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A creative writing service is a business, individual or group of individuals to provide professional writing services for businesses or individuals for payment. Services can range from writing articles, brochures, speeches, business writing, press releases, ghostwriting, research, editing, proofing to website copy, blogging and more.

For businesses, outsourcing a creative writing service may be a cost reduction strategy and gives them the ability to access additional resources that their company may not possess. As an individual, having someone else provide creative writing service may be due to time restraints and/or lack of ability to complete the task.

A business /individual needs to look for a service provider that can deliver a product that is professional, free of errors, relevant, cost efficient and punctual. Good communication is essential to obtain a product that meets the needs of the business/individual. The method of communication should be agreed upon between both parties early in the relationship to minimize any miscommunication.

It is essential for a service provider to build a healthy relationship with the client whether it is a business or an individual. He/she needs to understand what product the client is looking for, the requirements needed for the product, the timeframe and the price the client is willing to pay for the service. As well, good communication is key to having a healthy working relationship and a satisfied client. The service provider must conduct all business in a professional manner by providing quality service, meeting deadlines and pricing according to a set rate that is agreed upon by both parties. Putting the requirements in writing (for each party) is advisable to ensure that everyone knows what is expected from both parties – quality work, delivered on time for an agreed upon price and payment terms.

The service provider must have a skill set that is compatible to the needs of his/her clients. For example, skills in MS Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, are generally a minimum. In addition, the service provider needs to continue to upgrade his/her skills, keep abreast of trends in the business world, and understand the competition.

Creative writing services can be mutually rewarding for both the business/individual and the writer. It can either be a short term contract or it can lead to a long term business relationship, which is beneficial to both.

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