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  • Ed J.
    Are Nurses More Vulnerable to Infectious Diseases?, Nursing

    Thanks for writing a great argumentative essay with interesting insights. I like how you blended scientific facts and your own reasoning.

    Verified Sep 8, 2021
  • Kate H.
    Online Learning, Education

    I can’t believe you managed to complete this essay in just 4 hours. Those are some superhuman skills!

    Verified Sep 8, 2021
  • Tom G.
    Capital Punishment, Criminal law

    Strong points, plenty of evidence, really well-written. Overall, I’m very happy with my argumentative essay.

    Verified Sep 7, 2021

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Apart from having regular writers, we also offer a group of specialists who have additional experience in writing. We call them advanced writers, and they are the pride of our company. When you buy argumentative essay from an advanced writer, you can expect no less than the highest quality in your paper. This type of service costs an extra 25% of the price of your paper. However, the option is absolutely worth it; the experts we’ve hired are among the most competent writing specialists you can find on the market. They also undergo constant quality checks and often engage in the formulation of guidelines and even in the training of other writers. Typically, we give this position to people with extensive experience in the field and very consistent track records in terms of achievements. In short, you get a chance to work with writers who are the de facto trend-setters in the industry.

Guarantees provided by RapidEssay

Our company does everything it can to leave you with an experience that’s truly of value. How do we do this? To understand, you should pay attention to several main guarantees that we focus on:

  1. Free revisions. Sometimes, it’s absolutely normal that when you buy argumentative essay online, some changes may be necessary. For instance, the writer might not focus sufficiently on the context you need or may simply lack some relevant data. As long as your revision request doesn’t change any of the instructions you initially provided, our company is willing to help you with edits free of charge. All you have to do is provide the writer with a note about your request and then wait for the revision to be done. What if your request actually involves making changes in the instructions? In that situation, don’t worry. You can always place a new order and make a new payment for it.
  2. A money-back guarantee. Another big option we focus on includes the safety of your funds. Sometimes, our company may be unable to find some suitable writers for your order. In other cases, you may want to cancel it if you’ve made some error or simply don’t need any help anymore. You shouldn’t be afraid of such situations. When you buy argumentative essay from our company, we’re ready to refund you if anything changes. We also have a clear policy for instances when you don’t like the paper you get. In such a situation, our dispute department will review all the relevant information and determine the sum to be refunded. Hence, you can be sure that everything will go well in this regard.
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When you buy argumentative essay, it’s absolutely normal to have some questions that need immediate resolution. For example, you may want to change some instructions or upload certain files for our writers to consider. What do you do if such actions are urgent and you need immediate feedback? You can call our support team. When? “Do you have a schedule?” No, we don’t, because there are some experts working on your request 24/7. Yes, you can call us at any time, and we will respond to you. Let’s imagine that some idea about the arguments in your essay came into your mind in the middle of the night, and you need to deliver the new information to your writer fast. Call our support team, and the experts there should be able to deliver the key information quickly. Obviously, if you have any worries about the status of your order, our specialists are always out there to consult. You can expect a high level of friendly support from them.

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One of the worst things that can happen to your essay is to have it downloaded from somewhere on the Internet or pieced together from several sources. When you buy argumentative essay sample that is simply stolen, its value falls significantly. Firstly, in most cases, you just get material that you could find for free on the Internet. Secondly and more importantly, the material in question will simply not fit your learning needs. Content that truly suits the studies of an individual must include material that’s wholly original in nature to highlight the unique needs of the student. Our service does everything possible to deliver papers that are actually tailored to your needs and include writing of the highest quality and originality.

Three activities are essential for achieving this goal. We take the following actions to ensure the high originality of your essays:

  1. Our company uses software for the analysis of plagiarism. Our in-house plagiarism detection tool allows us to discover problems with texts at an early stage, preventing any similarity issues in the future. The tool is not only used to detect cases of aggressive plagiarism, but is also necessary for weeding out accidental similarities, which can also sometimes occur. When you buy argumentative essay from us, we do everything we can to minimize the similarity of your texts to anything else on the Internet.
  2. We actively train our writers to avoid any form of plagiarism. Our company constantly reminds its writers that any instances of large-scale plagiarism are unacceptable. We perform active training to showcase the practices that lead to issues with accidental plagiarism. As a result, our experts are prepared to overcome the majority of plagiarism-related issues.
  3. A strict punishment system exists for occurrences of malignant plagiarism. We have no tolerance for the activities of experts in our service who are found to continuously plagiarize. Consequently, the individuals in question will immediately lose access to our platform. In this light, we’ve managed to create a website in which the very thought of plagiarism is unacceptable for the specialists involved.

How to buy argumentative essay

Ordering an argumentative essay from our service is simple. You don’t have to consider many steps to buy argumentative essay, as only several major actions are necessary.

Firstly, provide relevant instructions about the order on our website. Using the forms we give, fill in data about the academic level of the text and some of the primary demands you have regarding it. Please remember that a great, detailed description of your order is the best way to attract the attention of our writers and get someone to immediately start working on your task.

Secondly, please, don’t forget to attach any relevant files. When you buy argumentative essay help, you should ensure that the writer actually has the key books and articles to work with. Not everything can be found on the Internet, and uploading some specific materials you have can be essential to success.

Thirdly, once you confirm the order, please provide the funds for it. They will be preserved in our special account, and we’ll be able to offer a refund if anything goes wrong. What do you do after you buy custom argumentative essay on our website? Simply wait for us to find an expert for you. Once we find a person who’s ready to work with your text, we will inform you about it. We also strongly recommend monitoring the progress of your paper from your personal account. Sometimes, you may get important messages from the writers, for example when they want to inform you about something concerning your order. We highly recommend responding to them as soon as possible to ensure the best experience with our service.

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