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We’re an academic writing service with more than 10 years of experience. We know how tough and stressful a life of a student can be, as each of us used to be one. Now we are a team of expert academic writers, and we can explain to you how admissions essays and college essays should be written. We can write your essay for you as well if you want.

Why Do All High School Seniors Need Academic Help?

Twelve-year students have one of the hardest choices in front of them: which career to choose. And what’s worse, they have to make a choice while being buried under a large pile of tests, essays, and exams. A student in such a challenging period should use all help available, including the assistance of professional writing experts. A writing service will help you to concentrate on what is more important for you at the moment and will show you how one or another type of paper should look like. Use professional academic writing as an example for your own essay.

The admissions process itself is scrupulous, long, and technically difficult. To make things even worse, when applying to college, along with all the documents about you, you have to turn in an admission essay or a personal statement to prove that you’re worthy of a place in the college of your dream. And writing it is not so easy, as it is your first college essay.

How Do College Essays Differ From High School Papers?

As a rule, when high school teachers ask you to write an essay, their main goal is to find out whether you get the topic or not. That is why school essays are rarely about creativity, and more about the boring introduction-main part-conclusion structure. On the other hand, the admission essay’s main idea is to find out whether you will be a good fit for a college, and whether the college you’ve applied to will become a good springboard for your future career.

Application essays are the most reflective and creative type of assignment, and they have little in common with other college papers. An ordinary college essay should be formatted according to the discipline you are writing on and should correspond to the teacher’s instructions. When at college, feel free to use academic writing services, as you will need college essay help even more than when you were a high school senior.

But Now, Let’s Focus On The College Application

When you apply for a college, everything you’ve ever made or achieved in your academic, social, or sports life come to the forefront. Test scores are extremely important if you want to get into the college of your dream. But even if your average grade is super high, it might not be enough. A college admissions essay is more than a tool to get a place in a college, as in some cases, the personal statement you turn in with your application influences the admissions officers much more than your grades.

When you sit to write your application essay, remember there will be a person who will read it. Of course, one may think that admissions officers read hundreds of applications a day, and don’t really care about what is written. That is not exactly so. Among our professional writers, there are several experts who used to be teachers, professors, and admissions officers as well, and they gave us some prompts on how to write a Cambridge-worthy personal statement.

  • Avoid vague phrases. Tell a specific story, as if you are telling it to a friend, describing what happened and evoking emotions.
  • Don’t be too blusterous. If it seems to you that your essay is arrogant, it probably is. Nobody likes vainglorious people, and admissions officers are no exception.
  • Write about a life-changing experience. But try to stay unique and specific. For example, if you want to write about your trip to a third-world country, avoid common phrases about poverty. It is better to describe a specific scene that has stricken you the most.
  • Try not to lie. The truth always sounds better.

If you can’t start writing the essay, if you don’t know what to write on, if you want to see how professional writers would accomplish the task, if you have writer’s block for more than 2 months, it is time to turn in the essay and you don’t have it, order college essay help from our experts.

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