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  • Sarah N.

    A Look at the History of the Windows NT Back to the Early 80s, Information Science and Technology

    I’m really grateful for all your help with this research, I couldn’t make it without your advice. Also, I should admit how precise the formatting was! I’m going to use it as an example now for my following research assignments.

    Verified May 22, 2021
  • Audrey P.

    Gilgamesh Is an Epic Story of Great Love Followed by Grief, Arts and Humanities

    Your writer has worked out this topic as deeply as I would. I got a few valuable insights both on the topic itself and writing methods I haven’t seen anywhere else. Thanks for your job and timely delivery.

    Verified March 4, 2021
  • Selena K.

    An Analysis of the Issue of Overpaid Athletes, Sports and Recreation

    This was interesting research for me personally, so to add another pair of hands was a brilliant idea. I found a great room for improvement and I got a lot of inspiration after reading your materials. Thanks for your help, guys!

    Verified June 5, 2021

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What is a research paper writing service?

There are a lot of companies working to support students in their education, and paper writing services are one of them. They help students with materials for their homework, conducting secondary research and formatting exemplary work for them. A research paper writing service assumes that with such well-made materials each student can be successful doing their own homework.

The Rapid Essay company provides research paper writing help for high school, college, and university students. We’re specialized in more than 75 subjects and have over 500 experienced writers who are always ready to help with your task. We’ve been on the market since 2005 and haven't met a task we couldn’t complete yet. So if you want to place your order today, have no doubts, we’ll finish a paper for you as fast as we can.

How does a writing service help students with their homework?

Though it seems that every research paper writing service is delivering the same product to their customers, the quality changes drastically from company to company. The foremost value of such services comes from the completed assignment. The students who get it can write their own paper, using the ready materials as an example. It’s helpful when a person gets a lot of assignments at once, or when the task is too big to complete. Not all students are natural-born writers, but why does it have to hinder their academic ambitions?

With the help of a research paper service, each student can improve their writing skills, possessing the best examples of different kinds of essays and bigger tasks. And also they can deepen their knowledge of disciplines, as writing services are providing them with top-quality research materials.

What is Rapid Essay and how can it help you?

Rapid Essay is a research paper writing service providing you with the best materials for your studying. With our assistance, you’ll spend less time on the preparation of your homework and process the information easier. Each research project can be less stressful if you delegate your task to our professional writer.

When you ask us to do your research paper, we collect the latest and most relevant data for your topic, edit and format the task according to your preferences. We always complete assignments from scratch and never use any pre-written materials. Thus, the text you get is always unique and works perfectly for your topic and demands.

Our cheap research paper writers are professionals in academic subjects and creative composition, so you won’t find any copy-pasted paragraphs or badly formatted citations. We know how to make your paper unique, so it’s one of the guarantees you can expect from us. With our service, you always get exclusive work in the shortest terms and for an honest price.

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How do your writers work over my request?

Our research paper writers are committed to studying. They all have a specific specialization and have passed through challenges of all levels of education. Some of them are non-native English speakers, but all of them have advanced language skills. They know how to deal with any topic in perfect scientific style and understandable English. Our writers are the main brainpower of the company, and we value them for the unique help they bring to our customers.

When you send your request to our company, your task gets assigned to the most suitable expert. You may choose the preferred category of the writer during placing your order: the Best available, Top-10, or Advanced expert. If everything in your task is clearly described, the work starts. During this stage you can review the progress of your assignment on your order page.

After the paper is ready, it goes through a double check: first, for correspondence with your requirements, second, for uniqueness. We use our in-house software for the detection of plagiarism, so the writer sees the paragraphs that need improvements. After the whole work is done, you get an email from our research paper writing service with a link to download the ready paper. You can download it to any device and leave us your comments immediately. If you see that some primary requirements were missed, you can ask us to do free edits. That’s a normal practice for our company.

How can I place an order?

To request help from our research paper writer, you have to fill out the order form on our website. Prepare all your instructions in advance and pay special attention to the comments section if you need your paper urgently. The more information we have about what exactly you want, the more chances you have of getting a perfectly matching paper as a result.

After filling out the order form, click Submit and proceed to the payment page where you can choose one of the suitable options. Each of the options presented there is secure and reliable, moreover, they take care of your data and apply all the confidentiality measures. That’s also what our research paper writing service does.

