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  • Kelsey M.

    An Overview of the Ancient Egyptian's Belief of Living Spirits After Mortal Death, Religious Studies

    I’m really grateful for this essay, it simply saved me! I couldn’t finish it by myself in time, so thanks to your help, my reputation as a good student was strengthened. Furthermore, I’ll surely recommend you to my fellow students.

    Verified Feb 9, 2021
  • Elmer V.

    The Alternative Energy Sources for the United States in the Future, Informational Science and Technologies

    My topic is extremely exciting, and I was lucky to get a writer here who thought the same! I can explain in ample detail why it’s so, but in a few words, it’s just brilliant from top to bottom. Thanks!

    Verified Sep 5, 2021
  • Rachel M.

    Writer’s choice, Mathematics

    My writing style is far from those I got in essay you’ve sent me. But I used the structure hints and some special language I’ve mentioned in your materials, and my own essay became better than ever. Thanks!

    Verified Sep 4, 2021

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When ordering a long and complex paper like a thesis or dissertation from our website you can use the progressive delivery option. It is a unique feature that allows you to get your order in parts before a writer completes the entire paper. By paying an extra 10%, you can better schedule your academic activity and comment on already finished sections while your writer keeps working on the next parts of the paper.

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Can I ask someone to write an essay for me?

“Well, who on Earth will write essay for me?” you wonder after an accidental three-day-long Netflix spree. You find yourself in between the choice of panic writing on an extreme caffeine overdose or rethinking the importance of the essay you have to write. Both options seem equally tempting and threatening at the same time, so you spend another hour with the decision up in the air. Meanwhile, you negotiate with yourself about a request: “Please, write my paper.” It is a situation in which students of every academic level have faced, and there is nothing about it that cannot be fixed.

If you feel you will not trick yourself to write within your deadline, you can always use the assistance of a paper writing service. With the help of professional writers, you will get your academic work done and be able to keep up with your syllable without stress or fear of deadlines. You will get relief from the pressure and manage all tasks on your to-do list.

How do you write custom papers?

Our essay writing service is a place that gathers professional writers specializing in particular disciplines and subjects. Our experts are different in their interests: some of them engage in film studies, and some of them can discuss literature round the clock. Our experts don’t find “write essay for me” orders difficult, and can apply any knowledge exercise to the assignment that you give them. Whatever discipline you need a hand, we have a specialist who will write an academic paper on it with great enthusiasm and understanding of the topic.

Although all of our writers differ in their interests and disciplines, the common thing is that all of them have excellent writing skills. Our specialists express their ideas clearly and intelligibly. All the papers they complete have a clear structure and are easy to follow—regardless of the difficulty of your “write essay for me” order. You can ask for an essay in any academic format you need, because we write coherent and comprehensive custom essays based on your instructions exclusively.

Can you write essay for me?

Every research paper, college essay, book review, or even a simple discussion piece is fully customized and based on your requirements. Our writers only start working when you explain the details of the paper you need and the possible specifications that might emerge. There are no ready-made tasks you can choose from, because every request “write essay for me” is unique for us and we write papers that adjust to your needs. We want your assignment to be original. To ensure the highest quality of academic papers, we double-check every essay for content relevance, grammar, academic style, and possible plagiarism.

All of our works are authentic, which is why you cannot choose from existing ones on our site. Our writers work with original instructions of your “write essay for me” order and create papers for your needs exclusively. You can specify the sources you need to be used in the paper, the number of pages, the academic level, and any additional issues you want to write there. It is impossible to find a ready-made essay that can fit all of your requirements. So, our experts deliver papers written from scratch.

Can I place an order securely?

Placing an order “write essay for me” on RapidEssay.com is safe for both your deadlines and your budget. It will take you just a few minutes to fill in the order form and choose all the details of the paper you need to write. You can attach the files to be used and explain what you want in the additional field. You can set the deadline that is suitable for you if it is not less than 4 hours. The support department will shortly contact you if there are any questions. Besides, if you have any inquiries about the progress while we write the assignment, you can contact the support team at any time, and rely on the precise on-time delivery you chose.

Can you revise my essay for me?

We do our best to fulfill your “write essay for me” demand the best way. However, if your paper does not meet the requirements you specified or has any other problems, you can claim free revisions with the specification of the issue. We understand you need to receive only the papers of high quality, so feel free to suggest any changes to your essay.

Another peculiarity of our free revisions is that you can apply to have another writer amend your paper if you feel there is an insufficient connection between you and the specialist previously assigned to you. However, to avoid this kind of situation, you can buy samples submitted by your writer when you make your “write my essay for me” order. By choosing this option, you will receive three randomly generated pages by the expert we have chosen for your assignment so that you can personally make sure that his or her writing matches your requirements.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the essay?

