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Benefits of our college essay writing service

  • 80+ disciplines

    Buy an essay in any subject you find difficult—we’ll have a specialist in it ready

  • 4-hour deadlines

    Ask for help with your most urgent short tasks—we can complete them in 4 hours!

  • Free revision

    Get your paper revised for free if it doesn’t meet your instructions.

  • 24/7 support

    Contact us anytime if you need help with your essay

  • Custom formatting

    APA, MLA, Chicago—we can use any formatting style you need.

  • Plagiarism check

    Get a paper that’s fully original and checked for plagiarism

What the numbers say?

  • 364
    writers active
  • 8.5 out of 10
    current average quality score
  • 98.40%
    of orders delivered on time

What our customers say?

  • Peter H.

    An Analysis and an Introduction to the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Linguistics

    Thanks for your work, guys! With your help, I’ve managed to finish everything in time. I was being stuck for too long with this task, so your quick glance from aside gave me plenty of ideas. Surely will ask for more!

    Verified Aug 22, 2021
  • Ann S.

    Absurdism in the Play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, English

    Thanks for your patience with my edits! I know how it might be mind-blowing, but my writer worked out all my requests. As a result, I used everything you sent me in my paper, and it became a brilliant piece of writing. Well done!

    Verified Sep 4, 2021
  • Kevin L.

    An Analysis of the Universal Function of Law in a Society, Philosophy

    I’m thankful for all support you have given me. I got great pleasure from communicating with your team, and the final result helped me to deal with my own paper faster than ever. Hope my other papers will be done as well as this one!

    Verified Jan 5, 2021

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Reasons why you need professional help with your homework

Why do I need a college essay writing service anyway? If you’re asking yourself such questions, then you have your own answer already! Have you ever struggled with tons of homework from different disciplines? Yes, education can’t be imagined without independent studying of material, but should it take enormous spans of time and steal the personal life? And for each student left alone with the homework, the answers are discouraging—you have to deal with all this stuff by yourself.

Things can become even worse: while you’re trying to do all your tasks at once, you get into a trap of an unstable concentration. Your brain loses focus, it takes more time to dive into the topic, and after each switch from one task to another, it becomes harder to be efficient during completion. Do you know what it is? Multitasking drains your energy, deepens your fatigue, opens wide possibilities for burnout. That’s not what you’ve dreamed about in your high school years!

RapidEssay.com was founded by people who have been through all academic challenges and decided to create a service that would help a student avoid troubles with homework, care about their time and quality of educational materials. We know that you may have lots of concerns about writing services, but let’s get to know each other closer—and it’s totally possible for us to appear mutually beneficial.

What do we do as a high school and college paper writing service?

Let’s clarify what our college essay service does from the very beginning. We can follow any of your instructions and complete any type of academic homework: starting from the simplest essays, ending with dissertations and creative writing projects that take time and lots of effort. We have more than 500 qualified writers who work for us. They are constantly improving their skills and knowledge to provide you with excellent examples of papers and other assignments.

Rapid essay writing company

How our website works

Rapid Essay is an open and transparent college essay writing service. We explain how we work, stay in touch with our clients while the tasks are in progress, and aren’t afraid of challenges. To delegate an assignment to us, you should place an order on our website.

Here is what you need to do to hire an assistant for your tasks:

  1. Fill in the order form

    Include all the relevant information into our order form to help us understand what kind of paper you need. Aside from the necessary details like size, deadline, discipline, you can leave comments with additional requirements.

  2. Proceed to payment

    After filling in the order form, you’ll see the price we charge for our services. Now, you need to pay for our services with your credit card using one of the secure payment options we’ve prepared for you.

  3. Get the final result

    After we get a confirmation of payment, one of our college essay writers will take your task and complete it according to your instructions. We’ll send the paper to you when it’s done and checked for plagiarism.

So there you have it. We take the requirements of your task, delegate them to our best-fitting writer who’s specialized in your discipline, complete the paper for you, and send you a link to approve and download the task. That’s all. We always guarantee you a high level of service—you can rely on us in any circumstances.

The other thing we should mention is that you can track the progress of your paper anytime on our website, on your personal order page. You can also write to our 24/7 support team. They’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have, and react to the changes of your plan. If you need your paper sooner than previously arranged, or you forget to mention any important details, be sure to contact our customer service to clarify all peculiarities. And never stress out—we want you to save your resources for effective and sound studying.

Types of paper we can help you with

Our college essay writing service can assist you with different assignments you get during your studies. We can handle both small papers, a few pages long, as well as full-scale dissertations and coursework. That’s possible thanks to the unique writing skill set of our writers.

We can help you with:

  • Argumentative essay
  • Case study
  • Thesis
  • Research paper
  • Review
  • Dissertation
  • Coursework
  • Personal statement
  • Lab report
  • Critical thinking
What you can order here

What do I have to do if my type of paper is not on your list?

If you can’t find some special type of assignment or format in our list, don’t worry, we most likely can do it for you. Just write us all requirements in the comment section of the order page, and we’ll look for the college essay writer able to deal with your task. It's a typical scenario for multidisciplinary tasks that demand deep research of several topics at a time or for large, long-lasting papers. So when you get such an assignment, it’s better to call on us as soon as possible to get a cheaper price and the best writer available.

