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  • Emma L.

    Advantages of “KISS” Methods in Programming and Design, Information Science and Technology

    I knew this topic will be mind-blowing, but your assistance brings it to the whole new level. You showed me how to develop ideas and format them in a research paper. I’ll certainly use your methods in the future.

    Verified Sept 29, 2020
  • Maxwell V.

    About Cast System in Asia Comparing To Class System in Ancient Rome, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

    In this research paper, I wanted to conduct a deep scientific investigation. And with help of your writer, I could concentrate on synthesis of the main ideas and thoughts. Thanks, I’ll recommend you to all my fellow students.

    Verified Jun 22, 2021
  • Peter N.

    The Outcomes of Replacing The Real-Life Communications With Digital Analogs, Psychology

    My writer has brushed up all my materials to make my research paper brilliant. And also, he paid attention to the slightest details of formatting, so I got a perfect example to follow. Thanks for your help!

    Verified Sept 1, 2021

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    After writing an essay, we`ll check it with plagiarism tools to avoid duplications and save you from troubles.

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    Even if you have 3 hours left before the deadline, write an essay for you and deliver it on time. Get your A and relax.

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    Buy an essay in any subject you find difficult—we’ll have a specialist in it ready

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Are you looking for ways to make your original paper better? With our cheap essay writing service, you can add any of our additional features to your order:

Smart paper

Through buying a paper online, you can actually ask a professional writer to explain it to you! By paying an extra 20% for a Smart paper service, you will get every important detail and major point of your essay explained by the writer. This way you can better understand your topic and gain additional ideas for your own writing. A writer’s explanation will also help you discover the most essential facts in minutes and save time on reading long articles.

Copies of sources

You may need excerpts of the books and articles mentioned in your paper for composing your own writing. We can send you copies of scholarly sources of information used by your writer for an extra $14.95. If you need more details on this topic, just find our cheap essay writing service online and ask us to complete your task. Copies of sources are a perfect addition to a Smart paper service if you want to research the problem explored in your essay more thoroughly.

Writer samples

You can always get samples of your writer’s previous works to make sure we’ve selected a great specialist for your paper. For an extra $5, you will get 3 random samples from our cheap essay writing service. This way, you can check the writer’s style, grammar, structure, and other specifics. If you would like to request a different specialist, we can easily accommodate your request.

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When ordering a long and complex paper like a thesis or dissertation from our website you can use the progressive delivery option. It is a unique feature that allows you to get your order in parts before a writer completes the entire paper. By paying an extra 10%, you can better schedule your academic activity and comment on already finished sections while your writer keeps working on the next parts of the paper.

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Why is it so hard to write a research paper?

Due to the higher expectations from colleges and high schools, as well as meeting tight deadlines, often students buy a custom research paper online. Also, students sometimes fail to meet the deadlines assigned to them. Undoubtedly, completing research papers while tackling the unbearable pressure of coursework can be quite stressful. Besides that, competition is quite high these days. Everyone is fighting to score the best grade. In this situation, seeking professional help can be quite beneficial. A professional writer can help you in writing a custom research paper for you which can be of high quality with better research work. Thus, we provide a top-quality service where you can get your assignments ready for submission without any hassle.

Why should you consider buying a custom research paper?

Working on a research paper is a quite tough job. It requires an immense amount of time and effort. To write the paper in its highest quality, you must do complete research. It requires a lot of attention, effort, and patience. This is a strenuous brainstorming job that you have to do. But many students fail to do this because of a short deadline or due to a lack of knowledge on a topic. In light of this, you can definitely get the help of a custom research paper writing service.

At, we help students with their custom research paper by writing it for them after thorough research on the chosen subject. We have professional and skilled writers who are well-qualified and highly experienced in this field. They can write 100% unique papers backed by complete research. We provide students with the final assignment written from scratch by the professional writer after consuming information from various sources like the internet, books, and journals.

You need this custom written research paper to score better marks in the exam. Of course, within such a short deadline, it is almost impossible for students to research the entire topic and produce research work of top-notch quality. Thus, it is a wiser decision to buy a custom research paper written by professionally skilled writers.

Why should you hire RapidEssay? is a research paper writing service that is quite reliable. We are quite popular for our dedicated team and professional attitude towards our work. We believe in providing the best quality work related to any essay writing for colleges, universities, as well as high schools. We start working on any assignment as soon as we receive one from any student. We provide personalized assistance to each and every student looking for a solution for their assignment.

We offer a dedicated team of writers with amazing writing skills and high qualifications. With the help of their knowledge, experience, and research, they can prepare terms papers research papers for students from any institute or background. We ensure that all the papers written are in a unique style, following all the requirements asked by students. We also make sure each and every paper meets the format, style, and tone demanded by clients. In case you need further assistance, our support team is available 24/7.

