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Here at Rapid Essay, professional writers join hands to help you with your writing assignments. Our research paper writing service works to save your time (and nerves!) and help you to understand your college tasks better.

More than a term paper writing service

We've all been there: teachers assign research papers; students sigh hopelessly but promise to try hard and meet deadlines. But the night before a due date comes – and things are still where they started. You take a big cup of coffee, open a blank Word doc, spend a few hours on writing "my research paper," and go through all stages of grief just to submit to necessity: you need someone to help you deal with that.

An essay paper writing service is the response you are looking for. Before making an order at a randomly-found website, be sure to find the service that won’t let you down. How to recognize it? You need a company that has the following features:

Someone professional. And reliable. And able to write high-quality essays on a wide range of topics in a few hours. Before you are nailed to the wall for missed deadlines, submitted rubbish, or – Heaven forbid! – accusations of plagiarism.

It's that very moment when our custom term paper writing service comes in handy.

Rapid Essay turns your research paper writing process into recreation.

Why Rapid Essay?

Rapid Essay is a research paper writing service that works on every single order from scratch to help you submit original essays and avoid accusations of plagiarism. Our writing company follows your guidelines and deadlines. Every completed order meets your expectations and is relevant to the topic assigned to you.

Before sending a research paper to you, we check it for duplications. According to our customer reviews, Rapid Essay is the only custom writing service that works with the latest studies and research to use for citations and references in papers. Our writers have completed 2,500+ research papers already, and less than 3% of them were rejected by students requesting to revise.

Hence, the students who choose us as a custom research paper writing service get professional assistance with their assignments and find more free time to concentrate on numerous remaining tasks.

There will be no more worries about the topic you can’t nail. Our extensive experience as a college research paper writing service makes it possible to assure our customers that they will be satisfied with the final result they will get.

What papers do I get here?

Our writers craft any type of papers you might need for your college endeavors. Feel free to order essays, reviews, research papers, presentations, coursework, admission essays... you name it! Rapid Essay deals with all levels, from high school assignments to Doctorate dissertations.

Any formatting style and any deadline will be met.

Need research? Just choose a "research paper" when filling in the order form—and we are ready to go.

Who writes my research paper?

Rapid Essay is proud of our paper writers. Most of them have a degree, from bachelor's to PhD’s, specializing in different spheres. Depending on the topic of your research paper, a writer of a certain specialization will be assigned to write that essay for you.

When hiring for our term paper writing service, we ask writers to craft a paper on some general topic to check the quality of their work. Only those with fluent English and native speakers are approved to write for you.

Writers at Rapid Essay cover many subjects. They do research on sciences, history, literature, law, math, medicine, philosophy, religion, psychology, and more. Once you've chosen a writer who will work on your paper, you can have live chat with them to control how your essay is going.

All ordered papers are checked for grammar and style. Also, our writers use the most sophisticated plagiarism check tools to avoid duplications.

And you know what? Strong chances are your teacher uses the same software to check your essay! So, there is no need to worry he or she will find some weak spots we've missed.

So with us, you have got an all-in solution, i.e., cheap research paper writers that will prepare the works of top-notch quality for you.

Any guarantees?

Students choose our research paper writing service for high-quality essays, fair prices, professional and reliable customer support, and a 100% money-back guarantee if something went wrong.

Though, we can hardly remember the problem our specialists couldn't solve. And no, we don't brag of awesomeness now. Just want you to know that Rapid Essay's mission is to help you get success in academia for your better tomorrow.

Once you've ordered a research paper here, the magic happens:

  • No one asks you to pay in advance.
  • No one uses your personal information above the law-necessary level. (Yes, privacy is our second name.)
  • You manage the order, from the first step to the last, chatting with your writer, and checking if everything's okay.
  • You don’t have to worry about deadlines because you know we'll deliver your research paper on time.
  • You get rid of stress as you know that you won't spend the money on a poorly written or plagiarized essay.
  • You save time and energy to deal with other assignments, more urgent or easier to complete.
  • You risk nothing and get a well-written paper that meets your expectations and style.

Fast. Fair. Safe.

That's what Rapid Essay term papers for sale are about.

So, what's in it for me?

