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  • Kelsey M.

    An Overview of the Ancient Egyptian's Belief of Living Spirits After Mortal Death, Religious Studies

    I’m really grateful for this essay, it simply saved me! I couldn’t finish it by myself in time, so thanks to your help, my reputation as a good student was strengthened. Furthermore, I’ll surely recommend you to my fellow students.

    Verified Feb 9, 2021
  • Elmer V.

    The Alternative Energy Sources for the United States in the Future, Informational Science and Technologies

    My topic is extremely exciting, and I was lucky to get a writer here who thought the same! I can explain in ample detail why it’s so, but in a few words, it’s just brilliant from top to bottom. Thanks!

    Verified Sep 5, 2021
  • Rachel M.

    Writer’s choice, Mathematics

    My writing style is far from those I got in essay you’ve sent me. But I used the structure hints and some special language I’ve mentioned in your materials, and my own essay became better than ever. Thanks!

    Verified Sep 4, 2021

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Can I ask someone to write my essay for me?

College students have to write tons of assignments, but essays are arguably the most common type of paper. It's not hard to see how their number can get overwhelming. As an academic assistance service, we often talk with students to find out what makes their lives hard and how to help them. Unsurprisingly, "I'd just love someone to write my essay for me" is the top hurdle most of them share. Writing is indeed hard work, but our experts can help you tackle it without stress.

Why hire an expert to write my essay?

Everyone's motivation for ordering from a professional writing service is different. Some students struggle with writing in general. Others don't have enough time between studies and work. In the end, the reason why you feel like you need an expert's help doesn't really matter. What matters is that you do and, luckily, you can get it. Still, if you're interested in the most common motivations students cite when working with us, here are some of them.

Not enough time. The number one reason why students decide to order an essay from a professional service is a tight schedule. Whenever academic assistance companies do marketing research, "I want you to write my essay for me because I don't have time" is the top explanation customers give. Between studies, work, and, for some students, taking care of one's family, there is indeed little time left for college assignments.

Insecurities about writing. Writing doesn't come easy to everyone, and it's not uncommon for students to struggle with it, especially during their early years in college. Some were lucky to have great English teachers in high school and wrote tons of essays that prepared them for college assignments. But it's not the case with everyone. If you're not one of the lucky few, expert help may come in handy while you are developing your writing skills.

Lack of understanding of the course or essay instructions. Every student has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the courses they take. We're all human, and it's impossible to be good at everything. Say you're in an engineering program. Chances are, sociology or communications isn't your cup of tea. Luckily, our service has experts in all disciplines, so you'll easily find someone well-equipped to complete your essay.

Difficulties writing in English. Finally, international students typically struggle with writing even more than their peers, who have English as their first language. It's hard enough to master written communication in your native language, it's way harder when you have to do it in a foreign one. We receive inquiries along the lines of "please do my essay, English isn't my first language" all the time. And we are happy to help.

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How do I know that your writing service is reliable?

There're a lot of professional services that offer help to students who struggle with writing. You're almost guaranteed to find one that matches your unique requirements, preferences, and wallet. But writing websites aren't created equal, so it is essential to look for the signs that suggest that the one you're considering is legit and reliable.

Look at the website design. Contrary to what we were taught to believe, sometimes it makes sense to judge the book by its cover. Sure, you shouldn't choose the writing service based on its website alone. But it's not a good sign if the website looks like it was created twenty years ago and hasn't been updated since. Look for a professional design and great UX.

Read reviews. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. This principle works equally well with people and companies. So, take your time reading customer reviews on the service you're considering. Look out for how good its experts are with meeting the deadline, avoiding plagiarism, and following the instructions. Pay particular attention to the reviews from customers who ordered the same type of work, topic, or discipline you're going to.

Check free samples. If we were to give only one piece of advice to a student asking, "where do I find a great expert to write my essay for me?" it would be to look at the free samples the service offers. If the one you've found doesn't have any featured on the website, it's not a good sign. You should be able to see what quality of writing you can expect before placing your order.

Remember that oftentimes, price does reflect the quality. Sure, "how do I find someone to write my essay for me cheap and well" is a fair (and fairly popular) question. But it's not realistic to expect that the cheapest service you find is the best one. Compare prices from several competitors to understand what the average is. That's the number you should aim at. Trying to pay a super cheap price is a risk.

Make sure the service accepts different payment options. This one is not as crucial as the rest, but it does matter. Placing an order can take a while; you have to complete the instructions form, attach all the sources, add comments, and so on. It would be frustrating to realize then that none of the payment options offered is convenient for you, wouldn't it? If you don't want to waste your time, check the payment options the service accepts first.

