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  • Christian P.

    The Change Of Patterns Of Global Weather, Ecology

    It took only 1 day to place an order and get the writer who started working on it. I was amazed. The deadline was pretty tight, even though I got full compensation for the demands from my requirements. The essay was brilliant, thanks!

    Verified Jul 21, 2020
  • Gregor W.

    Stress Behavior During The COVID-19 Pandemic, Business and Marketing

    Thanks for your attention to details of my task and timely delivery. My essay would never be better than after your writer’s help. With a light heart, I’ll recommend you to my friends.

    Verified May 19, 2021
  • Ann S.

    The Future of Popular Music in Japan, Arts

    I wanted to thank you right after I’ve sent the essay to you. Because I would never finish that task alone! Your talented writer helped me with research for my topic and gave me an idea or two on how to expand it even further. Thanks a lot again!

    Verified Apr 21, 2021

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What is the correct order for completing an essay?

The correct order for completing an essay includes creating an introduction, body, and conclusion. Our professional writers are well-trained in following this structure. To get an example of your paper, you are welcome to order essay on any subject you need and analyze its flow from the first opening sentence to the last conclusive point. Essay writing is always a hard matter to proceed with, especially when you are a newbie in this activity, and for it to become a common practice, one needs to dedicate themselves and learn certain standards and their practical application.

Periodically, every writer can suffer from “dry well syndrome.” In such situations, the decision to order an essay online can basically inspire a new start and boost one’s inspiration. Plus, by learning via examples, you can gain more resilience when facing the unexpected and highly complex projects that your college and/or university professors assign you in the future. When you order an essay for the first time, you receive a very legit starting point for your individual progress as an academic author earning their degree. In fact, the skill of writing is the most basic one for any type of education, and paying sufficient attention to it from the very beginning will surely bear fruit in the years to come.

What is the 5 sequence of an essay?

The five-paragraph or 5 sequence is the standard format of an essay. When students order essays without requesting a customized format, this design is automatically considered as the default from which to continue the work. These five sequences include:

  • An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement;
  • Three paragraphs:
    • First (a description of an original supporting idea; potentially the strongest one);
    • Second (an elaboration on the next thesis-supporting idea);
    • Third (the completion of the body of the essay: the presentation of the potentially weakest point that still supports the thesis indicated in the introductory part);
  • One concluding paragraph.

Each new paragraph starts with a topic sentence followed by a supportive one and the further development of an idea. This 5-sequence structure is also known as a “hamburger” or a “three-tier paper”. When you order essay online, there is a high chance that your paper, unless you clarify that you would prefer to order custom essay, will be composed by following this sequence. Every time a student decides to ask professionals for an essay online, the experts do their best to ensure that every argument involved is compelling and aligned with the thesis statement. When switching to the conclusion, the writer repeats the thesis but in a slightly re-formulated manner to avoid plain repetition. After this, he or she gives a concise description of the arguments given and ends the paper with a memorable and inspirational final sentence.

What are the 5 qualities of a good essay?

Whether you are writing an essay or a research proposal, you are required to keep the 5 basic qualities of a good paper in mind:

  • Focus;
  • Progress;
  • Unity;
  • Coherence;
  • Full-scale correctness.

In this list, focus demands that a writer incorporates a completely clear core idea into an essay. Plus, each paragraph starts with a topic sentence that supports this idea. Next, every later paragraph evolves the core idea presented at the start. The point of each paragraph gains more clarity if it is supported with illustrations, examples, and situational descriptions. Unity means that all the paragraphs of the essay are connected to the core idea and stick to its primary point. As for coherence, it requires that the whole document is organized logically, and that its content flows smoothly. All the parts sound connected and aligned. In other words, every detail in the essay should make sense to the person who is reading it.

Lastly, full-scale correctness implies that the writer follows standard English and that all the sentences are in a complete form and free of any errors, whether they are grammatical or stylistic. One additional quality that is not mentioned in the list but is still highly valuable is the author’s creativity, which the essay demonstrates very vividly. The best essay writing reflects the author’s personality and individuality. Following the 5-step guidelines is good, but working to make the writing unique is the secret to achieving “more than expected” academic success.

What is high-quality writing?

High-quality academic writing is a skill you can develop by learning from expert writers who have mastered their ability to follow all the rules given by a student when they order essays online. The best tip for raising your writing skills to a higher level is having regular practice. All of a person’s activities outside of writing either nurture or shrink their creative potential. For example, you may set a goal to complete what’s been left unfinished, change your usual routine, and develop a positive outlook. These steps are vital to being completely satisfied with the results. This is the method the best writer follows to keep up with all the contemporary trends and rules in writing.

The ability to compose papers of superb quality is a matter of time, patience, and dedication.

To ensure the high quality of the paper you order online, you can request unlimited revisions. A student may ask for free or paid revisions any time they see the need to clarify or upgrade some part of the paper according to the instructions they provided when they order essay or any type of college papers. Until your essays are polished and you see the exact paper that you’ve asked for in front of you, you are welcome to cooperate with the writer.

