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  • Anna M.
    The Dangers of Dieting, English 101

    Great job, guys! My writer paid attention to all my instructions, so the paper turned out perfect. It’s everything I wanted it to be.

    Verified Sep 27, 2021
  • Brian L.
    The Right to Privacy, Political science

    I’m really happy with my paper. You can tell that the author did a thorough research and considered all points of view. This assignment has helped me better understand the topic.

    Verified Sep 26, 2021
  • Taylor G.
    Medieval Discoveries, History

    Thank you so much for your help. Everything was perfect, from my communication with the writer to the paper itself. I’ve been using this service for years now and can definitely say that it’s one of the best ones when it comes to the quality of writing.

    Verified Sep 26, 2021

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RapidEssay: Pay someone to write my paper

Are you searching for a website that can give you high-quality essay samples? Sometimes, it's impossible to learn without seeing some examples prepared by other people. Let's look at a service that offers you excellent materials at an affordable price. RapidEssay will not disappoint you.

Is it safe to pay someone to write my paper?

Yes, it's absolutely safe. When you pay someone to write my research paper at the service, the company behind RapidEssay does everything it can to protect your funds. What exactly do they do? Firstly, you can expect that RapidEssay will collect the minimum amount of information about you. You can even leave no references to your phone number. All we need is an email. Obviously, both your name/nickname and online address can be fake on this website. This means you're in full control of the privacy level. Secondly, RapidEssay managers focus on employing strong protection methods. They use the newest anti-DoS software available and proper encryption for their servers. Thus, your data is always safe, as it's under the protection of the most advanced tools in the world. Lastly, the company also doesn't collect your credit card information. To facilitate payments, the business utilizes the platforms of various banks and services. It embeds them in the platform instead of using internal code. You'll use a professional, bank-related code to provide payment in this case. All this means that the site is highly safe. Your data is truly in the right hands.

Why do I need to pay someone to write my essay?

Many reasons exist to pay our or some other high-quality company for an essay. Let's look at them. The first motivation is the lack of understanding in essay writing. We know some people for whom essay preparation is an impossible topic. They can have great ideas, but structuring something well is always a challenge for those individuals. Our service exists for them. The samples we offer present good structure and correct language. Using them, a person without a clear understanding of essay writing can quickly realize how the overall structure of research papers works. Our service is crucial for anyone who wants to create works with good outlines. The second reason to ask us for help may involve problems with certain topics. What do we mean by that? Let's imagine you can't understand what caused the 2008 recession; our writers can help resolve this problem. They will write an essay capable of explaining the topic in clear terms and on the basis of scientific literature. In short, you get truly professional help here. We see our site as a tutoring service. Using it, you can see the errors and flaws in your way of thinking. Then, it's possible to work actively on resolving them. That's why you may need our service; it's a perfect platform for learning something new.

Will you write my paper plagiarism-free?

"How can I be sure that the result will be plagiarism-free when I pay someone to write my paper? Wouldn’t it be easier for me to download some materials from the Internet than to write something new?" Definitely, no! We do everything possible to ensure that the materials you get from our service are fully original. Why? Because the goal of our service is to tutor, and the best way to do that is by giving you papers tailored specifically to your needs. What are we doing to ensure the plagiarism-free nature of our service? Well, several things are in action here.

  • Above all, our company invests in plagiarism detection software. Every paper uploaded by the writers at our service undergoes a thorough plagiarism check. Our software ensures that you get high-quality materials. We simply don't allow experts to deliver papers without them going through a plagiarism check.
  • More importantly, we actively train the writers to be mindful of plagiarism. What exactly do we do? Our experts undergo training that teaches them how to paraphrase correctly and what they should do to quote certain individuals properly. In short, our professionals know the leading academic standards and work according to them.
  • As a final line of defense, our company invests in a quality control department. Its specialists constantly monitor the work of the writers and offer relevant feedback on it. Often, this can include suggesting ways to paraphrase something better. The experts there also use additional methods for testing the originality of the papers.
  • As a result, we currently have a system of control with at least several elements. The aim of our company is to offer a service that truly works.

Will I get original content when I pay someone to write my paper?

Yes, your content will be fully original in terms of the plagiarism levels. If you mean the overall originality of the content, it depends on the task you ask for. A CV can have no outside information or quotes in it. The reason here is obvious; we are writing about a unique person. In cases when you need a summary of some book, the content will obviously follow the main claims of the material. Don't worry, however; we'll paraphrase everything properly and put accurate quotes. Your material will adhere to all academic standards. Still, it will technically be a summary of some text. The originality of ideas is not the key thing in academia; sometimes, you need to show the ability to think. The skill of being original touches upon the task of retelling everything in your own words. We teach our writers three things at our service

  1. Provide high-quality material, structure- and grammar-wise;
  2. Deliver everything on time;
  3. Adhere to academic standards regarding originality and plagiarism.