Let's face it: Most students hate writing assignments. The reason is simple: far from all people in this world have a talent for building words in beautiful sentences and texts. Otherwise, we all would be Ernest Hemingways or Joanne Rowlings.

Assigning research papers to you, teachers don't want you to become a second Tolkien or George R. R. Martin; They want you to develop critical thinking and learn to express your thoughts argumentatively. These are skills that will come in handy for your future life and career.

The problem is, it's not that fast and easy to become a writer and start crafting stellar term papers like a boss. New assignments are coming, deadlines are set, time is short... Your writing skills are not that good to expand ideas, you don’t know an assigned topic, you lack arguments, you don't know where to look for relevant information... But you yet need that high grade for that research paper to complete a course and increase your chance of getting a dream job.


You know this feeling: desperation, doom, and gloom

To release from the endless circle, students crave the help of professional writers specializing in academic research. They have time and skills to organize everything for you to say "Wow!" and finally get that valuable experience in paper writing.

Essays and research papers by custom writers allow you to free some schedule for other assignments, keep a work-life balance, and learn the secrets of academic gurus on argumentation. Also, your ordered papers might serve you later as palmary samples to found upon when writing your next research paper.

That is why using essay paper writing services is a good idea for your well-being and future inspiration.

So why refuse from custom writing services if you can benefit from their help?

  • First, you get a unique essay of high quality.
  • Second, you get it for an affordable (and fair!) price.
  • Third, you know it will come on time and no one will say you've copy-pasted it online or from that nerd in your class, who gets A's as often as you go to the closet.

No plagiarism, no hidden fees

We understand you don't come here to throw your cash around but get that damned research done professionally asap. That is why we strive to be a cheap research paper writing service. Just spend a minute to fill in the order form, give us instructions on paper type, topic, number of words, and deadline—and your academic essay is on its way.

How else can I benefit from a customized research paper?

Along with providing high-quality assignments completed in a timely manner by professional writers and granting access to a support team available 24/7 who are ready to help you with any difficulties you may face when placing an order on our website, our research paper writing service can also become an invaluable tool in significantly accelerating your academic progress. As a part of Rapid Essay’s social responsibility policy, we offer you several additional options that will help you to improve your understanding of the topic you’re ordering.

Add the Smart paper service to your card and make a concise and coherent tutorial out of your personalized sample. With this option, you will receive answers to whatever questions you may have on your assignment, including those about the sources, arguments, research methods, and vocabulary used by your writer.

Get a fuller understanding of your topic by ordering the Copy of sources. This service will come in handy if you want to get acquainted with the documents, manuals, articles, and lectures that your research paper writer used to complete your task. You will receive PDF files or links to the materials listed in the bibliography section of your assignment.

Progressive delivery is an option that was developed by our research paper writing service specifically for large assignments. Order this add-on and you will receive your task chapter by chapter and be able to pay for it in parts. This option will be useful if you want to have more control over the writing process and minimize the time required for revisions. Make sure that your academic helper is going in the right direction and following your instructions by revising the chapters one by one. Read the first part of your assignment while your writer is working on the second one, and so on.

Another way to make your assignment even better is by choosing the writers’ category that suits the requirements of your order. As a multitasking research paper writing service, Rapid Essay offers you the following options:

  • Best available writer. This is our default category and it doesn’t increase your final bill. Choose it to get assigned an expert in your discipline who can start working on your task right away.
  • Advanced writer. These are our experienced specialists who have demonstrated their professionalism and have completed multiple assignments on the most complex subjects.
  • Top 10 writer. Hire one of these experts to get assigned a writer highly evaluated by our quality control managers and with the highest ratings from their previous customers.
  • Native speaker. This add-on is only applicable if you choose the best available or advanced writer option. Make sure that your essay will be flawless by opting for a professional writer for whom English is a native language.

Is it legal to purchase academic assistance?

We always state that the papers you receive from our service should be used for research and reference purposes exclusively. This is your chance to get acquainted with the way professional online helpers apply structure to intricate tasks, to find bright new ideas to contemplate and explore, and to analyze the vocabulary and add it to your lexicon for future use. In short, let this assignment serve as an example of how your own writing tasks should ideally look.

Let our service become your writing tutorial. Expand your knowledge of various topics with the help of our experts.

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