That’s pretty much it. After we get confirmation of your payment, the writer starts working on your task.

What guarantees can I expect from your company?

As a research paper writing service, we have a bunch of features for the comfort of our customers. For example, we have a client support service that is responsible for making your experience pleasant. They work 24/7 and have answers to all your questions. If you have any concerns about our policies or guarantees, you can address our support operators to get explanations.

Another feature of our company is providing you with the most talented research paper writer and giving you the guarantees that include:

  • Money-back guarantee: you can always request your money back if you’re not satisfied with our services.
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee: all our papers are authentic and checked for plagiarism.

This is an absolute must that we provide to any customer who requests academic help from our service. We follow these guarantees to make our customers satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

How much do you charge for your services?

You can find plenty of academic writing services online. But not all of them are the same in terms of price and quality. And we must admit that studying assistance is an industry where the price is directly related to the quality you get. When you enter the website with “free papers,” there always will be some peculiarities about that “free” option. Nobody will guarantee that the materials weren’t used before, or are accurate.

Even if you decide to rewrite this not-so-unique paper, how will you get motivation for that? You’ll spend time on this, and there is no guarantee that you will get a top-rate piece of writing. Wasn’t it easier to create it by yourself from the beginning? Well, that’s the trap of free services.

Our research paper writing service has moderate pricing in comparison to the whole market. We’re doing our best to keep our prices affordable for any student. Things that heavily impact the price are the type of your paper and the deadline. If you need a complex big task like a dissertation, it can’t cost you a cup of coffee. And if you need it by the end of the week, this rush will increase the price too.

What are the benefits of your service?

We have a bunch of interesting benefits you can get:

  1. Uniqueness. As a research paper writing service, we give you only unique papers created by talented and specialized writers.
  2. Confidentiality and respect of privacy. We make our service secure to use from the technical side and we’re absolutely tolerant to your reasons for requesting help from us.
  3. 24/7 Support. They are working constantly to make your experience the most beneficial and comfortable ever.
  4. Flexible and affordable pricing. You can influence the end price by choosing a longer deadline for your assignment.
  5. Readiness for urgent or complex tasks. We can deal with the trickiest topics, multidisciplinary research, and urgent assignments.
  6. Free edits and money-back guarantee. They work indeed and everyone can use these options to improve their paper.
  7. Variety of disciplines. Our selection includes subjects from your studying program for sure.

We can find even more reasons to describe, but it’s always better to try once. We encourage you to place your order today!

How can I influence the process of writing at your company?

We respect the well-described tasks you send us via an order form. The greatest influence you can make is to leave the detailed instructions there. Your writer will use all the information you provide. If there are any questions concerning the task, you’ll receive them before the work begins. When your task is in progress, you still have a chance to add something to your instructions if you forget some important details or want to change the deadline.

Use any of the available communication channels to contact our support operators. They will edit your task description for you and inform your writer about changes. As an experienced research paper writing service, we know that the plan may change in the process of writing, so we’re easily adjusting to your demands. Staying flexible is one of our killer features, but for you it means that any additional details can change the price of a paper, which you should consider.

How can I leave feedback on my experience with your service?

This is the most thrilling moment for our company! When you decide to leave your feedback on the work of our research paper writer, you can use one of the following options. You can send a direct thank-you or not-thank-you message personally to the writer during the completion of your task. Or you can use any reviewing platform to share your thoughts about our company. Finally, when you approve the ready paper, you’ll be able to leave a few words of testimonials on our website.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll surely make our research paper writing service a little better. We’re using your feedback to find possible room for improvement, inspire our writers, and create new services to make your studying process even more comfortable.

Even if you have something unpleasant to say, don’t be shy to share it with us. Maybe we still can take the step to improve your experience and save the situation. We always want to make our clients satisfied with our work.

Is it ethical to buy research papers?

Our business promotes keeping academic integrity. We assist students by sharing our knowledge and skills by providing our clients with the best exemplary papers. This is the main goal of our business and there’s nothing unethical about it. We bring a huge delight to our students who use our materials to study faster and more effectively.

Also, we care about your confidentiality, so you can concentrate on studying without any worries. When the time is running out and the assignment avalanche is unavoidable, remember you always have a helping hand in our service. Practice time management, plan your studying load with us, and soon you’ll see the results. Good luck!

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