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  • Anna M.

    The Dangers of Dieting, English 101

    Great job, guys! My writer paid attention to all my instructions, so the paper turned out perfect. It’s everything I wanted it to be.

    Verified Sep 27, 2021
  • Brian L.

    The Right to Privacy, Political science

    I’m really happy with my paper. You can tell that the author did a thorough research and considered all points of view. This assignment has helped me better understand the topic.

    Verified Sep 26, 2021
  • Taylor G.

    Medieval Discoveries, History

    Thank you so much for your help. Everything was perfect, from my communication with the writer to the paper itself. I’ve been using this service for years now and can definitely say that it’s one of the best ones when it comes to the quality of writing.

    Verified Sep 26, 2021

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Can I really pay someone to write my paper?

Yes, this is exactly how our service works. Basically, you give us your instructions, pay for the order, and then one of our experts writes you an original paper based on your requirements. You don’t need to go anywhere to pay someone to write a paper because every step of the process takes place online, from order placement to delivery. That’s the wonderful thing about the internet—it enables us to perform complex tasks wherever we are. Our service employs writers from all over the world, and they work from different time zones, which allows us to provide high-quality academic assistance at any hour of the day. This means that you can place an order even in the dead of night and get your essay early in the morning!

How can I use your service? is a highly customizable service, so you as a customer get to decide what kind of writing help we should give you. Let’s say you need an argumentative essay with a basic structure, and you need it done as soon as possible. In this case, your order request will look something like this: “I’d like to pay someone to write my paper in 4 hours. It’s an argumentative essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion….” You can go on to give highly specific requirements, such as: “Write my paper in MLA style,” etc. We’ll make sure that your essay complies with them.

Is it ethical to pay people to write essays?

This is a common concern among students who are new to the world of academic help. They always ask, “Is it ethical to pay someone to write my paper?” The answer is yes. Providing and purchasing academic help is absolutely fair if you’re using it correctly. For example, you can’t cheat on a test with the assistance of our service. We don’t condone it, and therefore, refuse to help our customers with multiple-choice questions. Overall, you’re good as long as you’re using our help in accordance with the rules.

How affordable is your service?

We’ve designed our website to make writing help as accessible as possible because we want every student to be able to use it. And we understand that setting reasonable prices is a big part of it. Affordability is very important to students because most of them don’t have a steady income yet. Naturally, they’re thinking, “Can I pay someone to write my paper cheap?” That’s why we decided to set our prices below the market average, starting at $10/page.

But that is not all. We’ve also created a flexible and transparent pricing system in which the price of your order depends on three major factors: your academic level, the number of pages in your paper, and the deadline. The best part? You can adjust the price by changing the deadline. The longer it is—the cheaper your assignment will be.

What to expect if I keep overloading myself?

Even if you try to manage all the assignments by yourself, it is possible to miss a deadline or forget about one of the multiple assignments you have. You may remember about another essay in a day before the submission and realize you do not have any time to do it. Instead of trying to patch together whatever you can for tomorrow, you can get a paper written for you in 8 hours. So, something you have forgotten about will not hurt either your schedule or your grades.

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What guarantees will I get if I pay someone to write a paper?

Of course! Every time you order a paper from our website, you get these 4 guarantees.

Free revisions. When you come to us and say, “do my paper,” you’re signing up for a specific service. Our job is to provide it in accordance with your requirements. Therefore, we promise to edit your paper for free if you don’t get the assignment you asked for (e.g., if your writer makes an error or doesn’t follow your instructions). There are only two conditions. One: you can only ask for a revision before approving your order or within 7 days of the approval. Two: you can’t change your original instructions.

A money-back guarantee. You can also ask for a full or partial refund if a free revision is not an option, if your order is late, or if it’s in progress, and you would like to cancel it. We’ll review your claim and determine the best way to compensate you. If you want to learn more about how this whole thing works, you can check out our money-back policy or contact our customer support and ask your question directly.

A confidentiality guarantee. First things first, we only collect information that is required to process your order. Secondly, our website uses advanced data encryption technology for protection against cyberattacks. That means that no unauthorized party can access your personal data. We can also assure you that we won’t publicly disclose any of the information you share with us. Moreover, we protect our customers’ and writers’ identities, so your expert won’t know who you are.