All this means that you can expect materials of high quality that are original. It's our intention to create something that will belong only to you. We don't like plagiarism and we definitely hate the lack of originality in texts.

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Where can I pay someone to write my papers?

You can pay someone to write your paper on our website. offers many types of services to make paper sample purchases convenient. Let's look at some of our key offerings. Primarily, we provide many possible deadlines for the customers to choose from. In practice, this means that you can choose when your paper will arrive in your email or account. What options do we offer here? You can get very short deadlines. They include 4, 8, and 24 hours. Yes, we can deliver your paper in less than a day. Such options cost a lot (up to $40 per page) but they arrive with genuine rapidity, justifying the name of the website. It's also possible to choose something cheaper and get your paper with a slightly longer deadline. It may be 2, 3, 5, 7, or 14 days. 14-day deadlines are especially lucrative because they cost around $15 to $20 per page. With our service, you're in full control regarding deliveries.

Moreover, our service writes almost every type of paper imaginable. What does this mean? We prepare essays, summaries, analyses, and question-answer sessions. You can get almost anything here. Our writers are ready to cover any topic as long as it has clear instructions. More importantly, we don't focus on definite templates for the tasks. You're not limited to what we explicitly offer at our service. Every customer has access to the description field when he or she orders a paper. There, you can define almost anything imaginable. The only limit here is whether some writers will be willing to take on your paper. If it's something overly complex or you fail to offer a good description, certain people may be unwilling to proceed. Still, one thing is clear here; you get the chance to order a wide range of tasks. Just offer us a description that works.

Want to pay someone to write a research paper?

If you're on this website, then the likely answer is “Yes”. We're offering services of this kind as long as you don't upload the papers of our writers elsewhere. Our company retains the copyright and offers the relevant materials as study guides for learners. And, what about the scope of the disciplines that we cover? Well, the list of things that our company can do is also extensive. We care about the quality of the services you get and, hence, work with almost every topic imaginable. Today, our company works with more than 75 disciplines. What are they? Here are some examples of what you can get when you pay someone to write a paper:

  1. Political studies;
  2. Business studies;
  3. Religious studies;
  4. Economics;
  5. Marketing;
  6. Human resource management;
  7. Nursing;
  8. Healthcare;
  9. Literature;
  10. English 101.

In addition, our company works with many types of STEM tasks. We don't offer them on this website, but our support team can direct you to our page with the relevant services. From there, we can offer help with mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering classes (though this list is, obviously, not exhaustive). You have a genuinely long list of opportunities while using our service, so don't hesitate to take advantage of them to their greatest extent. Our service wants to do everything it can to satisfy the needs of our customers, after all.

Where can I pay someone to write my paper?

You can "pay someone to write my paper" at our service, without a doubt. The main question is likely the following: what should I do to reach the interface for ordering a paper? It's time to review the algorithm for getting something from our service. Trust us, it's easy. Firstly, you should fill out the relevant forms on our website. Choose the academic level of the essay and the number of pages. Then, you should offer the paper type and give a full description of it. The more data we have, the better. It's also crucial to write in good English; many good tasks don't reach our writers because their presentation is lackluster.

Secondly, you should upload all the relevant files for the order. Not every piece of material is available on the Internet these days. Some books or articles may be impossible to find. Classroom presentations and some lecture notes are an obvious problem too. If you have some important class materials, you should send them in as fast as possible. Lastly, you'll reach the page where you can pay someone to write your paper. We offer many popular payment services. The whole process of paying is very similar to any other site on the Internet. You use the official extensions of some banks, providing your payment data and then confirming it with a two-factor identification on your phone. After that, all that remains is waiting for the confirmation of the order and answering some additional questions from the writer. Here, the more data you offer, the better.

The benefit of paying for writing research paper!

When you order from our essay service, you get several important benefits not present in other services. For example, here are the key guarantees offered by our service:

  • Free revisions: do you want to change some aspects of your text? Are there some stylistic features that need transformations? Don't worry, we've got you covered. As long as the instructions don't change, our company is ready to offer you full-scale revision services without any additional payment. And, what if there are actual changes in the instructions? You don't have to worry about that either. We provide some discounts for revisions in such cases. If the changes are minor, you only need to pay 30% of the original order’s sum. If they're bigger, then you can pay 70% for a significant rewrite of your material. In short, we do everything to ensure your maximal comfort at the service;
  • Money-back: we're also ready to offer refunds as fast as possible. When does this happen? We provide refunds no questions asked if our company can't find an expert for you or if you decide to cancel an order before it's complete. In short, the options for you are quite diverse. We also have a special procedure for cases when you want a refund for an already completed order. In these situations, you don't have to worry because a team of specialists will review your case and provide a full-scale judgment on a refund;
  • 24/7 support: we also ensure that there's someone ready to help you all the time. Our support experts are online round the clock. There's always someone in the office. As a result, you can call us in the middle of the night and we'll do everything possible to resolve your issues. The goal of our service is to offer maximal care for the customers.

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