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  • Christian P.
    The Change Of Patterns Of Global Weather, Ecology

    It took only 1 day to place an order and get the writer who started working on it. I was amazed. The deadline was pretty tight, even though I got full compensation for the demands from my requirements. The essay was brilliant, thanks!

    Verified Jul 21, 2020
  • Gregor W.
    Stress Behavior During The COVID-19 Pandemic, Business and Marketing

    Thanks for your attention to details of my task and timely delivery. My essay would never be better than after your writer’s help. With a light heart, I’ll recommend you to my friends.

    Verified May 19, 2021
  • Ann S.
    The Future of Popular Music in Japan, Arts

    I wanted to thank you right after I’ve sent the essay to you. Because I would never finish that task alone! Your talented writer helped me with research for my topic and gave me an idea or two on how to expand it even further. Thanks a lot again!

    Verified Apr 21, 2021

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Everyone sometimes feels the need to develop a better understanding of their academic tasks. Among students, many struggle with learning and understanding the purpose and main tasks of the course materials. Remember that choosing questionable services often makes people victims of scam and fraud, and with so many writing help websites available today, it’s difficult to make a really well-thought-out choice. If you aren’t sure about what type of academic writing service to work with, we'll try to swing your opinion in our favor. We’ve compiled a list of reasons that make us an excellent place to order your essay online and see for yourself how effectively we create high-quality works. This short review will explain exactly what makes us stand out from the others.

Want to order an essay online? Check the full range of academic help services we offer

We provide different types of papers that correspond to the needs and demands of our customers. Even if you don’t see your exact type of homework here, chances are we can still get it done, so make sure to contact our support team to ask whether we work with your kind of tasks. The scope of texts we deal with is constantly expanding!

Essays of all types. Undeniably, people who order essay on our website often call RapidEssay the most popular place on the internet. We provide a broad range of custom essays, which we do with great pleasure and experience. These include argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative essays, as well as compare and contrast essays and many others. Our experts have spent years creating samples with the perfect essay structure.

Different types of homework assignments. If you don’t know how to name your homework, that’s okay as well. We don’t need to have a specific title for your assignment to know how to deal with it. Many students need something that their professor created specifically for their course. Just send the information to us, and we’ll look through it and start working.

Case studies. This type of writing is more common among marketing and business studies learners, but it can be required in almost any discipline. It demands an approach that’s a bit more practical by framing its questions in imitations of real-life situations. Our experts are great at dealing with such tasks.

Research and dissertation papers. These are more complex than essays, but we have a lot of professionals with years of experience in and knowledge of creating the best research samples. It can be difficult for people to know all the details of their research, find reliable sources, and create a design and methodology. If you’re among those who don’t know how to create such papers, contact us, and we’ll gladly help.

Why people decide to order essay from academic assistance companies

There’s a common misconception that university students don’t do anything, simply reading books occasionally and not really investing in their learning or personal development. Most people who have ever studied at a university know that this is simply not true; in real life (a reality far from that depicted in movies), the exact opposite is the case.

Learning is stressful, tiring, and demanding. It isn’t a surprise that lots of former students have mental health issues. Many even have financial problems due to difficulties paying for their courses or spending too much money on housing. In many cases, today’s students are left on their own. Many of them live in an environment that requires them to work, support their friends and families, and study well enough to continue receiving their financial aid in college.

Many people who order essay online are single parents who can’t do everything alone and face the pressing burden of learning. Everyone deserves an education, so it isn’t surprising at all that some people decide to order essay from a service they trust. A similar situation happens to those who have started their career and can’t afford to leave it for the sake of studying. For many, the need to learn is a demand, not a voluntary decision; studying is expensive, and many people have only one option if they want to receive a higher education.

A customer’s decision to place an order can be the result of many different factors. Sometimes, they have family issues and responsibilities. In other cases, it’s the matter of mental or physical health that takes some part of the person's autonomy away. In any case, whatever your reasons to order essay may be, we respect and accept all of them. What’s really important is what a person receives from working with us. Asking for help may significantly improve your emotional and physical state and allow you to get back on track.

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Benefits you get when you order essay with us

As a popular platform that provides writing assistance, we have many perks that might persuade you to work with us. Here’s a short list of reasons why we’re an awesome place to order essay from.

Long and short deadlines. Sometimes, all you have to complete your paper is 10 hours. That may sound like an impossible task, but our service works with deadlines that are as short as 4! Surely, it’s important to understand that some things can’t be done that fast because it would be simply physically impossible, but such cases are rare. On the other hand, if you’re interested in planning ahead, we can propose a 14-day deadline.

Affordable prices. For those who want to order essay cheap, we propose several options. Our first-time clients always receive a bonus, and we also appreciate loyal users and those who invite their friends. Surely, that’s not all; our fees per page are quite reasonable because we understand that students aren’t millionaires. However, keep in mind that a high-quality paper can’t be extremely cheap; it would be impossible for a professional to work at no cost. If you intend to save money, consider choosing longer deadlines.

500+ writers available. To ensure that everyone has a chance to order essay from us at a convenient time, we have a lot of professionals available online for whenever you may need them. That’s why we have experts in every discipline, and there are always people who can work on your tasks.

A comfortable-to-use and responsive interface. Our website is user-friendly. We’ve created a system that allows you to order any sample fast. The page for submitting the necessary information isn’t difficult to use, and all you have to do is fill out the order form. Everything you need is visible on our main page, and you won’t spend lots of time trying to find anything.