Zero plagiarism. Our papers are exclusive, unique, and custom-written according to your instructions. They contain exclusively original content and properly cited materials from credible sources. All of our writers know that copy-pasting is strictly forbidden. With RapidEssay, you don’t have to worry about getting a plagiarized paper because we check each file using advanced plagiarism detection tools before delivering it to you.

Do you provide customer service?

Yes, we do offer 24/7 customer service. Our operators are always ready to answer your questions. They work multiple shifts to make sure every concern is addressed as quickly as possible. You can contact us via phone, email, or online chat—whichever you prefer. All of our support assistants are adequately trained and are fluent in English. Thanks to their tremendous efforts, our operators received a nomination for Best Quality Management Team at the 2019 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards.

Can I contact my writer?

Yes, our service allows you to message your expert after they’ve been assigned to work on your order. You can do it in your personal account. Moreover, your writer can also contact you if they have any questions. We recommend using this feature when you need to clarify certain information. For example, you might want to make sure your expert has picked an appropriate topic for your paper. This feature is entirely free, so don’t hesitate to use it any time you want.

Is it safe to pay for essays on your website?

We hear this question time and time again. Customers ask us: “Is there a safe way to pay someone to write my paper?” and we always assure them that yes, there is. Our website is a perfect platform for online payments. Data encryption not only provides confidentiality but also ensures a secure connection between you and our servers. Secondly, we only work with reliable payment systems that serve hundreds of millions of users every day, and we trust them to process payments diligently and accurately.

Are you sure you can handle my assignment? is a multipurpose service that offers writing, calculating, and programming help across 5 academic levels. We have more than 500 experts who cover 80+ disciplines, ranging from English 101 to computer science. This allows us to complete almost every order we get. Although sometimes, an assignment may turn out to be beyond our capabilities, we assure you that these cases are extremely rare and account for less than 1% of our orders. If this happens, the customer gets a guaranteed refund.

There’s another reason why we might have a hard time finding you an expert, and that is being given unclear requirements. So when you place an order and say, “I want to pay someone to write my paper,” please make sure that the person reading your instructions will be able to understand what you want them to do.

What format do you use for your papers?

We’re a custom writing service, so you can tell us to use any format you want. “Can I pay someone to write my paper in accordance with formatting requirements?” Of course. We’ll make sure the paper complies with your requirements. When you fill out the order form, you’ll see a few suggested styles: MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian. If you want us to use a different format, make sure to specify which one in the Paper details section. Also, we always use double spacing unless the customer specifically asks us to use another format. You can select single spacing in the order form or ask us to use customized intervals in the Paper details field.

Can I choose my writer?

Unfortunately, you can’t choose a specific writer unless you want to pick someone who has previously completed orders for you. In this case, we’ll trust your judgment. Otherwise, when you come to us saying, “I’d like to pay someone to write my paper,” we will review your order request and assign you a suitable expert who can fulfill your demands. However, you still have some control over the category of expert we pick. There are four categories of writers, and you’re free to choose whichever one you prefer:

  • The Best available specialist (default option, no extra fee). These writers are trained to provide high-quality academic help.
  • An Advanced expert (+25 to the price of your order). We recommend selecting this category if you want to hire a more experienced specialist.
  • A Top-10 writer (+40% to the price of your order). Choose this option if you would like us to assign you one of the best experts in your discipline according to the ratings of our previous customers.
  • A Native speaker (+30% to your order price, compatible with the Best available and Advanced options). When customers ask, “I want to pay someone to write my paper flawlessly,” we suggest going for a native speaker.

Now, please consider that all of these writers are perfectly capable of delivering high-quality academic help regardless of their rank. But if you have a highly challenging task that requires special effort, then we recommend going for a more experienced specialist.

What is a Smart paper service?

Smart paper service is a paid feature that you can add to your order. It’s a great way to learn more about your topic and understand how your paper was written. Basically, if you ask for this service, your writer will add comments in the paper file, explaining certain points, giving you background information, highlighting the structural elements of the essay, and so on. You can use them to clarify any part of your paper.

