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  • Duke N.
    Calculations, Mathematics

    I thought that I would never be able to solve that analytic geometry problem. However, your experts showed me the proper path and I finally got out of the mathematical trap. Thank you! You are my saviors!

    Verified 2 September 2021
  • Ellen P.
    Programming, Mobile Applications Development

    For a long time, I could not understand how to use certain libraries in Android. I was getting increasingly frustrated as the deadlines were approaching. Your service changed everything. Now, I am a better developer thanks to this website.

    Verified 5 September 2021
  • Hari S.
    Programing, Computer Networking and Cybersecurity

    I want to thank the creators of this website for offering one of the best student assistance services on the Internet. I had a very difficult assignment with a brutal deadline and you helped me to complete it in time. Why didn't I know about this service before?

    Verified 9 September 2021

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What is your assignment writing service?

The primary question we often get has to do with the essence of our assignment writing service. Let us present ourselves. We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of assignment help. Our mission is to help compensate for the deficiencies of the modern Western educational systems by concentrating on the provision of relevant help to the customers. What do we do? We provide original assignment samples to help our clients improve their math, physics, and programming skills (though obviously, the list is not exhaustive and we concentrate on a much larger array of disciplines).

Interested? Then, continue reading this text. We will answer some of the most common questions that our clients have concerning the assignment writing services that we provide. Firstly, we will deal with the guarantees that our service offers to our clients. Secondly, we will talk about confidentiality issues of various kinds, as they are also of major interest to the customers. Then, we will concentrate on problems such as available subjects, types of work we perform, the number of our professionals, and tips on ordering assignments from our website in a proper and logical manner. All in all, you will be able to find the most relevant information about our service from this Question/Answer section.

What guarantees do you offer?

If you order an assignment from our website, you can get a set of significant guarantees. Our assignment writing service provides the following ways to ensure the high quality of the work you get:

  1. Free revisions. The first significant boon that we provide in our service has to do with the free-of-charge revisions. Do you have major problems with the clarity of the assignment? Found some errors within it? If your sample doesn’t match your instructions, we can offer you a free revision. Our goal is to provide the customers with service of the highest quality. Consequently, we will do everything possible to ensure that you get an assignment that suits all your needs and fully satisfies you.
  2. A money-back guarantee. The second important feature offered by our assignment writing service has to do with our customer-friendly refund policy. We are ready to return a part or even all of your funds to you if you find major problems with the quality of the task that our experts cannot fix for you. Are the solutions incorrect? We are ready to return your money. Our service cares about quality above all and we have no intention of being tolerant towards works that don’t meet your requirements. With us, you can be sure that you will get service of the utmost quality.
  3. 24/7 Support. Do you have any questions about the essence of the work performed by our assignment writing service? We are here to help. Our support experts work 24/7 to answer all relevant questions about the services we provide and ensure proper contact between our experts and the customers in question. Generally, you will never feel stranded while using our website. Our goal is to guarantee that you will always feel safe while using our services.
  4. Free chat with the expert. We also provide free chat with the expert in question. In this regard, you can expect to be able to contact him or her as long as they are available online (and if they are not available, we will do our best to reach them).

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Is this service confidential?

We often get questions about the confidentiality policy of our website. After all, our current data-sharing age creates fears among users that their information could be misused. Ultimately, our assignment writing service is proud to declare that we do our best to make sure that the data of the customers is protected. Why are we so sure about this? Here is a list of the things we do to guarantee the confidential nature of the information in our service:

  1. We do not collect unnecessary data from you. While working with our customers, we only collect the most important information about them. What does this mean in practice? All we typically require is your email to contact you in case of an urgent situation and any form of a name (a nickname will typically suffice) to properly address you. In short, you can stay more or less anonymous while using our services.
  2. Our experts do not get to know your email. Another important feature of our assignment writing service has to do with the fact that our experts do not get any information about you apart from the task-related details. As a result, you can feel absolutely safe regarding the service and enjoy works of the utmost quality.
  3. Secure connection services minimize risks associated with payment. Lastly, we also guarantee that your payment information is safe because we cooperate with secure payment providers. Consequently, while paying for our service, you are protected by some of the most respected companies with decades of experience in the security field.