Friendly support. You won’t be left alone; every question you have can be answered by our nice and positive support specialists. You can contact us via email, chat, or phone. We’re also available at flexible hours so that you can really feel connected to us. Having any problems with making payments or ordering a sample? We’re here to help.

What to consider when choosing a service to order essay online

Some things distinguish a good academic support platform from simply “okayish” or even dangerous ones. It’s alright not to know how to choose the best website and find the frauds, but you’d benefit from learning about the most crucial features of good and bad services so that you can order essay from a place that’s reliable. Consider the web address. If the website doesn’t have a reliable connection, ignore it and visit another one. You can’t be sure that your payment information is secure on such a website. Furthermore, look at the writing style and errors. If the website has many mistakes (or more than a few), just imagine what type of papers such people would offer to you.

Make sure to read reviews of the website from several places; if you can’t find any, that’s suspicious. Also, check the content of the reviews; some people don’t like the prices or other things that really don’t depend on a service, while others make excellent points. Another thing is the contact information. If you see that there’s no way to connect with the experts whom you’re going to pay, these people probably aren’t real or trustworthy. How would you communicate with them if anything goes wrong? Look for any official information as well; if an organization doesn’t have any data about its location or founder, you can’t be sure that it’s even registered anywhere. These techniques will help you to save yourself from people who may exploit your efforts and resources.

Read the examples of their works and pay attention to the design of the website. Our service proposes that you look at the samples we’ve done specifically to show our customers that we’re a real place with professionals working in it.

Although you may think that design doesn’t really matter, it shows how recently the website has been updated and whether people invested in it. If you browse a badly-working page that seems to have been created in the 2000s, it may be unreliable.

Guarantees of our writing help service

We’re a team that focuses on providing high-quality papers and excellent cooperation to our customers. To emphasize that, we have a list of guarantees that prove our client-focused approach.

High quality papers. When you order essay from us, we have a responsibility to provide a text that suits your demands and is crafted with adherence to academic standards. For example, the professionals working with us have proven their ability to create pieces of text that have zero issues with grammar, content, and formatting. When we see that an expert has failed to deliver the promised outcome, we always correct the paper in question.

Zero plagiarism. We know that every piece of text you work with should be unique and catered to your needs and interests. By providing papers that are created specifically for you, we guarantee you that nothing aside from cited quotes and statements will be written by anyone else. We have a plagiarism checker that analyzes every piece of text before we send you the completed paper. If any type of plagiarism is detected, we contact the writer who worked on your text.

Revisions. If our expert doesn’t follow the instructions fully, you can request a free revision from us, and we’ll be obliged to help you with it. On the other hand, if you want to add something new, you’d better work with our professionals and provide additional payment. We realize that it’s important for people to make some modifications.

Refund. If our clients feel like they don’t need our help anymore, we offer them a refund with few questions asked. For instance, if you’ve decided to cancel your essay before the writer has started it. People who order essay can find themselves in some unexpected situations. We get that.

We have become a friend to any student who wants to order essay cheap

When initially creating our project, we knew that there would be many people who’d want to order a custom essay on websites like ours. We did a lot of research and examined all the problems associated with most academic assistance services. As former students ourselves, we knew exactly what every learner needs. While creating our website, we studied different patterns that can help students order essay faster and with greater ease. That’s why we carefully monitor positive and negative reviews, focusing on the negative ones to understand what exactly can be solved to make you happier in the future.

During our hard work on the project and all of its stages, we focused on making sure that customers didn’t spend too much time learning how to use our website. Instead, we decided that they needn’t learn anything too complex. After all, you already have a lot going on, starting from your instructions. When using our website, you can see that it’s pretty easy to use; the same is true of placing an order.

We like to make sure that our communication is appealing to customers as well; every professional is always respectful and understanding. Our support team has been working hard to create an environment where all of our customers feel understood. The same goes for our academic experts. We have a friendly community that wants to create a sense of family, and that’s something we always work to build and maintain.

Our main pillars

Just like any respectable company, we have focused on values that are impossible to take away from our service. These main values serve as our daily driving force.

Orientation to the customer. Our clients are the most important people to us. We wouldn’t have existed without you. That’s why everything in our business, from the moment you order essay to the time you write a chat message to us, is focused on your needs and interests.

Perfection and improvement. Even when we think that there’s nothing to improve, we still invest heavily in finding ways in which we can address the mistakes made. Our company always has serious discussions with its employees on the possible methods of becoming better, and we provide training and educational opportunities for all of them. If we see that our customers aren’t satisfied with a particular order or some function of the website, we’ll do our best to fix the situation.

Honesty and transparency. Education is a field that requires integrity and trustworthiness. That’s why everything we share with you is always carefully checked and done with respect to our clients’ interests. We try to disclose as much information as possible on our website, and we value business integrity and reliability.

Moral responsibility. We see ourselves as a responsible company that values its accountability in society because we’re part of that society. That’s why we focus on our ethical conduct and ensure that every action we take, and every collaboration, follows our strict guidelines. Every organization has to support people and work for the improvement of society, rather than ignore such factors. We are happy to call ourselves an ethical organization.

We’re looking forward to our cooperation

The decision on whether to work with us or not is solely up to you, but we’ll be honest; we’re interested in working with every customer. It helps us do what we do best: help students. If you feel like you need additional assistance with understanding all the hidden aspects of academic writing, you can always reach out and request more help from us. We’ll gladly give you a hand to put you back on track and let you enjoy the learning process.

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