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  • Sylvester A.
    The Key to Achieving a Healthy Mind, Psycology

    I’ve saved my time, my sanity, and even my money by simply ordering an essay from you, guys! The one question I have now is “Why I haven’t ordered your services earlier!” and I have no excuses for myself. Thanks for your help!

    Verified Sep 5, 2021
  • Todd R.
    A Comparison Between Girl's Sports and Boy's Sports, Sports and Recreation

    Your essay gives me a great amount of hints on what I’m doing wrong in my papers. I adapted it for my writing style, and, as a result, my professor was simply shocked with my progress. I took a huge leap in my skills, all thanks to your work!

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    Writer’s choice, Science

    I couldn’t expect more in my urgent deadline, but you were simply over the top. I got my paper in precisely the same view as I described in the requirements, and thus, I could spend less on preparing of my own paper. Thanks for your help!

    Verified Sep 4, 2021

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Where can I buy some cheap essay writing?

When they’re looking for assistance with academic papers, people can approach cheap writing services with suspicion because of the well-known idea that low price is the opposite of high quality. Experience with our site will show you that you will not have to choose between cost and quality but can get cheap essay writing help that will satisfy you with proper work.

In what situations can your essay writing services be helpful?

There can be several different reasons why people start to look for a cheap essay writer. Let’s consider a few of the most common reasons to understand that a cheap essay writing service сan be required.

Combining work with studies. Sometimes students are forced to look for some additional source of money to satisfy their basic living needs. Sometimes adult people who have families and children want to increase their educational level and boost their income. Whatever the case is, combining work and studying is a very complex task, due to which people can require help with their college papers.

Unforeseeable circumstances. Even to a person who is very strict with time management and very responsible about education, some events can happen and change all the systems of time-management and plans. In such a case, a person also can start looking for a cheap essay writing service to cope with the unexpected list of issues.

Complicated instructions. Have you ever experienced that weird feeling when you are reading instructions, all the words are familiar, and you are reading the text carefully, but in the end you still have no idea what you must do? In such cases, it can be useful to have an excellent example of the assignment. It is not cheating because you can write your own absolutely different work, but with an example that shows you what the final result may look like.

Lack of time. This reason partly unites a few from above. Due to a combination of work and study, unexpected circumstances, the fact that a person simply forgot about the deadline of an assignment, or many other reasons, the time to finish the work can be too short to cope with it. In such cases, our cheap essay writing service can help.

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What do you offer in addition to cheap papers?

Our cheap essay writing service can be attractive since we offer the following benefits:

  • Variety of disciplines

    Particularly, more than 75, among which you can find the field in which you need help. All our essays are written by high-skilled experts that are familiar with certain knowledge areas and academic writing standards.

  • High average quality score

    Precisely it is 8.5 out of 10. Our experts are doing their best for the customer to be satisfied with the papers, and, as you can see, they succeed in this aim. Of course, sometimes experts and customers can misunderstand each other, in that case, you can ask for a free revision. However, you can agree that 10 of 10 here would be nothing more than implausible advertising.

  • Fast delivery of the orders

    Remember that all papers that we provide are written from scratch. We do not have an archive for ‘readymade’ works. Hence human factors can play their role, but currently, 98.40% of our orders are delivered on time. If you have a lack of time and want to be sure that the work will be ready according to your deadline, this statistics is especially important.

  • Friendly support team 24/7

    Anytime you need to clarify something, our support team is ready to help you. You might need to get some facts before you start cooperating with our cheap essay writing service or get an update about your order in progress. Whatever is the reason, our team members can assist you with up-to-date information.

  • Free revision

    Sometimes the customer can leave some small details, which are important for the order, without significant attention. Or they and experts just have different views on the parts of the work. In such cases, users of our services do not have to worry because the orders can be revised for the customer to be satisfied with the writer’s work.

How can I place an order?

So, if you are interested in the benefits of our cheap essay writing service, you can be interested in how to place an order on our site. The process is quite simple, but let us show you the details.

First, you need to fill in the order form. Choose the number of pages, discipline, deadline, and all other necessary details. Do not forget to provide as detailed instructions as you can and upload all the files for our expert to be able to complete your task. Remember, the more information and clarifications you provide, the higher are chances that our experts will provide you with absolutely satisfying work.