Yes. With our money-back guarantee, we want to demonstrate how important your “write me an essay” requests and satisfaction are to us. If we cannot complete your paper for any reason, you will always get your money back. In a rare case our writers missed your instructions or were late to complete your assignment, we will provide a refund of the price of your order.

Can I expect RapidEssay.com to be confidential?

We have a privacy policy of our own and strictly follow the GDPR rules. We also keep your personal information protected when you are on our site by using cyber-security software. To safeguard your bank details, we cooperate with reliable and trustworthy international payment systems. Double-check that you have logged out from your personal account when you leave a PC to rest assured that our cooperation will be a secret shared only between you and us.

What are my risks if I ask you to help me with my essay?

Even though we understand how tough a student’s life can be, we always highly recommend that you spend several hours and use papers we deliver as samples to help stimulate your own writing endeavors. Another way you can benefit from our custom essays is by ordering a “smart paper” along with your assignment. We have found that many students with a “write essay for me” query would also like to receive explanations about their topics. To meet their demands, we developed an additional option which will grant them answers to all the questions they might have concerning assignments completed by our writer.

Find out all the details of your paper, check out the piece of writing our specialist has completed for you, and use this information to compose a masterpiece of your own.

Is there any chance to get a discount or a free essay?

When you ask us to “write essay for me,” you receive the title and bibliography pages for free. Along with that, we also offer you a free plagiarism checker. This is our in-house software that can spot both direct citations of open internet sources and instances of paraphrasing that are sometimes used to cover up cheating.

From time to time we have coupons, special offers, and discounts. We usually send them to our loyal clients via email so they can try our new options for free, invite their friends, receive rewards, or get discounts on their next orders.

What other services can I try?

To improve your experience with us, we offer you two additional opportunities every student will find beneficial.

Order a copy of the sources used to receive PDF files and links to books, articles, journals, and videos your specialist used while responding to your “write an essay for me” demand. This information will help you dive deeper into your topic.

If you are about to order a large assignment like a thesis or a dissertation, take a look at our progressive delivery service. This option will add an additional 10% to the starting price of your paper but it will also allow you to pay for it in installments. With this extra perk, you will receive your paper in parts and will be granted better control over the writer’s progress. Revise older parts of your assignment before your writer works on the new ones to eliminate any chance of mistakes.

Can you deal with extremely complicated assignments?

Even though we have specialists in narrow subjects and on complex disciplines, they are rare. To verify if we have an expert who can start working on your assignment right away, place a free inquiry. You will have to provide us with the details of your paper so we can find you a proper writer. Assuming that we succeed, you will be asked to pay for your order. If we fail to find a perfect fit for your paper, you will lose nothing.

There may arise some other cases where we will have to deny your order. For instance, we avoid topics that are excessively controversial or ubiquitous. If you are in doubt about whether or not your topic is too generic, opt for a free quote.

Can I ask someone to explain my essay?

Entrusting your paper to our specialists is a great way to discover more useful information on your topic. Namely, your writer can leave comments on your essay and explain every section that’s essential for you to know. This feature is called Smart paper, and you can easily request it in the order form. By paying an extra 20% of the price of your essay, you can ask your writer to explain new concepts or complex details and thereby gain a perfect understanding of your topic. That way, you can better prepare for your class or investigate your subject further before writing a paper of your own.

Are your writers enough qualified to write my essays?

At RapidEssay, we have a huge team of writers, each of them specializing in certain disciplines. When you place an order on our website, we will carefully review your instructions and assign your paper to one of our best specialists available at the moment. If you want to make sure the writer we’ve selected is the best match for you, ask us to provide you with Writer samples on the order form. Three random pages of writing completed by your expert will cost you $5.

Besides our talented Best available specialists, we also have Advanced writers on our team. They are professionals with vast experience in completing students' papers. If you want to ask a more qualified person to “write me an essay,” choose the Advanced writer’s category on the order form. Cooperation with such a specialist will add an extra 25% to the price of your order.

In case you want to get help from only the best experts out there, you will enjoy our Top 10 category writers. These specialists have got only the highest ratings from our previous customers, so you will most likely be satisfied with the job they do! Select a Top-10 writer to get the best results (it costs an extra 40% on your order price).

Can I request a native English speaker to write my paper?

If you’re aiming to get help from only top-level writers, you will like cooperating with our native English speaking experts. If you are still improving your language skills, our ENL writers will make your paper grammatically and stylistically flawless. Polishing your writing with one of our native speakers is an excellent opportunity for you to get a better idea of academic language and your topic at the same time. When you ask an ENL specialist, “write an essay for me,” you pay an extra 30% on the price of your essay, however, you also get the chance to become fluent in your own papers much faster.