What is progressive delivery?

Sometimes, students ask us, “Can I pay someone to write my paper in parts?” And we always assure them that they can, thanks to a special feature called Progressive delivery. If you have a long paper, we can split it into parts and complete them one by one. You can pay for each separate section or do it all at once. This feature will give you more control over the writing process as well as reduce the time spent on revisions.

When should I ask for writing help?

You might wonder, “When is it appropriate for me to pay someone to write my paper?” The answer is simple—once you feel like you’re struggling to do your homework. Here are some of the most common reasons why customers come to us for help.

  1. You don’t know how to do it on your own. Remember, it’s okay if it happens to you. Every student goes through it. If you experience any difficulties, remember that our experts can show you the way, and you’ll be able to complete similar assignments with ease.
  2. You don’t understand the instructions. Sometimes, students simply don’t get what’s being asked of them, which can seriously affect their grades. No one cares that you’ve completed the assignment if you don’t meet the requirements. So contact us if you need help figuring out the instructions, and we’ll find you a qualified expert who can not only crack them but also show you how to complete the task!
  3. You don’t have enough time. We understand that some students are extremely busy and often have little to no time for homework. Does this sound like you? Then feel free to ask us for help. We often get this request: “I’d like to pay someone to write my paper ASAP. Can you complete it in a few hours?” Yes, we can offer very quick writing help, and you get to pick the deadline for your order.

Is it bad to pay someone to write your essay?

This question is popular among learners who are only starting to use essay writing services. It’s understandable that students want to know exactly what they’re signing up for, and relying on one’s ethics isn’t really enough here. For example, paid essay writing may seem to support the privileged in society because not everyone can afford this quality assistance. Some people can only rely on themselves instead of employing professional essay writers, so is it really fair to use their help? What if someone misuses the research papers they receive and gets into trouble? If these questions bother you, that’s a sign that you’re a conscientious person beneficial to the community. Surely, we’ve got these issues covered, and here’s how our safeguards work.

Every reliable paper writing service has a notice on social responsibility. We’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to developing a policy that prevents our essay writing service from providing clients with materials that can cause harm if misused. That’s why orders that refer to real-life situations in engineering, criminal justice, health care, and other similar subjects will be canceled. This way, our professional writers will only create texts that are beneficial to individuals and their communities, giving students across the globe the opportunity to study better without any ethical harm done. Importantly, if you’ve decided to pay for essay but the order is canceled due to this security strategy, you’ll get a full refund, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally losing your money.

Is paying for an essay legit?

The main implication of this question is whether it’s worth your time and money to order essay online. After all, it’s not really cheap to hire a personal essay writer, so how do you make sure that your expectations won’t be ruined by the factual results? Let’s see what answers we’ve got.

There are so many essay writing services out there that sometimes, students really struggle to find one that they’re willing to trust. That’s why it’s important to remember several rules that are true of all legit organizations. First and foremost, good help is never completely free. There can be some benefits or discounts, but you’ll still have to pay a fair price for a custom essay created specifically for you. Top-notch essay writing is generally a very demanding process because you have to understand and follow all the instructions, be concise while still reaching the word count, and only cover what’s really relevant to the prompt.

So, every high-quality paper comes with as many details to specify as possible. You want to make sure the site you’ve selected has a variety of academic levels and deadlines to choose from. All these features are there to let the writer know what you need, resulting in the best essay they can possibly provide you with.

An understandable interface, clear guarantees, and a transparent payment process are also everyone’s priorities. They really go without saying, because these details make any service trustworthy by definition. It’s also important to see what the reviews talk about. For example, you can check what people say about to make up your mind about our site.

How much should you charge for writing an essay?

To answer this question honestly, let’s imagine the steps that essay writers take to create a worthy paper.