After that, you need to proceed with the payment. Do not worry about it, we give you money back if for some reason our specialists cannot complete your order. After you provide the payment, the account on our site is created automatically.

At the next step, a personal writer is assigned to your order. The most qualified and suitable expert will be chosen to complete the task for you. If you have any special preferences about the skills, abilities, or software that such a person must have, please provide it when you place the order. Also, please, stay in touch in case the expert will need some clarification about the work.

The last step is when a paper is completed and delivered to your personal account. You can check the paper and decide if you need a revision or it satisfies your needs. Then, you can ask for a revision or approve the work.

What guarantees will I get when buying cheap essays?

You don’t need to be concerned about the guarantees we can provide to you. Here is a list of them:

Money-Back Guarantee

As mentioned above, you don't have to worry about the funds that you provide to us. We want our customers to be satisfied with our services. Such a policy implies that clients who do not like the work they obtained via our cheap essay writing service can request a refund if something goes wrong.

Revision Policy

Our customers have the right to a number of revisions enough to make an order proper. There can be cases when a customer and an expert have a different vision of the same instructions. Sometimes the customer may forget to clarify some details of the order that are not opposed to the initial instructions but important for the order structure or context. In many other cases, the customer can ask for as many revisions as needed for the order to become perfect.

Privacy Policy

All of our customers can be calm about the safety of their personal information. We understand that ordering the assignments is a delicate case, and that such orders can be used only as an example or a source of inspiration. In addition, personal data is important information that mustn't be misused. Our customers can be sure that their personal data is safe during work on our cheap essay writing service.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

All of our works are written from scratch, and we guarantee the absence of plagiarism in the papers. The only exception can be only if customers provide their own drafts or parts of the text that must be developed. All works from our experts are original and before providing it to the customers we check them with a plagiarism-checker ourselves.

Is it ethical to use your services?

Yes, our essay service is ethical to use. There is nothing wrong with using the paper you get from us as an example or sources of inspiration. Thus, we support the academic integrity of your institution. Thus, we support the academic integrity of your institution.

Can I choose a specific expert for my paper?

If you liked the way your previous paper was written, you can request the same expert. The order form has the Request writer option field, and you can choose one from the drop-down list. However, we must note that the chosen expert can not always be available at the time you are making an order. Due to that, the work will be provided to one of the best specialists available.

Can the experts complete online assignments and multiple-choice tests?

No, our experts do not work on such tasks. First, it is very hard to evaluate the work that was made to make such a test, because, behind one correct answer, there can be half an hour or more time of searching. Second, such assignments cannot be used as examples or sources of encouragement, which makes them unethical.


Where can I buy an essay?

The best place to buy an essay is a professional writing service like RapidEssay. We’re a specialized team of academic experts delivering the best pieces of writing to our clients. You can ask us for an essay in any of more than 75 disciplines and for any academic level. Our prices are affordable for students.

How much does it cost to buy an essay?

It depends on the type and volume of the paper you need. You can calculate the total price of the essay during the ordering process or use the calculator feature on our website. We advise you to request your essays in advance to get the lowest price, since urgent tasks are always more expensive than non-urgent ones.

Why should I buy an essay at Rapidessay?

The main reason is the overall reliability of our service. We’ve been on the market for more than 15 years and write essays, papers, reports, and reviews for our clients every day. Our writers are knowledgeable and experienced in academic writing, so you can rely on them. Another reason to buy from us is our customer support, who won’t let you down in any situation.

Is it cheating to buy an essay?

No, buying an essay is not cheating. We offer our assistance services to help you deal with any tasks during your education, but our work shouldn’t replace your own. You have to put your knowledge and skills into the practice of writing your own papers, so use our materials as references for creating your own original essays.

How do I choose a good essay writer?

The best way is to rely on a service that hires exclusively talented writers. RapidEssay has a few rounds of interviews plus discipline knowledge tests for each candidate. Only 9% of all specialists that want to work with us get an invitation to join the writers’ team. That’s why, by choosing our company, you can always expect a good essay writer.

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