How do I know that the expert who is going to write for me is a good one?

Asking the right expert “write my essay for me” is not as easy as finding a reliable service. The thing is, you can rarely know if the expert working on your order will be as good as the one who wrote the samples featured on the website. But typically, there's nothing to worry about. Experts working for most professional services are all competent enough to be helpful. Well, at least ours are. Also, all of them have the disciplines and types of work they major in. So you'll be assigned an expert best suited to complete your order.

Also, a good strategy is to find an expert you're satisfied with and keep requesting them when placing orders. First, if you're going to order essays for the same course, your expert will have a better understanding of what you're studying and how your paper should be. They'll know all the key topics, readings, and terminology covered. Besides, when you hire the same expert over and over again, you don't need to stress about the quality of writing you'll get. You know exactly what to expect. Finally, writing services sometimes offer discounts to loyal customers who keep ordering from the same expert. It's a good way to save on your orders a little without sacrificing the quality.

Remember that a good expert should be willing to communicate with you. It's a great sign when they ask you follow-up questions to clarify instructions, respond to your messages, keep you updated on the progress, and address your concerns (if you have any). If nothing else, working with a communicative writing expert is less stressful. You won't be anxious about them misunderstanding the instructions or worried that they might have forgotten about your order altogether.

What can I expect if I choose your service to write my essay for me?

No plagiarism whatsoever. We know that colleges are very serious about academic integrity and don't tolerate plagiarism. Neither do we. Every paper our expert completes is run through a very sensitive plagiarism-detection tool. If there's the slightest chance that something in it was plagiarized, the expert will have to rewrite it before the order is forwarded to you. So by the time you get the paper, you can be absolutely certain that it's 100% plagiarism-free.

Exceptional customer support. We know that using professional academic assistance services may be stressful, especially for first-time customers. Therefore, we have a great support team to make the order placement process simpler for you and respond to any questions you may have. No matter how unusual or specific your inquiry is, you'll have it answered. You can contact them at any time of day or night and via your preferred communication channel. Feel free to call or text.

Free revisions. We understand that as great as our experts are, they still can misunderstand the instructions every once in a while. Things happen. That's why we offer free revisions. Once the expert completes your order, and you receive the preview, you can request a revision. So if there is something wrong with it, and it's the writer's fault, ask to have it changed for free. The only times you'll have to pay extra to have your paper revised is when you're changing the instructions after the order's been completed.

A straightforward order placement procedure. We know students are always short on time, and we value yours. No one wants to spend an hour filling in a complicated order placement form. Ours is as simple as it gets. You choose the deadline, discipline, type of paper, and citation style. Then you attach the instructions and sources—and that's about it. The interface is very user-friendly, too. What's more, if you have any problems placing the order, you can always contact our customer support, and they'll help you.

Safety of your personal data. Last but not least, our customers' personal information is protected. We understand how valuable privacy is in academic assistance services and respect it. No matter what you share with us, you can always be sure that it will only be used to deliver the quality you expect from us.

Who will complete my essay on your website?

All our experts have solid professional experience in writing and knowledge of the disciplines they work with. This means that if you're ordering a psychology essay, the person working on it will most likely have a psychology degree or at least sufficient experience writing psychology papers.

What to do if I don't understand how to fill in the order placement form?

Some of the stuff from the order placement form may indeed be confusing for first-year students and first-time customers. Paper format is what we get the most questions about. If you have no idea what APA, MLA, Chicago, and other citation styles listed there are, don't hesitate to contact our support team. They'll help you choose the correct one.

Will you write my essay for me before the deadline?

We are very serious about deadlines. The overwhelming majority of the orders our experts complete are delivered on time or even earlier.

Can I stay in touch with the expert who is going to write my essay?

Once an expert with the expertise suited for your order takes it, you can stay in touch with them. You can't call them, but feel free to text any questions or clarifications you have (or if you want to ask how the writing's going).

What if I don't like the paper I got even after revisions?

Honestly, that's quite a rarity for our service. However, if you're dissatisfied with the paper you received even after revisions, you can request a refund. Our dispute resolution department will review the case. If it was the expert's fault, you'll get your money back.

Can I request a specific expert to write my essay for me?

Most definitely. If you're a returning customer and liked a specific expert in the past, you can easily request them again when placing the order.

So, should I hire an expert to write my essay for me?

If you recognize yourself in the list of the most common reasons why students decide to order from an academic assistance service, the answer is probably yes. College is important, but it isn't worth your sleep, relationships, or mental health. Our writing professionals are true experts in their fields. So, if nothing else, reading the papers they've completed can be an awesome educational opportunity.

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