  • Experts analyze the instructions first. That seems easy enough, but specialists often have to compensate for the human factor and show the utmost attention. Sometimes, missing one little detail can mean needing to rewrite a whole paragraph or two with the deadline fast approaching.
  • Next, they make sure to follow the right format from the start. Many essay writing services, including, provide the needed formatting style for free. This makes sense, because writers use all of them so often, but effort is still necessary to keep up the good work. Once again, it’s all about their scrupulous approach and unique skills.
  • The next step is to conduct the necessary research. Finding credible sources under time pressure is a challenge in itself. However, they need to correspond to the topic and provide an essential supplement to the paper in progress. That’s why this task also contributes to the difficulty level.
  • Writers also pay attention to individual requests and customize the text. A company that wants to become the best essay writing service out there can’t miss this step. Nevertheless, this process demands great effort and concentration.

Basically, an essay writer needs to create a fully original custom paper in a limited amount of time and do their best to make no mistakes at all. They do it on a regular basis, too. As you can see, it’s a stressful and complex job that requires a reward corresponding to all the efforts made by these professional essay experts. You can check the standard prices calculated for essays of various levels and deadlines on our website.

Will I get caught if I buy an essay?

When you pay the expert and give them instructions, it’s clear that what you want is a plagiarism-free essay. Good sites have policies that enforce this demand and use originality software to ensure that you’ll get what you expect. Still, there are other concerns behind this simple procedure, and it’s important to understand how a decent essay service works to resolve them.

When you pay someone to write an academic work for you, it’s implied that you’re looking for a reliable and clear example. That’s why so many students come asking us for assistance when they don’t get the instructions, have none of the necessary experience, or are just afraid to make the mistake that will cost them many points off their final grade. Each of them is ready to pay for an essay that corresponds to the demands of their instructor in structure, vocabulary, and meaning. However, they are expected to use the materials we provide to craft unique texts that reflect the writing style and perspective of every learner. Our easy-to-follow examples can be extremely helpful here, but the main role belongs to you and your efforts.

With that said, it’s also important to emphasize that the academic papers you can receive from are 100% plagiarism-free. We know how hard it is to write essay if your guidance isn’t unique enough, so we make sure to get you the best writer available. What you need to do is work with our materials as intended, and you’ll never get caught because there will be nothing to punish you for.

Where can I write an essay for money?

You can say that it’s all fine and good, but there are a myriad of sites that offer to write essay according to the instructions of the customer, so how do you choose the one that fits your needs best? Here are several common questions that will help you pick wisely, with full answers.

  • Does the site have a customer support team? The possibility of getting assistance while ordering is always vital, so this element can’t be underestimated. A professional and responsive support team shows that the company really cares about the clients and commits to protecting their rights.
  • Are there any free services or discounts? We’ve already established that you can’t receive quality academic assistance without paying. However, it’s always pleasant to get a reference list or title page for no money at all. A working discount system shows that the company occupies a firm position in the market. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to economize.
  • Is it a cheap essay writing service? Usually, the preferable option is affordable, or at least not too inexpensive. After all, the services of a proficient essay writer cost a good sum, which is quite fair. It’s also wise to look for flexible prices that you can adjust depending on the deadline and other factors.
  • Are there different categories of paper writers? The best paper writing service always strives to assess the experts working for that organization and separate them according to the level. It’s also advisable to look for sites that give you multiple academic categories to choose from like argumentative, expository, and college essays along with research papers and coursework.

How much does it cost to write a 10-page paper?

The price can depend on many factors. For instance, the deadline you choose and the academic level really matter at, as you can see from the form that allows you to calculate the price of your order. However, let’s look at these matters from the perspective of the writing service itself and see why the key elements are the way they are.

When you order a paper online, it’s important to understand that one page will take from 40 minutes to 1 hour to write if the expert works really fast. Obviously, quality essay writing takes time, so lengthy works really benefit from long deadlines. Another reason to order in advance is the price changes that apply. In simple words, the more time you give to the professional essay writer, the cheaper your paper gets. That’s why waiting until the last moment can literally cost you more.

A good online essay service will also offer you a variety of academic levels that make quite a difference to the final price. That’s because the writer needs more refined vocabulary and terminology for university essays than they do for high school ones, so you’re getting someone with better skills to write a high-level paper. In addition, there are academic subjects that cost more due to their complexity. They include accounting, architecture, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and more STEM subjects. That’s why it’s up to you how much exactly your 10-page paper will ultimately cost. Your needs are the chief factors determining the sum.