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Is it safe to buy essays online?

If you choose to order essay online, you can be completely sure of your privacy. No unauthorized parties will have access to any information that you provide. Importantly, the site is protected via secured cookies. Unless instructed otherwise, the writer is not given your name or any details that could potentially expose your identity in order to maximize your comfort. The checkout is completely safe as well. When the final draft is ready, you receive an email notification that the preview paper has been delivered and is ready to be checked. After you approve the paper composed by an essay writer, you get the option to download the printable version from your personal account.

Respectively, when you order essay, each step of this operational process is safe. The content of your paper is not stored in a database and is never reused. In case you want to acquaint yourself with your authors’ work beforehand, requesting just a few examples from us will make you feel secure in knowing that your project is in the hands of trained writers, and that you will not receive a plagiarized paper. After reading the free exemplary papers, you may forget about any and all concerns and order essay paper from our reliable specialists. All previous work that you’ve ordered will remain available to you.

How do I buy an essay?

To order essay, you need to click the “Continue to Order” button, and then proceed by indicating all the details. Ordering essay online will satisfy your expectations as long as all the elements of the order form are filled out the way you expect the final result to be: the academic level, type of paper (essay, research paper, or other), discipline, title (optional), paper’s volume, other services, and all the important paper details. In case you experience any troubles, our customer support team is available 24/7. The full price of your essay is displayed in the “Total price” section that you can see before proceeding to the transaction.

When cooperating with our custom writing service, you are fully protected by our money-back guarantee. Also, our writing agency always provides a fair refund policy in case some part (or the entire content) of the essay does not coincide with your original instructions. Therefore, it is 100% safe to order essay online from our website. Also, when you buy essays from the best writers in the field, it immediately increases the potential quality of the final result. When you receive quality work from the RapidEssay writing service, it serves as your guide for personally overcoming writer’s block and all related problems that might prevent the happy continuation of your academic journey.

How much does it cost to buy an essay?

For students, ordering essays online represents a significant relief, as they get time to better organize their schedule and avoid getting low grades from failing to follow the deadlines. In most cases, an affordable price encourages them to use the help of a particular company. With our service, you won’t pay extra as long as you order essay as early as possible, considering that the total price depends on your deadline. The shortest deadline of 4 hours is a top priority for all writers, and such a paper will cost around 2,5 times more than an essay with a 14-day deadline. Moreover, while it is worth keeping in mind that fast delivery costs more, we always do our best to ensure it will be an on-time delivery. If the deadline is close, make sure to re-check the paper you get from us and write an excellent essay of your own much faster than you expected.

Our site is very convenient when it comes to calculating the price needed to order essay. You can find an easily accessible interactive chart with the pricing per page, which changes depending on the selection of the deadline. Once you have thought out how soon you need your essay paper, expert academic help will be on its way. When working with our team, you can choose from:

  • Native speakers;
  • The Best writers available;
  • Advanced specialists and Top-10 writers.

All specialists are sufficiently trained in their areas of expertise.

What is CPP in writing?

All papers, including essays, are divided into pages. When you order essay, the writer considers the CPP, which means the “Cost Per Page”. In academic realms, this factor is determined by the web resource providing the services. Each type of written project is characterized by its individual peculiarities and relevant details in terms of the expected academic level; each paper has certain features inherent to the chosen discipline. Accordingly, the CPP and the total amount you pay when you order essay strongly depends on the site, the writer’s account status, and their qualification level (whether they are Advanced, Top-10, or Native English speakers).

When you buy essay online, the classic size of the page that you find is 275 words. The spacing by default is double, but you are free to ask us to take any school details or demands that you need into consideration. When you order a essay or any type of academic papers and ask us to write it in single-space, in CPP terms it will be calculated as two pages, and the required payment will be adjusted appropriately. Every writer works for a fixed price if they are officially employed and have their own account created and protected by an employer; their pay is fixed according to what they agree on. In the end, when you order essay writing, its urgency (from 4 hours to 2 weeks) and type of assignment also impact the CPP. The next list goes from the lowest to the highest:

  • High School;
  • Undergrad. (yrs 1-2);
  • Undergrad. (yrs 3-4);
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral.

Are cheap essays legit?

Cheap essays are legit and excellent papers if you use them as illustrative examples. If you order a paper with a 14-day deadline on our website, the cost per page that you pay goes down to $15 dollars, while the quality remains the same. As is the case with costlier papers, the cheap essays we provide are plagiarism-free. Plus, the whole process when you order essay is completely and absolutely safe no matter whether the full price is lower or higher. This is the primary rule for each step of the writing process, so the point of what sum of money you are ready to spend changes nothing in terms of quality; the result will still be exclusive and correspond to what you expect it to be.

Whether the work is a custom essay or a standard one, you can count on its quality and correspondence to the instructions provided. Do not hesitate to order essay if you face the challenge of writer’s block or you need a guiding, exemplary paper to get to know how to complete a project. Hundreds of college students have already tried this option, being grateful for the qualified assistance in progressing their “write papers” art.

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