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    I needed a clear sample of the work to be done due to having a ‘programmer’s block.’ Your site gave me exactly what I needed. I was able to finally gain inspiration and create a project that was genuinely strong. Thank you so much!

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What is RapidEssay? How can you help with my assignments?

One of the things that’s likely to cross the minds of our readers is the following: what does our service represent? Let us reveal our mission: we are an online assignment help company dedicated to assisting students with their homework regarding a wide range of technology-centric subjects. Our service offers personalized studying samples of various technical tasks that can help you overcome problems with understanding different academic subjects. In short, we provide an advanced service that can be useful to anyone who studies STEM-related disciplines.

Have you ever felt a sense of genuine loss in the face of the difficult STEM tasks that are so extremely common in modern universities? We certainly understand this feeling. It is absolutely normal. Technical disciplines are confusing and often require more time for understanding than is typically given by modern learning institutions. Consequently, there is nothing shameful in searching for online assignment help from websites like ours. We aim to compensate for deficiencies in the university/college system, which features a bloated and inefficient framework for student management and help. Thus, if you have any problems with your studies, feel free to contact us and order an assignment that will fit your needs. Many successful people have achieved tremendous results only after observing other successful individuals. Hence, our service provides a studying solution that is based on centuries of human wisdom concerning learning.

What do you mean by an assignment?

A major question to clarify in this situation when it comes to our online assignment help involves the essence of the term “assignment.” So, what is it? We’re speaking about the type of STEM task that requires you to solve some problem or present any form of a project. Instead of concentrating on the sheer number of words within the task at hand, a typical assignment asks you to apply knowledge to a set of mathematical or, for example, programming tasks. Consequently, an “assignment” on our service typically means a project aimed at something like creating a website or solving a set of mathematical/physical/biological/accounting problems of various kinds. In short, our service gives you the chance to receive original samples for all sorts of academic tasks.

What disciplines do we cover?

We also believe that it is crucial to talk about the disciplines we cover in our service. What kinds of online assignment help can you expect from us? As you can find on our website, our service splits the majority of the tasks that we work with into two groups. On the one hand, we have programming tasks or tech assignments. Tasks of this type typically have to do with web- or desktop-related software, data analysis, mobile platforms, and 3D modeling. In short, they require a thorough concentration on an array of projects. These are the tasks that are highly creative in nature. On the other hand, we also provide help with calculations or problem solving of various kinds. Concerning this type of task, our online assignment help service offers assistance with fields such as mathematics, aviation, physics, accounting, and architecture (though this list is far from being exhaustive). Thus, you can expect help from us regarding a tremendous number of academic subjects. We do the absolute majority of the STEM tasks that are taught in modern schools and universities. Feeling stranded concerning your studies and need help with samples that can push you towards the right path? You are welcome to use our service.

Before discussing other problems, we would like to list some of the most popular subjects that are covered by our online assignment help service:

  • Web programming
  • Mobile application development
  • Database management
  • 3D CAD modeling
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Finance
  • Accounting

Generally, by choosing our service, you can find assistance with most subjects that are common for modern STEM and near-STEM fields.

What quality can I expect from your experts?

In our service, we have extremely high demands for quality. Thus, our website strives to provide you with original samples of the highest quality. We do our best to make sure that you get an assignment that is genuinely good and capable of improving your results if applied correctly. What do we do to achieve the presented promise and make sure that you get truly excellent works?

  • We apply a thorough selection process for our experts. All our online assignment help professionals undergo thorough tests before they are accepted as members of the expert team. Firstly, we check whether they have the necessary credentials for the tasks at hand. The possession of higher education credentials among our assignment professionals is a must. Secondly, our company tests the experts regarding the presence of real knowledge concerning the majority of the tasks. We understand that education alone is not a sign of knowledge. Consequently, it is also crucial to see how our candidates will solve your problems. All in all, while using our service, you can expect that the individuals working on your assignment will be as professional as possible. Our goal is quality, and the experts in question perfectly reflect that value.
  • We control the quality of experts’ works. Another important feature to consider in the analyzed case involves the presence of a thorough quality control process in our business. We understand that it is not sufficient to check the experts at the start of their careers. Even the most high-quality specialists can make mistakes. Thus, we constantly monitor and control our professionals with regards to the quality of the tasks they perform. When it comes to our online assignment help service, you can be sure that we will offer you specialists of the highest quality and with the best knowledge of the subjects in question.

