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  • Vicky G.

    Calculations, Physics

    I am grateful after using your service. Working on problems with advanced calculations requires a lot of time. Now I can do it faster and get better grades. Your experts have done a great job. Thank you!

    Verified 1 September 2021
  • Dane S.

    Calculations, Statistics

    I am satisfied with this customer-oriented service. It was an exciting experience that allowed me to improve my understanding of formulas, applications, and some aspects of calculations. I recommend everyone to use this service to be more confident while doing home assignments.

    Verified 3 September 2021
  • Justin S.

    Programming, Writing Codes

    Hopefully, I found a way to save time on doing difficult programming assignments. Samples provided by experts of this firm were beneficial. I can also rest from working with my laptop. Now I do not worry about health implications and use my spare time for an active lifestyle.

    Verified 4 September 2021

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What is an “assignment,” and why do students have problems with it?

An assignment is any type of work allocated to a student during a particular course of study. It is frequently related to the STEM field. STEM assignments differ from other types in their difficulty and in their many aspects that require expertise, competence, logic, reasoning, and critical thinking. For instance, some typical STEM assignments require students to do calculations, work on projects, and write programs, websites, or codes. Students often do not possess sufficient knowledge or skills to do these assignments quickly and with quality. They seek assistance to complete the home tasks at a high level. When you ask us to do my assignment, we will provide solutions to any calculation issues and problems with writing codes.

Whom can I address to get my assignment finished?

Got problems with doing assignments and can’t manage your time because of upcoming deadlines? Do you spend too much time on assignments and have nothing left for rest, friends, and/or family? You can find specialty services that can help you do your assignments faster. Though some students choose to skip a few assignments, they still have to do plenty of them during a course. The optimal way to consider this challenge is “I want to get assistance so that I can do my assignment.” RapidEssay is one of the services that can help you with these problems. With over 15 years of experience working with assignments, we provide professional support for students, allowing them to do home tasks quickly, develop technical skills, and manage various deadlines.

We focus on working with clients who require professional services from STEM experts. Our specialists check the requirements and assignments customers provide and prepare original solutions and samples of the requested tasks. These examples can significantly decrease the time you spend doing assignments. You may have googled “help me to do my assignment and create a website.” Our team is ready to help you avoid errors because you will get a sample of the necessary website and follow its structure or any other features. Many of our clients develop their STEM expertise and skills in various fields by using our services.

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Why do students choose your company?

Our services are well-developed, customized, and tailored to the needs of students. We respect our clients and strive to ensure an excellent experience. If you’re still thinking, “I don’t know whether to ask them to do my assignment online,” check the list of benefits students gain from addressing our website:

  • We offer free revisions. “I’m asking you to do my assignment for me, but I may need changes after having it done.” Sometimes, clients ask to rewrite some parts that are not clear or fail to meet the requirements. This may happen when the expert misunderstands the instructions or when the instructions are ambiguous. Our service is always ready to help in this case and customize the content per the customer’s request. We are committed to offering high-quality products to our clients that meet all their expectations. If the request to revise an assignment is related to mistakes made by our professionals, we will make all the necessary changes without charging additional fees.
  • You can get your money back. “Even if you do my assignment, I may find substantial errors and want my money back.” Most of our clients ask for financial guarantees in case these situations arise. Our website provides the opportunity to get your money refunded if our experts fail to do the assignment as ordered. We also understand that our clients may want to cancel the order before its deadline. We are ready to give your money back if something goes wrong and we cannot fix it. We want our clients to be confident about the safety of their funds and enjoy the services with no worries or hesitations.
  • We support you 24/7. “When I ask you to do my assignment, I want to have a connection with the expert and support service.” RapidEssay addresses this need completely, allowing customers to communicate with professionals in chats or contact support assistants at any time. Some students want to regularly communicate with the experts to make sure their assignment is being done and that no issues arise. By being aware that they can always contact us and get information on the order and other issues, clients avoid worries and enjoy their time. If you need answers to your questions at any time, do not hesitate to call our support team immediately.

What should I know to trust you?

Students typically ask: If you take responsibility in promising to do my assignment, how can I trust you? We can provide sufficient information to assure you of the high quality of our service through guarantees, various pieces of feedback from our clients, and explanations concerning other aspects of our job. The first thing you should know is that our team has significant experience working with a wide variety of assignments of different levels and deadlines. We are a competitively professional team that has been developing in the field of STEM assignment services for more than 15 years. Dozens of thousands of orders, thousands of happy and satisfied customers, hundreds of experts, and hundreds of examples of constructive feedback have allowed us to improve our services—these numbers vividly illustrate that clients can trust us and get help with any STEP problem. We understand that in the competitive world, we need to improve our services and our customer-oriented practices regularly. Our values and strategy are focused on customer satisfaction and creating positive experiences. After years of refining our product, we are confident that you can trust us.

How do I place an order?

“I want to contact your service and ask you to do my assignment, but I don’t know how.” It is a typical problem our customers face when placing an order for the first time. We have developed a convenient form where you can customize your order according to your assignment. We recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Choose the type of your assignment. You can choose between two general types of assignments: programming and calculations. Programming is related to tech assignments, while calculations include problem-solving tasks.
  2. Choose your discipline. We have more than 20 STEM disciplines on the list. You can also choose “other” if the needed discipline is not present there.
  3. Provide detailed instructions. You can paste the instructions of your assignment into this section. Keep in mind that instructions should be detailed, with all the requirements and parts.
  4. Specify whether any particular software should be used while doing your assignment.
  5. Add additional materials. You may want to provide files, articles, links, books, or other helpful materials to let our experts meet your requirements and use the needed sources.
  6. Choose the deadline for your assignment. We offer you various deadlines. The one selected impacts the price. You can choose from four hours to two weeks. You may think that “I can only do my assignment within the given deadline with your assistance.” Then we recommend carefully calculating the time and leaving some to spare to review the completed order and submit it to your instructor.
  7. Specify the task size. Assignments vary in difficulty and volume. We divide them into extra small, small, medium, and large. Our order form contains all the necessary information to guide you and help you choose the right task size. This section impacts the ultimate price of your order.

After going through all these steps, you can proceed to the payment section. We also offer our clients coupons; if you have one you can use it to obtain a discount.

Do you have a privacy policy?

“I want to use your services and ask you to do my assignment, but I don’t want to share my personal information.” Currently, privacy and confidentiality issues are very important to everyone buying anything on the web. We understand the worries of our clients. Still, we need to get the minimum amount of personal information to create an order and maintain communication with you. Many other services require more personal data, and that scares customers. Our website is serious about privacy and confidentiality. A limited number of people have access to your personal information. We put effort into dealing with your privacy responsibly and take measures to protect it with our cutting-edge cyber security systems.

Another aspect of our privacy security is our payment methods. We use the most reliable and secure payment methods to protect your financial information. The payment data is strictly confidential and secured.

Check out our website and place an order to get professional service from STEM experts! You’ll enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with us!

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