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One of the most important tasks that a student has to perform during college days is to write a personal statement. When you enter the university, it is a different academic world. You have to perform several tasks yourself, of course with the proper guidance of mentors who are your university professors. One such task is to write a personal account of yourself. The purpose is to present yourself in a positive light to the university’s admissions board where you wish to attend school.

In your personal statement, you should make clear you goals for applying to the university. However, this may not be easy for many students. You have a great ambition in life. You need to do your best to impress the Admissions Board of the university so that you can proceed in pursuing higher learning.

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Because of various preoccupations, you may not have enough time to spend on completing your writing assignment. It is at this point that a service provider becomes useful.

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We, at Rapid Essay writing services, are committed to bringing you the best value for each dollar you spend with us. Our special features include revision at no extra cost, title page for free, on time and fast delivery and around-the-clock support.

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We offer a personal statement writing service of unmatched quality. Our writers are some of the best. They are trained and qualified and will work on your project as per the instructions you provide. This will help you attain a reasonable level or grade on the final exam.

Quality And Prices

Analysis Of Guidelines And Questions In Detail

Our writers determine what is to be presented in your project document. They will consider the type of paper you expect. Furthermore, they will discuss with you how to offer the best output. For instance, they will divide the topic into important parts and discuss all the issues that may lead to ambiguity in your writing. Then they will resolve the issues. When working on the assignment, our writers will focus on salient points that need to be included in your project.

About The Writing Process

Extensive And Intensive Research

Our team of personal statement writers will prepare a draft. They develop the project after in-depth research from a wide variety of sources. Once you place an order to buy personal statement, our team will start working.

They conduct research and obtain information from current literature. Thus, our writers provide relevant and correct content for your project.

Our writers leverage their skills and knowledge to produce content that is unmatched by any other service provider. Our intelligent and experienced writers will provide to you the best quality output within the designated deadline.

While writing the content, our writers will research independently. They never use projects that have been created in the past, as many service providers are guilty of doing.

Through Drafting And Proofing

Once the content is written, it is time to check it for quality. For this, our writers and editors will work together to make sure that the content is free from errors of any kind.

The editors will check the subject thoroughly and make sure that the facts are correct and that proper data support has been provided in the content.

Furthermore, the content is reviewed by our expert proofreader to make sure that there are no grammatical issues or typos. They present the project in the correct format as prescribed by your university.

This is an important aspect of the project because unless you present your writing in a manner that is free from any kind of errors, it will not earn you good grades on the examination.

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Our objective is to make your academic career easier. We are aware that you may have a number of responsibilities that you cannot afford to ignore. For instance, you might need to work a day job to pay your tuition or other kinds of expenses. Because of their vast experience, our team needs very little time to work on a personal statement project. If your thought is 'help me write my personal statement', visit our official website. Ordering a personal statement is quite easy. Simply place the order online. The procedure is as follows:

Completing Our Order Form

To place your order, you may visit our official website. You'll find a form there where you need to furnish your details, such as the type of paper you are planning to buy, the academic level, and the number of pages needed. You can get the service at an affordable price.

Once you fill in the details, you will be directed to the payment page by clicking continue to Order button.

Communications And Deadlines

We have around-the-clock support service. You can call talk to us by phone or send an email. Our support team will address all the questions you may have.

As for payment, you can select from different modes. You can pay via a credit card or debit card. The amount to be paid depends on the type of assignment, the academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline.

If the project is to be written on a priority basis, the cost will be higher. So, it is best to place the order in advance. By doing so, you will have enough time to revise, and the cost will also be significantly lower.

Delivering Your Order On Time

After preparing the professional personal statement meticulously and having it reviewed multiple times by a team of editors and proofreaders, the content is uploaded to the official website: www.rapidessay.com. You can download the project document well ahead of the deadline and submit it to your school.

Assigning The paper to an expert

Once you make the payment, a specific expert writer who has written a personal statement for other students like you is assigned to your task.

You can contact the writer and offer your suggestions. You can also contact the writer for clarification of any questions that may arise.

No Plagiarism

Our writers will help you get original papers and a genuine personal statement that is free from plagiarism and errors of any sort, be it topical or grammatical.


Writing a Personal Statement is one of the most challenging projects you will complete as well as significant. If you score well on the paper, it will brighten your prospects for entry into a reputed university to pursue higher education.

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