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We all need assistance with writing tasks from time to time; however, in our society, online assignment help can have a negative connotation. We think that this is a false perception, and so we offer some arguments to persuade you of the legitimacy of getting professional help.

  • When you purchase from a reliable academic assistance service, you receive a personalized essay that can be used as an example for your future writing endeavors.
  • By getting online assignment help from professional academic assistants, you get a piece of writing that is full of original ideas, well-structured arguments, and precise vocabulary.
  • Although composing a term paper or conducting important research is a way to increase knowledge of an academic subject, having to correctly format your writing tasks doesn’t add value to your understanding of the topic. This is why we believe that receiving your paper already formatted according to the academic style preferred by your educational institution is a simple way to save you some time.

Keep on reading to find out more about the advantages of getting online assignment help from trustworthy services like RapidEssay,

Custom writing services vs free essay mills: What to choose

When opting for online assignment help, some students face the choice between writing services that compose papers according to client instructions and platforms that offer to download their free-of-charge essays. Let’s have a better look at the advantages and risks you face when choosing one of these essay assignment help methods.

The price

If your budget is limited, you might be tempted to search for some free ways to simplify and speed up your writing sessions. In this case, free materials could be the answer for you. However, you should remember all the risks of using free online tools. As a rule, to download something from a website, you have to provide your email or other private information. Before you do that, make sure that you’re using a trustworthy site with good reviews.

Another thing you should know is that getting cheap assignment help that corresponds to your instructions is also possible. At RapidEssay, for example, you can buy an essay at a high-school level for only $10 per page. The prices at our service are flexible and vary depending on your deadline and the academic level of your paper. From time to time, we also provide coupons to our loyal customers.

Diversity of assignment types

As a rule, reliable websites with free examples have a narrow specification. You might be limited to just research papers or perhaps only personal statements, or maybe literature reviews or business studies papers. That’s totally fine with us, but it’s just that you will have to search thoroughly to find the right platform for every type of assignment you have.

The situation is much easier with online assignment help services like RapidEssay. Thanks to more than 500 experts who cover 70+ disciplines, we can offer assistance with almost every college task you might face. What makes our academic help even more valuable is that some of our writers used to or still work in the educational sphere. They are teachers and tutors who know the requirements for every particular type of assignment, be it a term paper, lab report, or argumentative essay.

Constant support

It’s understandable that free websites don’t have support teams. This means, however, that if you have a question concerning the registration process or the examples you download, there is no one to respond. Most writing services that help students online provide support, but what makes RapidEssay stand out is that our support department works 24/7 and provides outstanding quality in addressing questions and resolving disputes. You can contact our WOW-support free of charge through live chat or email, or you can call us by phone.

Reference materials

Did you know that Wikipedia isn’t considered to be a reliable source of information for your academic assignments? Did you know that some students make up the titles of manuals or journal articles just to satisfy the number of sources required by a teacher? Also, you can’t be sure of having reliable sources when it comes to free essay mills. In contrast, our writers use only trustworthy sources of information and never try to trick you with fake materials.

Quality and originality

You can’t expect high-quality assignment help online if you don’t pay for it. This is how the Internet works. Certainly, you can find some useful pieces among a multitude of free essays, but you will have to download a lot of documents before you do. The concentration of truly great writing on custom writing websites is much higher as every paper there is completed from scratch and according to the customer’s requirements.

Another risk when downloading papers from free essay mills is that you never know how many students have already used that exact paper. Its multiple variations might already be uploaded to the Turnitin database. That means that if you choose that paper as the basis for your own writing, the chances are high that your essay will lack authenticity and that the college plagiarism-detection software will spot some tell-tale signs of plagiarism in your version.

As you can see, both free essay mills and online assignment help websites can be used in your studies. Combine them to get the most from papers completed by other writers, and remember that you always get what you pay for.

Additional options that will boost your experience with us

RapidEssay offers ways to transform custom papers you receive from us into coherent manuals and assignment help with your most complex tasks. With us, you can receive detailed explanations of your tasks: the ideas described, the arguments and the counterarguments used, the structure of your assignments, and much more. You can get all this by adding the Smart paper option to your cart. Doing so will increase the price of your order to 20% but it will improve your knowledge of the topic you’ve asked for help with even more.

Another way to make your essay look better is by choosing a Native speaker to work on your assignment. In this case, your paper will be completed by a professional writer for whom English is a mother tongue, which means that your essay will be composed in an appropriate writing style and with no grammatical or stylistic flaws.

If you want to dive deeper into your topic but don’t have much money to pay for extra options, check out the Copy of sources add-on. This service costs only $14.95, and you will benefit from it considerably if you have a major research paper or dissertation and don’t have much time to search for all the sources. With this option, along with a custom-written paper, you will receive links and PDF files of manuals, manuscripts, lectures, journal articles, and other materials used by your online helper in the paper you order.

RapidEssay offers multiple additional functions to make your paper even more personalized; however, by choosing basic options, you will still get a custom paper to use as a perfect example for your future research or writing endeavors.

Three easy steps to get personalized online assignment help

Getting professional assistance from our expert writers is easier than you think. Check out our three-step system of getting a perfect piece of writing that fully corresponds to your needs.

1. Fill in the order form

To simplify our further cooperation and make it faster, we ask you to fill in the order form thoroughly, paying attention to every field. Along with the discipline and the type of paper you need, indicate the preferred formatting style for your assignment, and set the deadline. If you have any materials to be used in your task, upload them in the “Additional materials” section. Don’t worry if you forget to mention some of your instructions as you will have the tool to communicate with your writer later on.

2. Stay in touch

When you pay for our online assignment help, you receive an email with a link to your personal account. There you will be able to track the progress of your order and communicate with the expert we assign to your order. Visit your account from time to time to make sure that your writer has no questions pending for your comments.

3. Check out your paper

We deliver more than 97% of all orders before the deadline so the chances are extremely high that you will receive your assignment right on time. Before you approve the order, read your paper thoroughly to make sure that you like everything about your custom piece of writing. If you notice any mistakes or discrepancies, apply for a revision. Your writer will edit your paper for free and send you the improved version in a timely manner.

That’s it! Now you can approve your order and receive your paper in an editable format. We will appreciate it if you leave feedback about our cooperation as this is how we can become better. We listen to our customers and do our best to improve our writing services.

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