What guarantees do I get by using your service?

Another important question that we often get from our potential customers has to do with the guarantees that we provide concerning the services of our website. What can we offer you? Here is the list of guarantees that our online assignment help business offers:

  1. No tolerance for plagiarism. We make sure that all our assignment samples are original. You can expect a service that will be centered around you and offer a product that will be solely yours. With us, there is no risk of the assignment being a mere rehash of information on the Internet. Our experts make sure that you get genuinely original work from us.
  2. Free revisions. Something wrong with your assignment? Our expert failed to follow your instructions? You don’t like the overall presentation of the solutions and cannot understand them? Feel free to ask us for a revision. As long as your request doesn’t introduce new instructions, our experts will do everything they can to make sure that you get maximum satisfaction from the completed assignment sample.
  3. Money-back guarantee. Did something go horribly wrong with your order? Don’t panic. We acknowledge that everyone is imperfect and, therefore, we offer the opportunity to receive a refund. If you provide clear evidence that the professional on our side made a mistake that completely ruined your experience of our service, you can always expect that our dispute managers will offer you a partial or even complete refund of the costs. In short, our service cares about your experience and only charges for tasks that fully match your instructions.
  4. Free chat with the expert. You can always contact the professional who’s performing your task and ask him or her about any important matter having to do with the assignment at hand. As long as the expert is online, an average customer can expect a maximally swift response from the specialist in question. And what if the specialist is not available? Our support team will do its best to ensure that he or she receives your message and answers as quickly as possible.

When can I contact you?

Our online assignment help service can be reached at any time you want. We offer a 24/7 support service. If you have any questions that relate to the scope of our work, you can contact us and refer directly to our support operators. In the end, we want to make sure that our clients never feel stranded when it comes to our services. Do you have questions about ordering your assignments on our website? Feel free to contact us: we are ready to help you to the utmost extent. Do you want to find out more information about an order that you have already placed? We are also here to help; our support assistants can explain a lot about your order and can thus help with many issues that surround it. In short, if you feel the need to resolve any sort of problem regarding our service, you should ask us for help. We will do our best to answer you as fast as possible and provide responses that are informative and effective.

What deadline options do you offer for the majority of the orders?

We offer plenty of deadlines for every student. If you need to get an assignment sample fast, you can ask us to do it within 4, 8, or 24 hours. What do we offer in our online assignment help service? Ultimately, we provide deadlines of the following types:

  • 4 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 5 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days

In the end, when it comes to prices, the longest deadline tends to be the cheapest. For instance, if you want to get a mathematical calculations assignment sample of medium size with a 14-day deadline from us, you can expect a price of about $100. At the same time, if you need to get that same assignment within a four-hour period, about $250 will be required. In brief, you can choose from a wide range of deadline options on our website. We are ready to serve an incredibly diverse list of needs regarding our customers.

How do I get the optimal price from your service?

It is also crucial to talk about the ways of getting optimal prices from our service. We are proud of providing cheap assignment help in the current conditions. Our service offers you some of the most optimal prices on the market when it comes to the quality/cost balance. Still, we understand that some students may want to lower the price wherever possible. Here is a list of tips that can help you to ensure that you get the most value out of your money:

  • Try to use the longest deadline. The first thing we recommend is that you thoroughly control the deadlines of the tasks that you want us to perform. The earlier you ask us for help, the better. Online assignment help can be very cheap if it is used long before the deadline. Want a low price? Use a 14 or 7-day deadline option. Consequently, the correct use of deadlines can help to save significant amounts of funds.
  • Use our promotions. Our website offers promo codes that can drastically decrease the price of the average order. If you observe the varying conditions carefully, you can get extremely lucrative deals.
  • Use first-time and returning customer bonuses. We also offer bonuses for first time customers and returning ones. Hence, you can always use them to your advantage in order to maximize the price decrease.

All in all, if the vision of our company suits your needs, feel free to contact us. Order an assignment, and let us start a fruitful cooperation!

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