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  • John H.

    An Android app for coursework project, Mobile development

    Thanks for doing such a good job. The app you created meets all the requirements I’ve sent to you. The codebase was a great basis to improve further. And as I spend some more time on this task, I’ve managed to get the best grade. Thanks for your support.

    Verified May 22, 2022
  • July S.

    A theoretic blockchain experiment, Modeling for programming

    It was a task that I was afraid of the most. But with your help, I got an example of how it might be done by an expert and find out how to do it myself. Moreover, your solution added more enthusiasm to explore the topic further. Thanks!

    Verified Sep 24, 2021
  • Lisa P.

    A webpage, Web programming

    This task just didn’t want to fit my schedule at all. So all in all, it was a good idea to delegate it to your specialists. My expert has done quite a good job, and I’ve enjoyed the results. After some additional exercises with code, I customized it to my taste. And again, thanks for your help!

    Verified Jan 15, 2022

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  • Our experts cover any academic level and task complexity.
  • We respect your deadline and deliver 98% of orders on time.
  • Our solutions are custom-made and unique because our programming help specialists complete them from scratch.

We perform your tasks strictly according to your requirements, so you can learn from them. That’s our main goal—to help and improve your self-education with professional materials.

Why our programming assignment help shouldn't be overlooked by any student

Before you step into a big world of programming or engineering, we want you to stay away from common misconceptions about what’s waiting for you out there. Up in the corporate heaven or startups hell, or vice versa, there will always be a chance to get a hint from Stackoverflow or elsewhere. The more efficient you’ll be in looking for and finding help with programming tasks, the more successful you might become. The information loaded in your brain is not as valuable as intelligence that will lead you to the needed facts and tools to solve your problem.

A good programmer is always Loki, not Thor. Sometimes, Thor also can be a role model for a coder, but not for the beginner one, supposedly. So you have to decide smartly what to do with your homework, instead of thinking “How can I do my programming assignment and sleep at the same time?” You have to learn fast, keep an eye on all deadlines at once, and outshine your mentor in some way.

When an avalanche of homework is coming, don’t hide or try to run, but take the most powerful weapon, Rapid Essay, and deal with those tasks faster and easier, no matter what number of them is standing in front of you. Our programming assignment help is for brave and daring students who want to know more and go beyond the typical requirements of your teachers. They optimize the way they do the homework by studying smarter and not by sleeping less, denying social relationships, or giving up their part-time job or internship.

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Check out the benefits of our programming assignment help service

  1. Most popular programming languages
    Each expert is specialized in 1-2 languages and a few frameworks to help you with your homework.
  2. 4+ hours deadline
    We know how to deal with tasks fast and thus, respect deadlines. However, make sure you give us enough time for your assignments.
  3. Free revisions
    If you found a mistake or something missed from primary requirements, we’ll edit your task or add those details for free.
  4. Double-checking of all assignments
    Our specialists review each completed task before sending the finished materials to you.
  5. Custom approach
    Each assignment is made from scratch and our experts apply a creative approach to every task they take.
  6. Around-the-clock support
    We have a special client support team that can answer your questions 24/7.

What do we do as an academic assistance service with a specialization in programming?

Our programming assignment help can be aimed at coding and calculations tasks of any academic level and complexity. It might be your coursework project or the current small annoying task that you can’t force yourself to do because it’s way too primitive. Yes, even those tasks shouldn’t be done haphazardly. So our experts have enough passion and talent to show you how even the most simple assignments can be completed with enthusiasm and genius. Take our materials as examples for your own excavations and inventions in code, and you’ll see how your overall programming level improves.

The way our programming help service works

To get our programming assignment help, you have to follow the simple instructions and not turn from the way we give you. We have customer support assistants who will help you during your journey if any questions appear.

To get our programming guru to assist with your homework, you have to:

  1. Open and complete the order form
    It’s quite simple, look at each question and write down answers. Give us more detail to classify your task and get you a proper expert to deal with your assignment. Don’t forget to leave any special requirements in the comments section.
  2. Pay for programming homework
    To complete placing an order, proceed to the payment page. There you will see no additional fees included; also, we prepare only familiar money transfer services to choose from. We care about the security of your payments while buying programming assignment help.
  3. Collect the final material
    Our expert gets to work, and later on, you receive your code. You review it, check for meeting your requirements, and if everything is OK, you can approve the order and download materials to your device.

It’s a linear process that’s hard to violate. Of course, for any unusual situation, we have a good guy to solve it. We have appropriate policies and guarantees to protect the interests of our clients, and for the last 15 years of our practice, we collected answers for any intricacies that might happen. So be sure that you’re going to work with professionals.

Programming tasks we can help you with

No matter whether you study in a high school or are taking a postgraduate course at the university, we provide programming assignment help of high quality. The variety of tasks is quite wide, as each new year brings us new technologies implemented in education programs. If you have some kind of exclusive task that is not on the list, you can ask us to help with it as well, just describe it more broadly for us.

Here are some typical tasks we can help you out with:

  • Program prototyping
  • Process modeling
  • Design of the interface
  • A program/webpage/app
  • Implementation of programming pattern
  • Quick problem solving
  • Database connection
  • Network setup
  • Penetration test writing
  • Research
  • Lab report
  • Calculations
  • Theoretical STEM essay

And so on. As new types of tasks are appearing each day, we solve new problems with a creative approach for STEM students from all over the world.

