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  • Bailey K.

    An Analysis of the Population of the Teenagers and Elderly in the Twenty First Century, Business Studies

    Thanks for a brilliant essay, I was pleasantly surprised to get such great work. Wish you luck with other requests!

    Verified Sep 5, 2021
  • Hubert B.

    Scientists Probe ADHD Treatment for Long Term Management of the Disease, Healthcare and Medicine

    That is a great amount of work you’ve done over my topic. I was shocked with accuracy of formatting and ideas you’ve put in it. I’ll surely ask you for another pair of essays in the future.

    Verified Sep 5, 2021
  • Pansy H.

    Writer’s choice, Travel and Tourism

    You’ve exceeded my expectations in this essay, starting from a choice of a topic, ending with free edits when I’ve requested them. Your writers are truly talented people and support helped me with any questions. Thanks!

    Verified Sep 4, 2021

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Can I pay for an essay on your website?

On RapidEssay, we can complete any type of essay according to your specific instructions. All you have to do is place an order. Writing an essay is a daunting process, and you shouldn't believe people who claim otherwise. It requires the knowledge of a structure, the ability to use resources approved by the academic standards, and the experience in structuring the argument well. The diversity of essay types, combined with the demands of a busy lifestyle, can lead a person to a decision to pay to write essay for a specific class. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should ease your education a bit, read this small guide to know if it suits you.

Why pay someone to write my essay?

What motivates people to pay for essay writing? The reasons differ, but all of them show that the need for writing assistance exists, and we are proud to satisfy this demand. Read about the reasons for asking for academic help, and perhaps something will resonate with you.

  • To learn how to write. Essay writing is the most fundamental aspect of learning in academia, but this skill is not inherent for all people. Learners who pay to write essay often need to be taught about how to structure their works or how to format them in the future. They also gain a better understanding of what academic writing looks like.
  • To grow more confident in studying. By having an expert review their paper, learners become more objective about their achievements and know that their contribution is valuable. It can be problematic to study without external help, and teachers often serve as great advisors, but they don’t have enough time for every single student. But sometimes, everyone needs full academic attention for better learning.
  • To get some extra time. Even the most diligent students can fall behind when an unexpected family situation or health-related problems influence their learning. If you happen to face such issues, you know that it can sometimes seem hopeless. Students who pay for college essay can optimize their studying and complete all the assignments faster with our assistance.
  • To complete papers of higher quality. Because writing essays is a skill that requires constant development, the first papers done individually can be imperfect. By having our experts do examples of these essays for them, students significantly enhance their writing competence.

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Who pays for essay writing assistance?

People seeking out help with their essays are different, and we offer personalized support to everyone.

  • Busy workers. Because education is expensive, sometimes, working a few extra hours to cover expenses for their college is necessary. But because it is so exhausting, they decide to pay to write essay and pursue their career simultaneously.
  • Non-humanities majors. Essay writing is often not required for people learning math, physics, or chemistry as their majors, but it doesn’t take away the need to write for other non-related courses. And it’s not a secret that you can’t be perfect in everything. If you pay for essay, you will be able to complete it much faster with our friendly guidance and be more comfortable with writing in future.
  • Non-native English speakers. International students are often still learning the English language, and it’s hard for them to write long and complex essays immediately. By asking for help from our experts, they can learn their second language better.
  • Tired and overwhelmed learners. Some disciplines and majors are harder than others, and students learning them can find themselves at a loss of their sleep and adequate eating schedule. Such individuals pay to write essay not to collapse from exhaustion.

    If you’ve found yourself among any of these groups, you may already think about ordering an essay from a reliable website to save you from this educational overload.

What types of essays can I get from you?

Being a service that views itself as a place to get fast and high-quality works, we continuously expand the types of essays our experts can complete for you. However, here’s the list of the most common orders we do for students in need.