What subjects are available in your service?

RapidEssay covers a tremendous number of subjects. In essence, our assignment writing service performs the majority of works having to do with the extremely complex and advanced STEM fields. In general, our assignments can be split into two types:

  • Tech assignments (Programming). We deal with work connected with various projects centered around coding or model creation. In this respect, we offer services for web, desktop, and mobile programming, modelling of various kinds, and databases (an exhaustive list can be seen in the order menu of our website). All in all, using our assignment writing service, you can ask for a sample that could help you with long-term tasks based on, for instance, website creation.
  • Problem solving (Calculations). Apart from tech and programming help projects, we also offer help with calculations. What services do we provide? We can offer solution samples to practice problems that have to do with different subjects and give you help with analytical projects. What subjects do we cover? Here is a list of the most popular ones: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, accounting, finances, engineering, and aviation (once again, this list is far from being exhaustive; you can find the full list of subjects on the order page of our website).

Generally, as you may see, our assignment writing service offers a tremendous number of subjects to choose from. Using our site, you can find help that will suit all your needs. Thus, try out our service and find products of the utmost quality when it comes to STEM assignments.

Who are your experts and why should I trust them?

The key task of our website is to ensure that our customers get service of the utmost quality. Consequently, we do everything we can to guarantee that our specialists are as valuable as possible. What do we do in this regard? Our custom assignment writing service makes sure that we have professional assignment writers by utilizing several important techniques:

  1. We have a thorough selection process for experts. What tests do we perform? We concentrate on two important elements: firstly, we make sure that our experts have relevant education and, more importantly, experience in STEM fields. It is important for us to ensure that no incompetent people get onto our team. Secondly, we ask our experts to take specific tests that help us learn if they have enough competence to work in our firm. In short, the selection process for our service is sophisticated. We have a clear goal of only hiring the best specialists present on the job market.
  2. Our company performs constant quality checks. Another major element of our quality assurance program lies in the presence of constant control regarding the skills of our experts. Once a month, random works of our experts get chosen and checked by our mentors. On this basis, we make sure that only the best and most prepared experts will perform your assignment, guaranteeing a high level of quality for the orders. Generally, our business is in a constant process of perfection. We strive to be the best and demand the utmost quality from our professional experts.
  3. Our experts get great opportunities for professional growth. In our company, the experts are constantly developing their skills. We provide our specialists with different courses and growth opportunities that ensure their competence. Our motto is “Never stop improving our skills.”

Generally, as you can see, we handpick our experts and do everything to ensure that they perfect their work-related habits as much as possible. Our goal is to be the best assignment writing service: above all, we strive to achieve this aim by concentrating on the quality of our experts.

How do I order an assignment sample from your website?

Another important question to cover concerning our website has to do with the process of ordering materials. We understand that the first use of our service can be rather difficult and even stressful, as there are many factors to consider when placing an order. Don’t worry. We will give you a complete guide on placing orders on our website. Here is the list of actions to consider:

  • Collect all the materials necessary for your order. Before going to the order page, we recommend you collect as much information about the task at hand as possible. You need to have a clear understanding of the assignment and the tasks associated with it in order to achieve success.
  • Clearly define the type of order you want to work with. As mentioned previously, they are split into tech assignments and problem-solving tasks. Before ordering anything, you must have a clear understanding of the subject matter. For instance, our company will have difficulties finding a mathematician if you incorrectly note chemistry as a discipline for analytic geometry. Thus, you should clearly think about the discipline you choose before ordering an assignment; a correct choice will make our job much easier.
  • Collect all relevant files and put them into a logical order. We also urge you to collect all relevant files before ordering anything. A missed file can create major problems for our experts, since it can change the very nature of your order. A proper order always contains all necessary files.
  • Create a clear and understandable description for your order. Our experts urge you to concentrate on creating a thorough and, more importantly, readable, description of the orders. Any grammatical problems or lack of clarity can make it difficult for us to find someone to perform your task.
  • Place an order. You’ve performed all the steps and chosen the proper deadline? Order your assignment and wait for the confirmation (we will offer a refund if no expert is found).

Order an assignment from us today and get the chance to experience one of the best STEM-related services on the market!

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