The most challenging tasks for you and for us

As a programming homework service, we have not-so-sunny days too. Sometimes, our clients bring us really complicated problems that require a team to deal with. We have to refuse your request for help in this case. Another unlucky coincidence happens when your perfect-fit expert is busy with another task and the deadline until you need programming assignment help is too close. We kindly ask you to send us requests as soon as possible to avoid such circumstances. The most challenging task for us is to refuse our customers’ wishes. Keep in mind that if we cannot find an expert for your task, we always give your money back.

Programming languages and disciplines we cover for you

We have more than 300 programming help experts, each with narrow specialization in 2-3 disciplines, frameworks, or programming languages. Even this, quite impressive, number of specialists doesn’t cover all the coding industries that are now or will emerge tomorrow. But we cover the most important and popular programming languages and frameworks that are in your educational program. From basic programming to advanced, we know how to help you with your tasks.

A lot of supplementary disciplines in the STEM industry are always worth worrying about for a student. So be sure to request programming assignment help for other non-coding disciplines where you need to do some math, modeling, or design. We’ll gladly help you to deal with all those assignments. As it’s a part of your educational program, it’s important for us to be able to cover these tasks too.

If you have doubts about your assignment, please, feel free to contact our customer support to get your requirements reviewed and estimated. We’ll gladly help you during the order process.

Is there any specific reason to choose your programming help among others?

In a perfect world, where all companies are honest and work is done by robots, we wouldn’t be especially different from other service providers. But we are in a wild market with a wide range of teams that have different motivations to sell their intellectual work. Some of them want to make money, so they don’t care much about the quality of their services. Some of them have just entered the business and don’t know for sure what the client demands from them. And we are those guys who after 15 years on the market have a splendid team of experts. And they surely know what you need in your assignments. Another reason to consider us is the quality-price balance: you won’t find elsewhere such dedicated creative work for the price you pay.

Your security and confidentiality on our platform

As a student of STEM specialization, you have to know that security and cautious processing of client’s data are two big elephants of any digital-related business and nobody will even talk to you if these points aren’t covered. That’s totally right. Our company cares about these things from the first days in business, that’s why you, as a client, have:

  • Security guarantee: we’re constantly updating our website, communications, and payment instruments to keep them invincible from hackers. Thus, you can directly use all our functions without any worries.
  • Confidentiality guarantee: our personnel has a strict rule that prohibits collecting any irrelevant personal information from our clients. Besides, our service needs only an email to identify your tasks and a name we use to communicate with you.

As you see, we’re doing everything possible to keep your data safe and secure.

Our pricing policies for your convenience

No matter how many promises we make, and how much positive feedback we offer, the last judgment will always be influenced by the price. Students can’t spend a fortune on their assignments while beer and fast food exist, so they are extremely cautious with the costs of programming assignments. First, let us tell you some facts about our pricing, so you’ll have the whole picture when it comes to numbers.

  1. We don’t have any hidden fees. The price you see during order placement and the one on the payment page are the same. Some extra fees may be charged by your bank for fund transfer, but that is not something that we can control or impose on our side.
  2. You can pre-calculate the price on our website to get a general understanding of how much your task will cost. Typically, you’ll be able to add some more services during the checkout process, so this price is very approximate.
  3. To reduce the price, you have to order your tasks in advance. Giving our experts more time will reduce their stress levels and make them more efficient in their work. And you’ll get more chances that your perfect specialists will be available and be able to deal with your assignments in a timely manner.

Another thing about our pricing that should be mentioned is that it’s not always useful to compare our prices with other companies. First, you should compare our produced materials, samples, and feedback, and then—compare the prices.

Humble conclusion

With the constantly multiplying volumes of information around us, only programmers save us from sinking into chaos. It’s your future responsibility to create new technologies and deal with challenges that couldn’t be solved for ages by your ancestors. We offer a better way of studying, using more resources and the experience of other people. Take your time to understand what you’re going to invent, what worries you the most, and where is that unique path of knowledge that you’re looking for. We hope that you’ll use our help to make yourself a talented specialist, not a professional student.


How can I solve the problem with my programming assignments quickly?

The fastest way is to split all your tasks into two categories: one part that you can delegate to us, the second part with all the assignments that you can cover yourself. Thus, you’ll concentrate on those assignments that are important to you and get 100% help with those that are troublesome or less prioritized. We’ll provide you with materials made according to your requirements, and you’ll shorten the time you spend on each of those tasks. Use these materials to create your own assignments and learn new subjects successfully.

Can I expect your expert to deal with my additional edits?

Yes, you can. After you get the final copy of your assignment, you may request us to do minor edits. We’ll work through the final copy until you are satisfied with the result. If you’ll get some kind of revolutionary idea that will change the vector of the current assignment, contrasting your primary requirements, we’ll just start another task, you’ll pay for it, and we continue our work.

Is there any chance to get your services for free?

No, there are none. As we told earlier, our experts are people of intellectual work and have a lot of experience and collected knowledge to share. Their efforts cannot be free in any case, moreover, we provide them with the best compensation and working conditions that a fully remote company can provide.

Is your service totally legal to use for students?

Yes, we are legal for all our clients. Like other services that sell the results of intellectual work, like copywriting agencies, we give you the informational materials you ask us for. And it’s always up to you how to use them practically—for collecting new knowledge or as an example.

Can I ask you to deal with an urgent task?

Sure, why not? We can complete a simple assignment in only 4 hours. Of course, this rule has its own limitations, we can’t help you with a dissertation, or a similar big project in 4 hours. But all-in-all, if you have at least a few days, we’ll work it out. To know for sure, contact our customer support team.

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