Can you help me if my deadline is already close?

RapidEssay is a service that delivers papers as fast as you need them. If you’re hesitating worrying that someone you don’t know personally will send you the assignment too late, entrust your paper to our website. We can finish a brief homework task within 4 to 8 hours, which will give you enough time to complete a paper of your own. We’ve delivered more than 97% of student’s essays before the deadline, so you don’t have to worry about due dates. All you need is to say “write my essay for me,” and we will find a writer who will take on your paper immediately and finish it as fast as you ask them to.

Is it legal to use your academic assistance service?

Getting help from professionals on our website is an ethical way to cope with difficult homework. Cooperating with an expert writer is similar to getting help from a tutor—we help you with the topic and stylistic peculiarities so that you can complete an excellent paper of your own. Just by asking, “write my essay for me,” you get a fully-customized and original sample essay on your subject. RapidEssay can provide you with a whole range of writing services like essays, writer’s explanations, copies of sources, charts and slides, etc. With our help, you’ll require less time for completing routine or complex assignments in the future.

What should I do if your paper doesn’t fit my expectations?

Your satisfaction is essential to us. That is why we will ask you to approve the essay completed on your request. If something in your paper doesn’t match with your instruction or you would like to add something to it, we can easily do a revision for you. If you don’t like the writing style of the specialist who’s working on your paper, we can assign a different expert to your task. In the rare case that you encounter any inconvenience (like getting a paper past the deadline), we will compensate you with a refund. Our aim is to deliver you exactly the essay you want, which is why we always make sure that you are happy with our work.

Do I need to check the uniqueness of the essays you sent to me?

Buying cheap papers from online writers can be a tricky business because you never know whether these essays have been sold earlier to other clients. At RapidEssay, we only sell original papers completed according to your custom instructions. Before we deliver your essay, we always check it with plagiarism-detection software to make sure the sample we’re selling is unique. In using our service, you can be sure that your essay is original. Pay for papers of high quality written from scratch by submitting your “write my essay for me” request and then complete excellent papers of your own based on the help you’ve received.

Can I pay for my paper in parts?

As a rule, we ask you to pay for your essay when you place an order on our website. However, if you’re buying a large and complex paper, you can request a Progressive delivery option—it allows you to receive and pay for your assignment in parts. Adding 10% to your order price, you can optimize the delivery of large tasks, such as coursework or dissertations. Instead of waiting until your writer completes the entire paper, you can get your assignment piece-by-piece. It’s also easier to pay for your writing task in installments if it costs $200 or more.

How should I place a “write essay for me” order?

If your request is “write my essay for me cheap” then make sure you place your order beforehand, as the farther away the deadline is, the cheaper your paper will be. Of course, RapidEssay is first and foremost a service for fast homework delivery, but in the case of a 4-hour deadline, for example, your paper will be more expensive than that not necessary to submit for two or more weeks.

However, whatever your deadline or type of paper is, you will always be asked to follow the following steps to have your “write a essay for me” order completed.

  1. Fill in an order form
  2. The more details you provide with your “write essay for me” order, the more personalized a paper you will receive. Indicate your topic and discipline, your academic level, any other additional information your writer should know. Don’t forget to indicate the sources you want mentioned in your assignment and extra requirements relating to the writing style.

  3. Stay in touch
  4. The writer assigned to you might have some questions while working on your “write essay for me” request. Track your order on your personal account and regularly check the email you’ve given to avoid missing any important notifications from your expert.

  5. Read your paper thoroughly
  6. When you receive your assignment, make sure it fully corresponds to your requirements and contains no flaws. We promise that a personalized high-quality assignment is what you receive when you ask us “write essay for me” and put all our efforts into providing you with it.

  7. Ask for a revision if it is needed
  8. If you find any mistakes in the assignment we’ve sent you to your “write essay for me” request, don’t hesitate to ask your writer to correct them. If something in your paper doesn’t correspond to your initial requirements, ask for revision and we’ll do it for free.

  9. Approve your paper and enjoy your free time
  10. Approve your order and get it ready to download. You can ask your writer for some amendments during the seven-day period after you’ve approved your paper.

And remember, however exhausting your academic process may be, there are no situations you cannot deal with. If you feel overwhelmed, there is always a solution to the problem that seems nearly like a dead end. Even if it is the last moment, you can still come up with a thoughtful, polished, and well-formatted paper. Just entrust it to our professionals, and you will meet your deadlines easily. Manage your time the way you want and do not feel sorry about it, because now you know whom to ask “Write essay for me.”

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