  • Compare and contrast essay. This type of work will tell your audience about the similarities and differences between two phenomena. Pay essay writer and get the best work that will be objective, fair, and focused.
  • Argumentative essay. The ability to persuade the audience and explain one’s main viewpoints is a skill, and our experts will help you deliver your most important ideas to your readers. It will spread the main thesis to the whole work, making it trustworthy and interesting to read.
  • Descriptive essay. Our experts can describe and outline every object and process, showing attention to detail and an understanding of the subject. Descriptive essays often reveal the students’ realization of the material, which is valued by professors, so you can pay to write essay and get it done quickly.
  • Rhetorical analysis essay. This type of essay usually demands a complex examination of the main arguments of a specific book or article. Understanding ethos, pathos, and logos allows our professionals to have a unique and appealing perspective on the subject and know the author’s purpose.
  • Narrative essay. In narrative writing, most people usually tell a story, and this type of essay is very common in creative writing and composition. But those who don’t have the flexibility to create something appealing may find themselves looking for a website to pay to write essay for them.

Will paying for essays help me study in the future?

Once in a while, everyone faces a situation when they need to write an essay that’s too complicated for them. Sometimes, it’s the topic; occasionally, it’s the class that takes all their energy and skills. Regardless of the situation, you may feel like the best option for you is to pay to write essay and save yourself some time to better focus on the task. Ordering an essay can improve your life quality and free you from the anxious and nervous expectations for inspiration to finish your assignment.

People who pay to receive essays from our service usually admit that they are very satisfied with our papers’ quality. We achieve so by understanding every important requirement mentioned by you. Our experts always do their best to provide you with a 100% original unique essay that no one aside from you will have in their possession. By doing this, we have built a reliable relationship with our customers and have attracted the best professionals with years of experience in essay writing.

How can I make sure you’ve sent me an essay of high quality?

Because our customers’ happiness is what drives us to do more and better, we value every order and every individual who trusts us with their assignments. To help you navigate your way around our system and show what to consider when placing an order, we’ve compiled a list of steps to make sure you’ve got an excellent essay from us.

Look through your instructions before you place an order. When you pay to write essay, it’s important to know that you have at least a general idea of what is expected of you. Otherwise, you can’t even guess the number of pages needed to write your essay. Furthermore, you’ll know how to assess your final product.

Check the number of sources when the paper is ready. Is it the same as you requested? Are these sources reliable?

Look at the structure of your paper. Every essay has its own structure, and even if you don’t know everything, you’ll understand if it has the introduction, body, and conclusion. Check the thesis statement, topic sentences, and transitions.

Read through the content. Does the main argument make sense to you? Do you agree with what the expert wrote? Make sure to distinguish between what you like subjectively and what is a scientific truth. Let’s say you didn’t like that the paper mentions that not everyone is equal, but even if that’s not emotionally appealing, we can hardly say otherwise.

Ask the expert for clarifications. If there’s something you don’t understand, leave a message with the question. Our experts are always ready to explain the reasons for their choice of content and structure, so it’ll really help you know about the process.
If anything in your essay doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a free revision, and our specialist will correct the paper to make it meet your original instructions.

Can you write my essays fast?

Due to the specificities of our website, we have an adaptable system of fast essay writing. So if you need your paper done in as fast as 4 hours, we can do it. Just make sure that your work has a manageable number of pages and complexity - it’s impossible to write 50 pages in five hours, after all!

Do I have a guarantee that you will do a good job?

Our professionals are responsible for delivering the best results to our clients. We have a money-back policy if you’re not happy with our writing and free revisions. Review your work and if you think that it’s not good enough for you and doesn’t suit your requirements, contact us and we’ll examine the paper and analyze its quality.

Is your payment method safe?

Our reliable system of payment makes it possible for you to pay for your essay without any risks.You can use any card that is more convenient for you and the information for the completion won’t be shared with anyone. It’s highly important for us to ensure that every step in our security system is well-functioning.

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