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Movie Reviews:

  • A team of passionate professional writers and editors will provide an impressive critical analysis of the highest quality and with original insight. Our writers use creative angles to craft a review and are checked constantly for plagiarism, grammar and formatting. We follow APA, MLA, Harvard, etc formatting rules.
  • A review that will provide an opinion without giving away the plot or storyline. In an entertaining and informative manner important aspects will be addressed including direction, screenplay, editing, costume design, set, and background music.

Book Reviews

  • A professional insightful review that will showcase literary knowledge and appreciation – for publishers we can complement your publicity campaign with a timely released buzz-creating article targeted to your audience.
  • An objective review/critique within an agreed timeframe, in the format you require and with guidelines set by you. We follow AP, APA, MCA, Harvard guidelines and more.
  • A review that will react to the author’s intent and evaluate his success in achieving his goals. Clear evidence for conclusions will be offered with key aspects addressed including genre, intended audience, characters, themes, coherence, and technical accuracy, development of ideas, thesis, exposition, argument, author’s background and experiences, format.

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