficient in English. However, if you want to take advantage of this ideal opportunity, you must have several qualities to increase your chances of success. Most companies look for these aspects when hiring professional writers:

  1. You must be a critical thinker. If you aspire to become a professional writer, you must have good critical thinking skills. You will be able to analyze information, research, and produce high-quality papers.
  2. Good communication skills. Not every person can become a competent academic writer. However, if you have excellent communication skills, count yourself lucky because you might only be a few steps away from earning money by helping thousands of students worldwide. Exceptional communication skills are essential in essay writing because they allow you effectively present ideas and interact with your customers.
  3. You must be a good time manager. Students want to buy essay cheap because they believe professional writers can deliver assignments on time. Failure to meet deadlines will ruin the company’s reputation and cause you to lose your clients’ trust. So, it would be best to learn how to manage your time before applying for an essay writing opportunity.

If you master these fundamental skills, you will be a more resourceful homework helper.

Can you get in trouble for writing essays for money?

You can’t get in trouble if you join a trustworthy company that writes essays for money. Most people think that helping students with their homework is academic misconduct. However, that is not the case.

So, why should you consider writing essays for money?

  1. Freelancing is an honest source of income. Income from freelancing is a reward for your commitment to helping learners improve their knowledge of different subjects. Like any other career, you can enjoy your money as you help as many students as possible. So, you don’t have to feel guilty about using your writing skills to help others.
  2. Writing essays for money doesn’t negatively impact anyone’s life. As a professional writer, you have the right to decide how to use your skills as long as you aren’t interfering with anyone’s life. However, you should join a company that adheres to high academic standards. In addition, your materials should serve as sources of ideas for students’ research, direct citing, and further understanding of course content.
  3. Essay writing is a professional way of online tutoring. As an expert writer, you can use the internet to reach a broad audience. It’s a thorough process of working with students remotely and helping them understand different subjects without necessarily having to meet physically.

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Know the team that write essays for you

Rapidessay.com has a team of writers with different qualifications and areas of specialization. Every customer is free to select the ones that can handle their assignments. Here is a list of various categories of our experts:

  1. Top 10 writers

    Working with a Top-10 writer assures you of top-notch materials. These are among the most competent writers, so you will definitely be impressed with their papers. However, you’ll have to pay an additional 40% of your order’s price to enjoy their service.

  2. Native speakers

    If you prefer working with a native speaker, you’ll have to pay an additional 30% of your assignment’s cost. These experts combine flowing and natural English when writing a high school or college paper.

  3. Advanced specialists

    Requesting the service of an advanced specialist will require an additional 25% of the original price of your assignment. Professionals from this category have exceptional writing skills and experience. In addition, they are more knowledgeable than ordinary writers. Although you will have to pay more to enjoy their services, you should anticipate materials above your expectations.

  4. The best available writers

    These are above-average helpers who can write flawless college essays. They understand different assignments and provide decent papers according to your needs. If you don’t have extra money to pay for advanced specialists, you can work with the best available writer and still have a worthwhile experience.

We write essays for money: How to make order?

Do you need help with your essay? Just tell us, “Write my essay for money,” and we will provide instant support. We have a simple ordering process to ensure you get homework assistance whenever you need it.

You can place an order using the standard order form on our website using the following steps:

  1. Select the type of service you need. We offer a wide variety of assignments for our customers. Therefore, specifying your requirements will help us understand the kind of expert to assist you.
  2. Provide your assignment’s instructions. Our experts can deliver quality papers if they understand their requirements. So, always ensure to give clear guidelines.
  3. Choose the deadline. At Rapidessay.com, we work with deadlines. If you tell us how quickly you need your assignment, our assistants will plan themselves accordingly and try to deliver it within the shortest time possible.
  4. Specify the number of pages. We set prices depending on how many pages you want.
  5. Submit your contact details. We ask our customers for their names and email address to ensure they get notifications about the status of their assignments. It is also appropriate to give us your phone number, although a personal decision.

I need a writer. Who will write a paper for money?

Are you looking for someone who can write college essays for money? Numerous online essay writing companies offer assignment help; you can choose them based on your preferences. However, before you pay someone to handle your paper, you should investigate the following factors that will ensure you get value for your money:

  1. Reliability

    Most companies promise clients quality work and fail to fulfill their promises. Therefore, before asking for help, you have to be certain that you will receive your paper within the stipulated time.

  2. 24/7 customer support

    A reliable essay writing service should have friendly customer support representatives. They should always be available to attend to clients’ queries. At Rapidessay.com, we understand how frustrating it might be to contact an essay helper and fail to get their response in time. As a result, we have a dedicated team that works 24/7 to provide almost instant help and respond to your concerns.

  3. Writers’ qualifications

    When you ask for online homework help, you expect quality work. However, that is impossible if you hire an incompetent writer. At Rapidessay.com, we recruit competent writers to deliver excellent essays.

  4. Diversity

    Reliable companies provide homework assistance in a wide variety of subjects to accommodate every student’s needs. Besides writing essays, they can handle dissertations, coursework, research, theses, and other papers. This aspect allows their experts to grow and assist anyone who asks for help.

If you pay for essay, you will get many advantages

Rapidessay.com is one of the most reliable sites that provide the best academic help services and maintain professional relationships with students. There are numerous benefits to explore from our website:

  1. Flexible prices

    We provide affordable essay writing services to help as many students as possible. The good thing about our service is that you can determine your order’s cost and adjust it accordingly. Just say, “write my essay,” and you will get quality assistance within your budget.

  2. Assistance with urgent assignments

    When you tell us to write essay for money, we assign it to an experienced writer right away. Therefore, whenever you have an urgent task with an approaching deadline, we will gladly handle it.

  3. Originality

    We don’t resell, edit, or reuse papers sold to someone else. We write every assignment from scratch and cite them accordingly.

  4. Free features

    We provide a bibliography and title page for free. If you need cheap assistance, we are just a call away.

  5. Easy order tracking

    If you pay to write research paper, we stay in touch to avoid unnecessary revisions. You can contact your writer anytime and clarify your assignment’s requirements or enquire about its progress.


Is it cheating to write essays for money?

No, writing essays for money is not cheating. It is a professional way of helping students understand their assignments and approach them confidently. The service provides foundational research for different tasks, enabling learners to save time and acquire valuable academic materials for future reference.

Can you get in trouble for writing essays for money?

Most people avoid essay writing services because they consider them unethical. However, you cannot get in trouble if you write essays for money as long as you work with a website that complies with legal requirements. It should only provide helpful information and materials to help students learn easily.

How much will my essay cost?

The cost of your essay may vary depending on its size, urgency, and academic level. However, the prices start from $10. Since an assignment with a longer deadline is always cheaper, you can place an order early to save some money.

How fast can you write my essay?

We can write your essay within the shortest time possible. Our writers understand the importance of time management and do their best to deliver assignments as fast as they can. We can tackle papers due in 4 hours onwards and deliver quality work.

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