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  • Jane S.

    Montessori Teaching System As It Is, Education

    I wanted to go deep in this research and found so much information that I’ve got lost. Thanks to systematic work with my fellow writer from your service, I managed to systematize and format everything properly. It was a success.

    Verified Jul 21, 2021
  • Simon D.

    The Importance Of Equipment For Recreational Trainings, Sports and Recreation

    I’m not the Shakespeare at all, and you probably know why from my topic, but I wanted to make this research well written. So I asked for the help and the writer who assisted me was extremely specialized. Thanks for supporting me!

    Verified Apr 13, 2021
  • Daniel S.

    Nutrients, How Successfully They Are Consumed, And A Form Of The Food, Restaurant and Food

    Thanks to your help, I could express my point of view on a topic that worried me a lot. The research paper created by your writer became a great example for me. Now I feel motivated to improve the level of my writing skills!

    Verified Aug 4, 2021

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Why purchase research papers online?

Thorough research that corresponds to the principles of academic integrity is one of the hardest types of college assignments to complete. Numerous factors should be taken into consideration when students compose their research papers, including correct formatting, reliability of sources, and the authenticity of the writing. However, these are only a few from a long list of an A+ research paper necessities. Fortunately, in 2020 you can buy research papers online and receive a perfect, personalized example of how your assignment should look. Get to know more about purchasing academic papers from professional writers and the ways doing so can boost your performance.

What choice of experts do I have?

When you submit an order on our website, we ask you to provide as many details on your assignment as possible. We need this information to assign the best experts to work on your task. The main factors that influence our choice of a writer for your paper are your discipline and academic level. You can choose your writer from a category that will ensure that your task is completed by a specialist who best fits your needs.

Choose the “Best available” writer’s category if you trust our choice and are ready to work with an expert in your field who can start working on your research immediately. You can make sure that we’ve assigned you to the writer who best matches your requirements by adding to your card the writing samples composed by your writer. This option is provided in the Order form and is available for $5. In response, you will receive three random pages from papers completed previously by your writer for other clients. Check them out to make sure you like your online helper’s writing style. If you don’t like these samples, you can apply for another writer and our managers will look for another specialist to help you.

You can buy research papers from our “Advanced” category of writers if you want your order to be completed by an experienced specialist. We evaluate our staff twice a year to provide you with relevant information on our writers. Hire an expert from the “Top 10” category if you want to work with our best-rated experts. The “Top 10” category consists of our top 10% specialists with the highest ratings and best feedback provided by previous customers.

We also provide the “Native speaker” level of proficiency. You can add it to the “Best available” or the “Advanced” writer’s categories. Unfortunately, though we cooperate with more than 500 writers, we don’t have enough writers in the Top 10 + Native speaker category to accommodate all requests.Therefore, if you have a complex and intricate paper and you’re not sure if we have an asset to assist you with it, contact our support team before you buy research papers from us. Our WOW-support is available 24/7, and its members will gladly answer any questions you might have.

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How much do you charge for your services?

The price of your assignment depends on several factors, including the deadline you set and your academic level. With RapidEssay, you can buy research papers with a 4-hour deadline. With this said, we want you to keep in mind that we never compromise on the quality of our services; therefore, you can ask for no more than two pages of writing if your deadline is that limited. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get help with your large and urgent assignment. Contact our support team, and our managers will help you to divide your task into several manageable orders.

Remember that the more time you allow our experts to work on your order, the cheaper it will be for you to buy research papers from RapidEssay. For example, if you’re a high-school student, a one-page essay with a 14-day deadline will cost you $10; however, if you need your task to be completed within four hours, the price will be $36 per page.

Another factor that can affect the price of your paper is your discipline. Although we have more than 500 writers in our staff who cover more than 70 disciplines, some fields of knowledge are quite rare. We consider them complex and, therefore, charge our customers an extra 20% for such orders. When you buy research papers from us, you receive the perfect ratio of price and quality.

What additional guarantees can I expect from you?

One of the main concerns of students who buy research papers online is their confidentiality. We guarantee your privacy as we apply international data protection regulations and use cybersecurity software. We don’t allow our writers to expose information about our clients, and we store your data according to our own privacy policy. To protect your bank details, we cooperate only with trustworthy payment systems.

Originality is another feature our customers want to see in their papers. We give a plagiarism-free guarantee as we double-check all tasks completed by our writers before delivery. We make sure that all in-text citations are done correctly and according to the formatting style you selected in the order form. When you buy cheap research papers from us, you can be sure to receive an authentic, personalized piece of writing that was composed according to your particular requirements.

We can’t guarantee your satisfaction, as we don’t know you or your teacher and can’t influence your expectations. However, we can guarantee the high quality of our papers (with an average rating of our service at 8.5/10), free revisions, and refunds if we fail to provide you with a sound piece of writing. Our money-back guarantee is perfectly transparent and in particular cases, you can get up to 100% reimbursement.

What additional options should I choose for my paper to make it outstanding?

Many students decide to buy research papers from professionals, as they need a good reference, that is, an example they can use to conduct their own research. If that is what you want, have a look at our additional services. Their main goal is to provide you with more information on your topic and invest in your academic success.

Choose Progressive delivery if your research paper is large and you want to receive it in chapters. In this case, you will be able to review chapters that have already been written while your helper continues to work on the new parts. Provide feedback to help improve your future chapters before they are completed. This option also allows you to pay in installments.

Order a Smart paper add-on to receive a detailed description of your research paper drafted by your expert. He or she will answer all your questions concerning your assignment, which will help you to understand your topic better. Another way to transform your paper into a comprehensive manual is to buy a copy of the sources. When you do so, you receive links to the materials your writer used while working on your task, as well as .pdf copies of some rare sources.

Can I get a step-by-step instruction on using your service?

First of all, fill in the order form thoroughly: indicate your discipline, academic level, topic, and type of assignment needed. Choose the formatting style that is used at your educational institution and the number of sources you want to be cited in your research paper. Have a look at the additional options and choose your preference for the category of writer. Once you have completed all the fields, think of adding some materials or comments to your task. After that, you can proceed with the payment.

Once we receive your payment, we will search for the writer who fits perfectly with the requirements of your order. From that point on, you can contact your personal helper through your account. Answer his or her questions, upload additional materials, and track the progress of your order.

When your research paper is ready, you will receive a notification. Take a look at the writing we deliver and make sure you like everything about your assignment. If you want to change something, ask your helper to revise your paper. This option is free of charge. Decide about the new deadline for editing and receive the final version of your paper on time.

Approve your paper and download it in Word or another editable format. Also, don’t forget to provide your feedback about our service, as your opinion helps us to become better and provide superior academic assistance.

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