Can I get paid for writing essays?

Paper writing can be quite profitable, and there’s a possibility of getting a job in this sphere. For example, regularly selects professional paper writers with academic degrees in specific spheres who can become members of our team on a freelance basis. It’s vital to understand the priorities of our service, so here are some features you need to possess to qualify.

  • You need to understand our customers. It’s not really hard after you’ve spent several years mastering essay writing at your higher education facility. However, it’s vital to reach out to clients if something is unclear and be the paper writer who gives them exactly what they require.
  • You have to be rigorous. It’s essential to proofread every text you upload and double check it for any irregularities. Then you’ll be able to produce high-quality essays all the time.
  • It’s necessary to stay punctual and organized. On-time delivery is a top priority for many essay writing services, so it’s one of the basic things. You need to be responsible and possess great time management skills.
  • You should strive to learn more every day. A good essay writer knows that the world is constantly changing, and so is education. That’s why you’ll have to process a lot of new information every day if you choose to apply for this position and succeed.

How much do essay writers make?

When people get ready to become freelance writers, they often wonder, “Is essay writing paid fairly?” The answer is “Yes, it is.” However, the income of every essay writer depends on their productivity, level of expertise, and command of English. Let’s see exactly what that means.

The simple rule, “the more you work, the more you get” is true for this position. For instance, starting to write as soon as the order gets the “Writer assigned” status (but only if all the instructions are clear) always pays off. That way, you can receive more orders and get a higher sum at the end of the month. Still, enthusiasm isn’t everything you’ll require.

You should be prepared to handle the disciplines within your expertise on par with creative writing if you’re aiming to rise to a higher level and receive better payment as a result. It’s up to you to read the necessary literature and boost your level of English if you aren’t a native speaker. You should also keep in mind that people asking, “write my paper,” require a professional tone and style, and those can always be made even better.

That’s why you should think carefully before joining an online essay service. Becoming one of the experts entails facing constant challenges that are rewarding if you’re prepared to tackle them. In addition, a bit of altruism is useful when you sign up to answer the calls of “write my essay!” from all over the world.

Is writing papers for money illegal?

That’s the question that may bother both the writers who complete essay tasks and their customers alike. Whether you order essay or a term paper, it’s always about the combination of obedience to the law, quality, and the timely manner of delivery. However, let’s go over the basic points to answer the question directly.

  • Decent essay writing services focus on providing assistance. This means that we’re there to help you during your writing process without cheating. Our mission is to give you materials that support you on the way to studying better and faster, which isn’t wrong in any way.
  • Like any organization that sells services, we provide our customers with safeguards such as privacy protection and a money-back guarantee. That means we act according to the regulations and always take care of the people who order from us.
  • Writing with our guidance is a good opportunity to improve your style. The fact that you pay for our help means it’s provided by real experts, but that’s not a bad thing at all. For example, the writing tools that give you free unlimited edits aren’t hard to come by, but the best ones, like MS Office, are almost always paid for.

It isn’t illegal to give customers supporting materials from which to create the essays they need. That’s why it’s completely lawful to write papers for money and get your deserved reward.

How is paper writing beneficial?

The services that each online essay writer can provide aren’t only good for the people who order them. Becoming a freelance essay writer is a good choice for many reasons, even though this job is a really tough one.

Firstly, this line of work allows you to develop the skills and qualifications you already have, gaining more experience and, consequently, more confidence. Every high-quality essay the writer uploads makes their English a bit more refined, and their thinking becomes more organized with every paper.

Secondly, it’s a freelance job that gives you the possibility of remembering your early student life without reliving its strains. A flexible schedule along with decent payment definitely make it worthwhile, but a sense of nostalgia is there as well. Feeling comfortable with what you do is often essential to succeed. If you think so too, chances are that you’ll like your position more and more with each new essay paper assigned to you.

Third, it’s an exciting challenge. Time limits, individualized instructions, and the necessity of doing everything as perfectly as you can aren’t that terrible if you see them as factors that make the job more interesting. Such an attitude is often necessary to create a quality essay no matter the difficulties, and if you’ve got it, be sure to try joining the team.

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