Features that make us stand out is quite popular as a custom research paper writing service. Our dedicated team is always there to help in writing a professional research paper with the most in-depth research with the highest quality possible. Be it delivering quality papers or meeting deadlines efficiently, we can provide you with the best service. We offer a wide range of features, such as:

  • High-quality work

Our professionally skilled writers understand that writing academic papers is not an easy job. It needs a lot of research work and in-depth knowledge to provide a top-notch quality paper. We ensure to do every bit of it to provide the best result.

  • Particular about deadlines

Our promising and dedicated writers are quite particular about deadlines. The assigned research paper writer will ensure that your assignment is completely ready before your deadline.

  • Free Revision

No college or high school will tolerate silly mistakes like grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Hence, we take special care to proofread papers twice or thrice after completion to ensure there are no errors. We provide a free revision service so that students do not have to waste time reading and editing them.

  • Affordability

We offer the most affordable custom research paper online service for students. We know it is impossible for all students to pay a huge amount of money for research papers. Hence, we offer the minimal rate for custom research paper writing.

  • Available 24/7

We are available 24 hours a day. Hence, if you need to order a custom research paper urgently, then make sure to contact us. We can complete your work within a short time too.

Do we provide 100% unique papers?

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. Hence, we do not copy any information from any sources, be it offline or online. Our writers spend several hours researching every single topic before writing a completely unique and 100% plagiarism free paper that is fully customized according to the needs and requirements mentioned by students.

What we are best at

We offer several custom research paper services like:

  1. Thesis research paper writing
  2. Case study research paper writing
  3. Coursework research writing
  4. Management research work
  5. History research
  6. Literature research
  7. Sociology research

Besides these, we also offer to write many other research papers of different styles and subjects.

Is our service easy accessible for every student?

Our custom research paper service is easily accessible. All you have to do is visit our official website and then fill in the order form mentioning all the useful details related to the research work. These details will be important for the writers and they will write based on these details. So, provide all the important data and information before submitting the final form. Once the form is submitted, our skilled writers will immediately start working on it. You will receive the assignment once it is completed.

We send assignments once it is done and fully revised by us. So, there is no chance of any errors. Each and every research paper written by us follow every single requirement and format mentioned. So, do not worry if your research paper is not yet completed, as we are here to help you. If you are looking for a service for writing research paper on any subject in a fully customized style, then can do that for you. We are open 24 hours to assist you regarding your college and school assignments.

Can you choose any specific writers on our website?

You can always be certain that when you buy custom research paper from our company, we’ll assign you a writer who is qualified enough to do your research project based on the instructions you’ve provided. But if you want extra assurance that your task will be completed according to the highest standards, you can choose from among three writer categories:

The best available writer. This is the default option, and by choosing it, you get a specialist who can instantly start working on your research. All writers in this category are talented and skilled, and you don’t have to pay any extra if you choose this option.

An advanced expert. This is a category of writers who have superior experience and skills and will complete your research paper with greater precision and care. Choosing this option will add an extra 25% to the price of your order.

A top-10 expert. These writers are the most highly-rated specialists who have proven to be our brightest stars. Their services are priced at the highest rate, so be ready to pay an extra 40% for their assistance.

Also, we’ve got good news for returning customers! If you like how a specific writer completes your paper, you can request their services again for a different assignment (as long as they are available and agree to work on it). Many of our customers have found writers whom they trust to do all their assignments.

Do note that each writer can fall into another category over time. For example, a Best available writer can become an advanced expert or even one of the Top-10 specialists. Similarly, writers can lose their place on the Top-10 list or be moved from the Advanced category to the Best-available section.

Are there any special features to request?

Our international team of writers includes both native English speakers and specialists who learned it as a second language. Both are capable of delivering high-quality papers, but if you want to ensure that we assign a native speaker to do your research paper, you can check the respective box in the order form. This service adds an extra 30% to your order price. Please note that this feature is only available if you choose either the Best available writer or an Advanced expert.

If you want to check whether the writer we’ve assigned to you is qualified to do your paper, you can request 3 samples of their previous works. The service costs $5, for all samples.

Is there a better way to complete a research paper?

We believe in continuous learning, so we’ve added a couple of features to help you gain more knowledge. Now you can not only buy custom research paper but also request that the writer add comments in the file explaining various points, terms, conclusions, and anything else upon your request. We also offer copies of sources cited in your paper, which you can use to learn more about your research topic. You can get an unlimited number of sources for a fixed price of $14.95. Learn more from the original papers we complete on your request and compose better papers yourself!

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