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What is RapidEssay? How can you help a student?

We are an assignment help company with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our mission is to help students overcome the deficiencies that exist within the modern educational systems concerning, for example, training. What exactly do we do? Our website is a platform for STEM experts to interact with students to complete samples of their tasks. Ultimately, the product we provide can be personalized to your needs.

Do you need to create a website and don’t know what to do? Ask our experts to help, and we will produce a sample for you that can then be used to produce your own project without major amateurish errors. In short, if you buy assignment from us, you gain a service that, when used correctly, can be utilized for improving your studying skills.

Want to know more about our services and the scope of the product that we provide? Read further: we provide a lot of important information in the next sections of this Q&A text.

What are the reasons to entrust my assignment to you?

Still unsure whether you want to buy assignment from us? Let’s talk about the guarantees we offer at our service. Here is the list of the things we extend to all our customers:

  1. Free-of-charge revisions. Do you need some changes to your order? Have a reasonable revision request? Our experts can perform it free of charge if you ask for edits before approving your order or within 7 days after approval. With us, you do not risk anything: our goal is to offer you service of the highest quality that you can expect every time you click the “Place order” button.
  2. A friendly refund policy. When you buy assignment from us, you should also have no fears regarding the safety of your funds. Want to cancel the work before its completion? You are welcome. Found some errors in the assignment that are critical and impossible to correct in the given timeframe? We are here to help you. Our dispute management is ready to offer refunds regarding any reasonable request. The safety of the client’s funds is of the utmost importance to us. Thus, you can be sure that you will never be abandoned by our service.
  3. 24/7 support and free chat with the expert. Another important feature of our service is the presence of 24/7 contact with the support experts and the ability to communicate with the assigned professional while he or she is online. Regardless of whether you buy assignment from us and want help with it or are simply thinking of starting cooperation with our service, we are there to help you. Call now and get help regarding all the important order-related matters.
  4. A concentration on confidentiality. Lastly, our team cares about the confidentiality of the data that clients provide. With us, you can be sure that your information will never be misused.

Can you say more about the confidentiality of your service?

Still not convinced? Let us offer you a more detailed description of the confidentiality-centric policies in our business. Why should you feel safe when you buy assignment from us? There are several important reasons. Here is a list of them:

  • We do not collect unnecessary information about you. We know that some organizations may require a lot of personal information from their clients. This problem is certainly not present in the case of our company. When it comes to the information that we personally collect, all that is necessary is your email address and a name (which can be fake) to address you in messages. Telephone numbers are optional.
  • Our experts do not know anything about you. Our academic experts do not receive any information (like credit card numbers) about you. As a result, you can feel absolutely safe when using our services. We care about your privacy and do everything to maintain it.
  • Our company uses only the most reliable payment methods. Another important element to consider is the fact that our firm uses the services of the most trustworthy payment providers on the market. When you buy assignment from us, your payment data is in safe hands. As a result, the possibility of data misuse in our service is close to zero, since we use reliable frameworks and do not collect more information than necessary.

What sorts of assignments do you complete?

We perform the majority of small and medium-size assignments in the sphere of STEM disciplines. When you buy assignment from us, we will do our best to meet your needs. So, what type of work do we actually do? Firstly, we provide help with project-related assignments. Our company concentrates on programming/coding tasks of various kinds, cybersecurity, and CAD modeling. Secondly, we offer help with assorted types of calculation-related homework. In this respect, we concentrate on subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, accounting, aviation, engineering, and biology. Generally, you can expect to find the majority of STEM disciplines on the order form of our website. And, what if your discipline is not present? We still recommend testing your luck; it is quite likely that some expert may have knowledge of your field. In short, we offer a service that covers the absolute majority of your STEM work.

What sizes of tasks do you accept?

When you buy assignment from us, you can expect us to perform works of four types (in regard to complexity and size). Let us take a look at the essence of the service that we offer:

  1. Extra-small tasks. These tasks typically include up to five short problems or questions (that are usually theoretical in nature). Their completion does not require much time from our experts.
  2. Small tasks. This group involves from six to ten practical problems or, once again, theory-related tasks. The completion of such tasks should typically not require a lot of time from the expert.
  3. Medium tasks. As for this type of task, they require a medium time expenditure from the expert. For example, they can involve more than eleven different problems (and up to twenty).
  4. Large tasks. Analytical problems of more than medium complexity typically fall within this group. An average product of this type requires a significant time expenditure from the expert and necessitates expansive knowledge of the subject matter. Apart from various calculations, a lot of writing is required to explain the overall nature of the actions performed in the presented case.

All in all, our service is perfect for all works that typically require everyday attention in school/college settings. Do you need something bigger? Feel free to contact our support assistants, and we will try to find some solutions for you.

What deadlines can I choose?

If you turn to our service and want to buy assignment, it is very likely that your request is urgent in nature. Consequently, it is highly important for us to talk about the urgency of our services. In this respect, we offer a wide range of deadlines to our customers. What types of completion times are our experts ready to accept? We typically start with four hours. Yes, your order can be completed within four hours if it is accepted. Have somewhat more time? Then, we offer eight and twenty-four hours. In many ways, these options are among the most popular since they offer a balance between price and speed of completion. And, what if your order is far from being urgent?

Then, we can offer two-day, three-day, five-day, week-long, and two-week-long deadlines. Perfect for large orders, the conditions in question are also highly lucrative: if you choose the longest deadline, it will cut down the price of your order. Generally, you have access to a tremendous array of options while using our service. By customizing your deadlines, you can significantly reduce the prices of your orders and get the best deal out of cooperating with us.

What is the best way to order something on your website?

Lastly, we want to talk about the best ways to buy assignment online. To guarantee that your order is taken by the experts as fast as possible, you need to follow some recommendations. What steps do we recommend? Here is the list:

  • Collect all important information about your order before going to our website.
  • Clearly define the discipline in which you want the work to be done.
  • Offer a clear description of your order.
  • Upload all relevant files at once.
  • Choose the correct deadline.
  • Pick a payment method that is not among your main ones (this approach will help to increase privacy).

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