And don’t be afraid to consult with us before placing an order—our support team will give you a few hints on how to fill in the order form, where to add important notes, and how to get most of our service.

Disciplines we cover for you

Our college essay writing service can’t be imagined without 500+ writers who are specialized in more than 75 disciplines. They cover all possible academic fields you might have in your studying schedule. Starting from basics, ending with cross-disciplinary narrow fields—our writers are experts in what they are doing.

The reason for that is simple. Each expert has 1-2 main specializations, and they deepen their knowledge of it every day.

Most of our specialists went through long studying and mastering their writing skills, so now when you order a paper at our service, you can stay confident in the result. You can always look through the list of available disciplines in the order form. If you can’t find the one you need in the list, please feel free to add it in the comments section with the description of a paper. We’ll get in touch with you to inform you if there’s an expert who can deal with your task.

Why are we the right company to deal with your application essay?

Why are we the right company to deal with your application essay?

The application essay is like a key to future possibilities. You may make a mistake once and it can cost you a year of education. Perhaps it’s your first try in application essay writing, and all the requirements are quite hard to follow. We have not only a college essay writer who knows for sure how to prepare your admission paper, but a support specialist who’ll answer all your questions. You may not expect that it’s a game-changing feature, but it is.

We guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your orders

As a college essay writing service, we understand your concerns about asking us for help. To deal with your doubts, we guarantee you that all payment methods and communication on our website are secure. You can pay us with a credit card and feel safe about your data. Moreover, our specialists won’t ask you any excessive questions about the reasons you’ve addressed us or about your mentors. We value your confidentiality, as the one thing we need to know is how we can help you to become a better student.

Reasons to choose us as your study assistance source

Maybe you’re ready to choose our services for assisting in doing your homework tasks. But how would you know that we’re the best college paper writing service that fits your needs? Consider the following reasons before making your decision:

  1. We were pioneers in academic assistance. Since 2005, our company has been growing both in numbers and quality. We have a wide experience that turned into top-level services. We can offer you the assistance of some excellent writers with the deepest and widest expertise in both writing and science.
  2. Our pricing is affordable for most students. We’re here not only for making profits, but for bringing real value to our customers, changing the way they study into a more efficient style.
  3. Each paper we produce is unique and created from scratch. We check each final material for plagiarism with in-house software and thus, our originality level is always over the top.
  4. As we’re aimed for the satisfaction of our clients, you may ask for free edits if some primary requirements were missed. It’s OK to request a revision, and we’ll send you the edited material in the shortest possible time.

Our college paper writing service works to make your studying time more efficient, decreasing the time you spend routinely searching for information. We provide you with the deep-sea treasures of your science, and all you should do is incorporate them into your memory and practice.

Why choose our college essay writing service over others
Get all the academic support you need on our website

Any writing help you might need is here

There’s plenty of ways to organize your studying with our college essay writing service. You don’t have to spend a lot of time checking how your orders are doing—you have a personal order page where all information is displayed and quickly updated. You can write to our support operators during day or night—there’ll always be an assistant to answer your questions. Also, you don’t need to worry about us following the precise format or topic of your paper—you can just entrust it all to our experts, and they will show you the magic of writing and exact formatting.

You can use our materials to improve your own skills. We know that nobody was born a writer (or a ninja), so it’s natural to go through lots of challenges to become proficient. But if you’re not dreaming about becoming a future writer, it definitely doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a good grade! This is where we can help you: you have to study your disciplines, we’ll help you stop fighting with words and paragraphs and make them work for your own good.

Affordable and transparent: Things about our service that never change

When it comes to the pricing policy of our college essay writing service, we know that the main goal is to compensate fairly for the talent of our writers and give you the best price at the same time. And we manage to keep this harmony well! We can’t be extremely cheap for the same reason—we won’t risk the quality of the end products we deliver to our customers.

And if you still think that the price is a little too high for you, try one of the following tricks to make it more suitable. Choose a longer deadline: our writers like to work without stress and delve deeper into the topic when the time allows it. Request only a part of the problematic paper: when you ask for some sort of extract on a particular topic, not the whole paper at once, you may get an even better price.

So it’s up to you what price you will get. We’re always ready to listen to your requests and jump right to the “win-win” solution.

Our college essay writing service is friendly, in the first place. As we were all students, we understand the fears and stress connected with this period of life. But the joy of helping others caused by your generous feedback and reviews makes us happy and even more productive. So be sure to leave us a response with your feelings and thoughts about using our service to make sure we’ll progress and evolve.

It’s time to make a decision—buy now!

Well, there you have it: you’ve met Rapid Essay, a college essay writing service.

We provide you with the best-quality academic assignments, checked for plagiarism and fitting your requirements. We’re specialized in more than 75 disciplines and have more than 500 writers at your service.

You may choose a flexible payment option for your order and expect a full confidentiality guarantee from us. And our 24/7 wow-support will be ready to solve any concerns connected with your orders. We’re not afraid of urgent tasks or long-lasting research. We’re equally great with dissertations and persuasive essays.

After reading the whole story about us, we let you make your decision by yourself. We know that it’s hard to change your own studying habits, allow yourself to try new things and approaches. But there’s no other way to deal with such a great amount of information. And sometimes, the easier path is the correct one, and you don’t have to struggle so much. Our college essay writing service wishes you to be successful during your studying years in any sphere of your life.